Headquarters Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Company Profile

As part of the Veolia Umweltservice GmbH group the company RecyPET AG is one of the market leaders in all segments in PET recycling in Europe. RecyPET‘s goal is to continuously develop innovative solutions such as bottle-to-bottle recycling for a better environment and quality of life.

To achieve this, the RecyPET AG works closely with the Association PRS PET Recycling Switzerland.

The company‘s PET recycling plants are operated with URRC technology developed by the United Resource Recovery Corporation (USA). RecyPET AG holds the process patent for the Swiss market.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the US, the Swiss federal office of health (BAG), the German Fraunhofer Institut as well as a range of other regulatory organizations have issued RecyPET a certification that their products meet key regulations regarding suitability for food.

The company has production sites in Frauenfeld, Switzerland, in Rostock, Germany and Norrköping, Sweden. These are equipped with their own laboratories which regularly measure key quality parameters in terms of food grade and processability.

The following five shareholders involved in RecyPET AG, with the participation of Veolia Environmental Services Verwaltungs GmbH is the main shareholder with 85.5% of RecyPET AG:

  • Veolia Umweltservice Beteiligungsverwaltungs GmbH
  • Müller Recycling GmbH
  • Serbeco S.A.
  • Constantin Erich & Söhne AG
  • Plastic-Tirecycling AG

Products / Technology

  • CleanPET® FK
    • clear PET flakes
    • semi-crystalline
    • food grade
  • CleanPET® FK light-blue
    • light-blue PET flakes
    • semi-crystalline
    • food grade
  • CleanPET® GK
    • clear PET granulate
    • crystaline
    • food grade
  • CleanPET® WF clear
    • clear PET flakes
    • amorphous
  • CleanPET® WF colored
    • colour PET flakes
    • amorphous
  • CleanPET® PO
    • colour HDPE/PP flakes
    • amorphous


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