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Phoenix Technologies

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Phoenix Technologies, USA, is a global supplier of clean, consistent, high-grade rPET resin pellets from post-consumer recycled plastic flake shipped from all over the world. On their 90,000ft² (~8361m²) Ohio recycling facility the company produces 80 million pounds (36,3 million kg)of rPET annually.

Their FDA approved and patented food-grade (bottle-to-bottle) process makes recycled pellets that are qualified for use in making new food and beverage bottles. Phoenix Technologies produces rPET using a fine-mesh filtration process or a fine-ground powder process. Phoenix rPET can be used along with virgin bottle resins to create new PET bottles for different applications.

Products / Technology

Phoenix Technologies is using patented technologies in combination with their proprietary blending methods and fine mesh melt filtration systems, to create the high-quality recycled PET (rPET).

  • Food Grade* LNO c pellets: pellet formed by compacting a fine grind powder. And for applications such as water bottles, LNO™ c resin offers exceptionally low levels of acetaldehyde, sometimes even below that of virgin resins. Based on the simplified manufacturing process, the product may be blended with virgin material. (Food & Drug Administration approved for conditions of use A-J)
  • Food Grade* LNO p pellets: Made from 100% post-consumer recycled PET, LNO p goes through a patented purification process which creates a food grade material. It can be blended with virgin resin at high levels to mimic virgin appearance, performance and cost. The process involves melting the flakes through a fine mesh filtration process to remove remaining contaminants such as aluminum, glass and label particles to minimize surface imperfections. LNO p is a high intrinsic viscosity resin which can also be used in non-food applications requiring those properties. (Food & Drug Administration approved for conditions of use B-H)
  • Food Grade LNO w pellets: Reduced process steps create a resin pellets with slightly lower IV and better colour to blend well with water bottle virgin resins. Well suited for personal care products where the brand owner may wish to use a food contact resin in place of a general bottle resin. (Food & Drug Administration approved for conditions of use E-G)



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