PET bottle-to-bottle technology

Sorema Hall 9 – Booth D29-D55

Sorema, a division of Previero, is specialised in plastic recycling lines for the following plastic products: PO flexible packaging, PE stretch and bi-oriented films, agricultural film and pipes – PS, PP, PE and PET rigid packaging, HDPE, PET bottles and cans, fibres, and many others. Sorema’s upcycling concept encompasses the suitability of modifying the manufacture of a given packaging product like a PET bottle by replacing virgin polymer with a post-consumer collection material, in even larger percentages and which, after an appropriate recycling process, is available on an industrial scale. The company offers systems that start at 500 kg/h up to the largest at 9,000 kg/h. Its proprietary recycling technology for sorting, grinding, and washing systems for PET bottles from post-consumer collection up to dried flakes include:

The flow of the process water against the flow of the material so that the dirtiest water is used on the dirtiest material and the cleanest water is used on the cleanest material that enters the final rinsing process of the scale. The water is filtered and reused in an upstream cleaning phase.

Use of mechanical friction and hot water washing (see photo), of chemicals products like NaOH, detergent and wetting agents. All combined at various stages achieving high levels of cleaning with a low usage of energy and consumables.

Extraction of contaminants (e.g. alien plastics) also with detector systems to sort the diversity of plastics, colours, and containers before cleaning the material as a bottle and not as flakes, to the maximum extent. Human and on-line interface controls are available to allow visibility of the process parameters and production output, reducing management overhead costs.

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