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Headquarters Werne, Germany
Website www.rcs-entsorgung.de

Company Profile

RCS is made up of three companies which are active in the following fields: Waste disposal, Raw material recycling, Plastic pellets.

The company is mid-sized and their experience within the waste disposal industry spans more than 40 years. Cross-departmental dialogue and collaboration enables the company to find the best possible solution for customers RCS has a team of around 150 employees.

  • RCS Entsorgung - Waste disposal for commercial and dental practices
    • Reliable and legally compliant disposal of commercial and dental waste, including customised disposal concepts and end-to-end services.
  • RCS Rohstoffverwertung - Recycling of PET bottles into plastic flakes
    • In a highly efficient process PET bottles are recycled into plastic flakes, sorted by type and to clear or coloured. a A high-quality product from a secondary raw material is obtained this way that can be used to manufacture beverage bottles, plastic fibres, film and packaging tapes, among other things.
  • RCS Plastics - Plastic pellets for the food sector -
    • Processing of plastic flakes into high-quality regrind that is ideally suited for use in the food industry. The refinement process RCS uses are complient with European standards for recyclates with up to 100% food contact.

Services / Products

  • Sophisticated waste disposal strategies
    • Recyclables management for commercial customers
    • Disposal of dental practice waste
  • High-quality secondary raw materials
    • Single-type PET flakes – clear and coloured
    • Plastic pellets for the food industry



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