Headquarters Ahmedabad, India
Key people
Managing director: C. M. Panchal

Company Profile

Indo-Air manufactures a complete range of Industrial air compressors and vacuum pumps in a modern in house facilitiy for manufacturing and testing their products. The facility spans an area of 6300 sq.m. and is located at Ahmedabad in Gujarat state in India.

Indo-Air Compressors' dedicated and committed team of professionals has experience in related fields and are led by managing director C. M. Panchal, who has more than two decades of progressive experience in the industry.

Indo-Air compressors conforms to the national & international standards for performance acceptability.

Indo-Air has developed a range of highly efficiency and reliable compressors with low vibration and excellent performance.

A vast network of sales and service outlets enables Indo-Air to be global player in its core productrange.


  • Booster Air Compressor 10 To 40 HP Reciprocating
  • Rotary Screw Air Compressor 7.5 To 270 HP Lubricated
  • Reciprocating Oil Free High Pressure Water-Cooled 40 To 215 HP
  • Oil Free Medium Pressure Air Compressor 40 To 215 HP
  • Reciprocating Low Pressure Air Compressor 1 To 20 HP Single-Stage
  • Two Stage Reciprocating Air Compressor 2 To 30 HP Two-Stage Medium Pressure
  • Reciprocating High Pressure Air Compressor 3 To 30 HP Multi Stage High Pressure
  • Reciprocating Oil Free Air Compressor 0.5 To 15 HP Two Stage Low Pressure
  • Vacuum Pump 2 To 10 HP Single & Two Stage Vacuum Pumps Dry Type
  • Genuine Replacement Spare Parts Air Compressor & Vacuum Pumps
  • Auxiliary Equipments


  • 1977 - Group Company Established
  • 1985 - compressor parts manufacturing
  • 1998 - founded the compressor manufacturing brand Indo-Air
  • 2005 - began export to Australia, U.S, Canada, France, Israel, etc.
  • 2008 - established a new factory dedicated solely for air compressor manufacturing
  • 2009 - India's first company to design and develop indegenous, oil-free, medium pressure, reciprocating compressor
  • 2010 - introduced screw compressor in low and medium range
  • 2012 - development of oil-free, high pressure, large volume compressors for beverages and other industries
  • 2016 - introduced medium pressure, large volume, oil-free reciprocating compressor
  • 2017 - shortly introducing, screw compressor in large range and totally engineered models, suitable for all ambient conditions


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