BMT - Blow Moulding Technologies
Founded 2011
Headquarters Belfast, Northern Ireland
Key people
CEO: Dr Yannis Salomeia; CTO: Prof. Gary Menary

Company Profile

BMT (Blow Moulding Technologies ) is a technology spin-out company from the Queen’s University, in Belfast, Irleland that was founded in September 2011 with their first product, the THERMOscan, a device for preform temperature measurement. The company has more than 20 years of experience in the stretch blow moulding industry. The members of the BMT team got experience working in both academia and industry. The majority of BMT members hold a PhD in the blow moulding field.

BMT's vision is to provide a scientific approach to stretch blow moulding. Through advanced software and hardware solutions, the company aims to reduce energy consumption, optimise setup and increase productivity.

Their services include material characterisation, preform characterisation and simulation of the SBM process and post-blowing (bottle performance).

Additionally BMT provides software for through-thickness temperature determination and software for clients developing new bottle designs using in-house simulations.


  • BLOWscan
    • BLOWscan evaluates variation in preform quality and provides users with the data they need to optimise bottle production
  • THERMOscan
    • this technology allows the simultaneous measurement of the internal and external preform temperature profile, providing the user with the data they need to make informed decisions
  • THERMOscan XL
    • THERMOscan XL can cater for preforms with different diameters, lengths, geometries and colours ranging from small jars to larger kegs
  • DATArod
    • the intelligent stretch rod contains a sensor to measure air pressure development in the expanding preform, and a load cell to accurately measure the stretching force


  • Material Characterisation
    • BMT use a custom-built (planar) biaxial tensile test machine to deform polymer samples at similar conditions to the SBM process
  • Preform Characterisation
    • this preform characterisation service can comprehensively analyse any preform design, made from any material and using any process set-up
  • Simulation
    • the simulation service allows clients to engage in confidential projects


  • 2011 - founded


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