ABC Compressors’ NPE insights

PETplanet: How would you assess your overall experience at NPE this year?

Hugely satisfied. it was very busy from the beginning to the end, and we had the chance of meeting many new potential customers. Majority of the visitors were US-based but a significant number of customers from LATAM and Caribbean countries attended the exhibition. We celebrated a dinner on Wednesday and it was a great success as we had +100 guests attending. 

PETplanet: Could you please share the key exhibits or technologies showcased at your booth during NPE? What factors influenced your decision to focus on these particular offerings, and what was the response from visitors?

Service network: We have established our own service structure since 2021 and we already have ten technicians in Dallas, Philadelphia, Portland, Mexico and Miami. Service is very demanding among customers, so building up a strong team was key for success.

Horizon Synchro and XPET new ranges: We were highlighting all the new developments of both new ranges.(See PETplanet 03/24)

Rental services: We have developed a portable solution where we place  the whole compressor package in a container, load it on to  a trailer and it is delivered  within 24 hours.

PETplanet: Based on your experience at NPE and your broader industry knowledge, what developments or challenges do you observe in the American PET bottle market?

I would like to have the chance to walk through the exhibition to gain a better understanding of the new developments. I know the big players are investing a significant portion of their budgets in hot fill lines. Consumers are looking forward to healthier drinks, and many new juices and energy drinks are being developed. These products are bottled using hot fill lines.

We also have many customers who are transitioning from HDPE to PET. Those using PET are obtaining lower density bottles, which is something we have been seeing in other continents in recent years. Lighter PET bottles are better as they use less plastic material, and on the compression side, lower pressure is needed, which requires less energy consumption. In the end, the carbon footprint is reduced, and it is great that the US is becoming more conscious of this. We believe PET is still the most eco-friendly solution, and these kind of actions helps eliminate negative criticism.

Regarding challenges, the US market is a relatively new market for ABC Compressors as we have been present for the last eight years. Entry barriers have been huge for us but we are at our very best moment now as customers are starting to know our brand and they are also recognising ABC as cutting edge technology. With 100+ installations over more than 20 states, we are currently dominating the market with 30% market share in 2023. Having this good positioning is challenging us to build up a strong service team so although we already have ten technicians, we are looking forward hiring more technicians in 2025.

Answers provided by Nacho Urbistondo de Leiva, Sales Area Manager North America, ABC Compressors