Pressco Technology Inc.
Headquarters Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Company Profile

Pressco Technology Inc. from Cleveland, Ohio USA, provides automated inspection and process analysis solutions for the food & beverage packaging industry. The companies systems are individually configured for their customers.

Pressco has 6,500 systems installed in over 75 countries worldwide. Their sales and service engineers are strategically located in North, Central, and South America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. The technical support group is available 24/7, allowing the company to respond quickly to customer needs.

With over 40 years of experience, the company is recognized as the world leader in the development of vision inspection solutions to improve the process control and maximize profitability for companies that manufacture and fill food and beverage containers. The systems consist of modular components and are individually engineered and configured.

Pressco products help customers to reduce spoilage, increase uptime and provide higher quality products to their customers.

Products / Technology

Preform inspection systems

Pressco offers a family of scalable modules that provide comprehensive inspection of preforms across all of the critical regions of interest.These modules can be integrated inside stretch blowforming machines such as Sidel, Krones and KHS.

PET bottle inspection systems

Empty bottle inspection: The modular design and flexibility of the Iintellispec System can be adapted for internal and external installations to single- and two-stage blow molding equipment. Our inspection modules are generally integrated inside stretch blowforming machines such as Sidel, Krones and KHS. The advantage of integration inside the blow molder is the ability to correlate defects with specific machine components. When installed externally on adjacent material handling lines, a conveyance system is inserted in-line with the existing belt or air-veyor to ensure proper positioning and orientation of the container for the inspection process.

Bottle section mass: Intellimass system monitors PET material distribution on every bottle in real time by measuring the mass of the container base and multiple sidewall areas inside the blowmolder. Each sensor’s Field of View (FOV) is adjusted to approximate that of a “virtual” sectioned bottle. Novel, patented technology accommodates the bottle’s unique structural shape to measure correctly and accurately. Online measurement of bottle section weights can dramatically reduce the practice of routine hot-wire bottle cutting. Intellimass can be integrated with Intellimassto fully inspect the Base, Neck/ Sidewall, Seal Surface, and other areas of the container. Users of Intellimass find that process drift is detected early and reliably so that bottle quality and performance specifications are consistently held throughout long runs of production.

Inspection systems for plastic closures

Lighter-weight and shorter-profile beverage closures are more susceptible to deformation that can cause jams at the capping machine. Pressco provides a complete solution that rejects oval closures and those with broken tamper bands before they cause downtime. On filling lines, Pressco’s cap inspection modules are designed to be integrated into existing cap feeders and conveyors. Turnover rails and/or additional conveyance are required for public side inspection. Their modular system design can be deployed independently or can be combined with other Pressco inspection solutions.



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