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Fresh PET
Headquarters Haridwar, India
Key people
Managing Director: Sachin Bharti

Company Profile

Fresh PET serves the PET industries since 2009 and produces versatile preforms that are used for bottling of water, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Fruit Juices/Pulps/Concentrates, Soft Drinks, sodas and a lot more.

The company‘s manufacturing unit is located at a prime industrial zone in Haridwar, India. In order to process high quality Pet preforms Freah PET has installed state-of-the-art Husky HyPET-225 series PET Preform Injection moulding machines and moulds, delivering high quality preforms to their consumers. Fresh Pet uses supreme quality resins for regular and hotfill, thus manufacturing a large range of preforms applications.

The colour used for manufacturing coloured preforms is procured from Colour Matrix which helps to meet the tailored requirements of clients. Various concentrates and additives are used during manufacturing of preforms to improve aesthetics, sustainability, performance and processing of quality PET products.

An in-house laboratory laboratory guarantees uncompromising test results at every stage of production to achieve international quality standards. From the procurement of the raw materials to the final packaging of Fresh PET‘s products the company follows stringent quality control measures.

Fresh Pet is certified by the Food Safety System Certification 22000:2011, which is an ISO-based food safety management system certification, recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Products / Technology

  • Preforms for
    • water
    • non-alcoholic beverages
    • fruit juices
    • pulps
    • concentrates
    • soft drinks
    • sodas



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