New Delhi

The next destination is Delhi, the industrial belt around the sizzling capital New Delhi. While our Editourmobil generally makes a positive, impressive appearance, especially in the rural areas, Delhi is somewhat different. The General Election is still going on  in India and our vehicle seems to be attracting suspicion amongst the

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Bareilly & Haridwar

Cyclonic storm Fani was one of the strongest tropical cyclones to strike India in recent years, causing severe damage, traffic chaos and closure of Kolkata airport. With the airport closed, no Editourmobil around and appointments waiting for us in Uttar Pradesh state, there are not many options left. We decide on 

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The India Road Show

The Editourmobil returns! 2019 we will be undertaking what is probably our biggest road show to date: we will be hitting the roads of the Indian subcontinent!  With the start in mid-March in the city of Bollywood Mumbai, PETplanet Editors will be travelling  throughout India and visit a variety of locations,

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