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Ultima Colour & Additives Ltd
Headquarters Warrington, United Kingdom
Website www.ultimacolour.com

Company Profile

Ultima Colour is a british manufacturer of liquid colorants and performance additives for thermoplastics and dispersion technology with over 20 years of experience. Ultima works closely with their suppliers, customers, resin manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers OEM‘s pays attention of environment and delivers innovative and economically viable solutions. Ultima formulates their products for improved processing performance, colour consistancy and aesthetics.

The company offers a range of colours – transparent, translucent and opaque – and additives to improve aesthetics, shelf-life and consistency of their customers products.

Liquid Colour has several distinct advantages over traditional alternatives when it comes to colouring thermoplastics:

  • highly concentrated resulting in less use of colourants
  • more economical with lower colouring costs
  • accurate and consistent dosing which provides excellent colur homogenity
  • effective dispersion into the base polymer
  • fast colour changeover with lower wastage
  • easier inventory management
  • accurate dosing with Ultimas dosing units
  • short delivery lead times
  • ordering of small quantities

All of Ulima‘s products are formulated to meet all necessary regulatory requirements.

The company‘s in-house colourists are able to match and formulate colorants to exact needs and requirements. Small quantities of sample for trials can be provided.

Ultima Colour‘s technical support offers:

  • product trial and support
  • on-site product and equipment training
  • problem solving and troubleshooting
  • equipment selection advice

Products / Technology

  • PET Packaging
  • Additives
    • UV Blockers
    • Reheat Additives
    • Slip Agent
    • Purge Additive
  • Colorants for
    • Caps and Closures
  • Liquid Colourants for
    • Polycarbonate Sheets
    • PET Sheets
  • Dosing Equipment & Premixers



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