Caps and bottles are now inseparable – especially when it comes to recycling

Due to an impending directive set forth by the European Union (EU), tethered caps which remain permanently attached to the bottle after opening and during use will soon be widely available for consumers across Europe. The aim of the new directive is to prevent unintended environmental waste and facilitate the recycling of caps and closures alongside their containers. A multinational beverage manufacturer shares the EU’s commitment and has introduced tethered caps from Affaba & Ferrari, a TriMas Packaging brand, for its iced tea brand.

The company has set the goal of reducing the impact of its bottles on the environment, while offering its customers an opportunity to enjoy their drinks sustainably. With Affaba & Ferrari’s new 1P23 tethered cap, the established beverage manufacturer has found a solution to meet the upcoming directive as well as its own sustainability goals.

Progressive design fulfills both sustainability requirements and customer demand

Affaba & Ferrari specialises in the production of precision caps and closures used in food, beverage, agrochemical and industrial applications. Its latest product, the tethered cap, supports companies in meeting their sustainability goals. “Bottle caps can in fact be recycled but they are often lost, discarded or simply end up as waste. The design of our tethered caps goes a long way toward ensuring this will no longer occur,” explains Guglielmo Ferrari, Plant Manager at Affaba & Ferrari. The new tethered cap closure is attached to a safety ring through a tab which enables an ideal opening position, allowing the consumer to easily drink out of the bottle, while guaranteeing that it cannot separate from the container and be discarded. Additionally, the innovative, lightweight cap with a horizontal hinge is suitable for aseptic filling and is fully customizable to enhance the customer’s brand identity.

Entire beverage portfolio to be equipped with tethered caps over time

The beverage manufacturer has already launched the tethered cap in the Italian market, beginning with its iced tea brand. With the introduction of the new caps, the company has also reduced the amount of plastic required for each iced tea bottle cap by 14%. This is only one of the first steps in the company’s strategy to drive forward a circular economy for its plastic products. Just recently, the well-known beverage manufacturer announced its plans to use at least 50% recycled material in its packaging by 2030. It also plans to make its packaging 100% recyclable by 2025.

“Thanks to our innovative product, discarded caps are now becoming a thing of the past and will no longer contribute to environmental pollution. We are delighted and honored that a world-renowned beverage manufacturer is impressed with our innovation,” says Ferrari. “We look forward to supporting the company in achieving its sustainability targets in the future.”

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