Avery Dennison: Introduction of next generation AD CleanFlake technology

As brands and converters seek solutions to increase the circularity of plastic packaging, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials has removed a key obstacle to plastic recycling with the introduction of next generation AD CleanFlake technology. This development is claimed to extend the benefits of CleanFlake technology to the company’s core film portfolio, combining with their HDPE recycling compatibility. With the next generation AD CleanFlake Portfolio, Avery Dennison is providing brands and converters solutions that support recycling processes without compromising performance to meet sustainability goals.

AD CleanFlake technology is recognised by the Association of Plastic Recyclers, European PET Bottle Platform and RecyClass, for enabling recycling by working with the rigid plastic recycling processes to either remove cleanly (PET) or stay with the package (HDPE), resulting in good quality flakes, the conservation of virgin resources, and less landfill waste. The AD CleanFlake Portfolio delivers these benefits for both PET and HDPE plastics, creating the potential to divert over 200 billion rigid plastic bottles and containers from landfills, says Avery Dennison.

The AD CleanFlake technology is claimed to go beyond enabling recycling by delivering outstanding performance on adhesion, clarity, and conversion. For converters, the adhesive features good water whitening and bleeding resistance. Brands benefit from striking print quality that supports bold designs and contributes to shelf appeal.

AD CleanFlake will be available in Europe in September and North America by the end of the year.

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