Berry’s bottle and cap combination provides accredited child-resistant solution

Berry M&H has launched a fully accredited child-resistant (CR) complete pack solution for liquid healthcare products. The pack comprises Berry’s Pharma Round PET bottle, together with its child resistant closures (CRC) PP28 Medi-Loc CRC and TE (tamper-evident) CRC, which can be fitted with a variety of specified liners. The combined pack has been fully tested and certified as being child-resistant to the latest global standards, ISO8317 standard (EU) and 16CFR1700.20 standard (US). The liners that the certification covers are EPE42A, EPE Saranex, F217-4 (PE Faced EPE), and I.H.S.

The CR pack solution can also be complemented by a universal CE marked measure cup and/or a 1.25:2.5/5.0ml double-ended CE marked spoon to enable accurate dosing.

The PET pharma round bottles are available in five sizes from 100ml to 250ml. They combine safe and easy handling with a large labelling area.

PET bottles are widely recycled, and the design of the new plastic closure has been optimised to make it as lightweight as possible while maintaining its best-in-class CR functionality and audible ‘click’ safety warning. The optional TE band gives highly visible and reliable evidence of the first bottle opening.

In addition to the CR certified packs Berry M&H is also able to supply Class1 Medical Devices in accordance with BS EN ISO13485:2016.

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