Regenerative PET packaging solutions

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In 2021, one of the leading PET packaging producers changed their name to Doloop. With this change the company’s new vision was set and all activities are now strategically directed towards achieving global sustainability. Doloop have been profiting from almost 30 years of knowledge, experience and expertise to provide sustainable packaging solutions to the beverage and food industry. Now the Lithuanian company has gone beyond sustainable production and is applying regenerative PET packaging solutions. Some of the new technologies will be highlighted in Munich.

The sustainable production approach is when resources and materials are used to achieve carbon neutrality in its impact on the environment. Doloop is convinced that the regenerative approach goes far beyond the sustainable one and directs business towards usage of innovative solutions such as bio-based and plant-based materials which can be made from renewable sources rather than non-renewable ones or even fossil fuels.

Since 2016, Doloop has been using only renewable energy for all their power needs. By using green energy, the company saved the equivalent of 10,000 t of CO2 in 2021, equal to 345,000 planted trees. Furthermore, the company is continuously transforming their production operations and reducing the consumption of energy by implementing solutions that are both efficient as well as environmentally friendly.

With Doloop’s solutions for bottle weight reduction, beverage companies can reduce the amount of plastic without compromising either beverage quality or filling process efficiency. This is accomplished by optimising the neck finish and body of a preform that saves material per package produced.

To develop a new product for a customer, the company works closely with all the participants of the supply chain. During the process Doloop assesses the whole product life cycle including recycling processes to develop sustainable and regenerative packaging solution friendly for recycling and harmless to the environment.

In a recent project, Doloop were able to develop a solution for the producer of a well-known beer brand.  The solution required the bottle to contain 100% of rPET, be transparent and recyclable bottle-to-bottle, and at the same time preserve the quality of the beer. Even though the project was challenging, it was successfully implemented and commercialised, says the company.

 In 2021, Doloop installed an environmentally friendly PET rigid film production line that makes 100% recyclable film from up to 100% recycled or plant-based materials. From then on, Doloop started providing a new sustainable packaging solution to companies in the food industry. In addition, the company have established several closed-loop systems with well-known PET tray producers to reduce the CO2 footprint. These partnerships are intended to ensure sustainable closed-loop economics, where recycled PET remains in the loop while minimising its impact on the environment.

The company is committed to being a leader in the plastics industry by providing regenerative, eco-friendly solutions that aim to protect the environment for future generations. Doloop work closely with start-ups developing bio-based, plant-based polymers which can replace fossil-fuel based resins.

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