Founded 1975
Headquarters Alicante, Spain
Number of employees

Company Profile

From Alicante, Spain comes the company Luxber which started the manufacturing of machines for the plastic industry in 1975. The first equipment for extrusion blow moulding followed in 1980.

Attending markets demands of machines for small capacities which are easy to operate the company then developed an easy to use new monobloc equipment which offers versatility and high working speed for containers up to 2 liters. This machine earned the company big acceptance amongst the customers.

In 1990 contacts abroad encouraged Luxber to get in the export business. The company took part in several international fairs in South and North America, Europe, North Africa and Arabia. As a result, the company is now exporting to Mexico, Colombia, Algeria, Morocco, E.C., Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Hungary with an exports volume around 45 % over its turnover.

Production of completely electrical driven PET preforms stretch blow moulding machines started in 2004. Also in 2004 the company opened a commercial branch in Bogota, Columbia. This branch was followed up by all south America projects of Luxber.

The company is well established in the market on a world wide level, employing 30 people and incorporates latest CAD-CAM and CNC technologies.

Products / Technology

  • extrusion blow moulding machines for H.D.P.E. containers
  • stretch blow moulding for PET preforms
  • stretch blow moulding for P.P. preforms


  • 1975 – founded
  • 1990 – starts export business
  • 1996 – Nova Award for an Injection stretch blow moulding machines
  • 2004 – introduction of a completely electrical driven stretch blow moulding machine for PET preforms


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