Kilian Braunsdorf becomes CEO of Paccor

Kilian Braunsdorf has been appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Paccor, a global players in the plastic packaging industry. He succeeds Andreas Schuette, who steps down from his role with the completion of the acquisition of Paccor by the Faerch Group (as of September 01, 2022). Under the new ownership, Paccor intendes to accelerate the transition towards circular packaging and provide its customers with new and innovative packaging solutions.

Kilian Braunsdorf (47) joined the company in July 2020 as a Member of the Executive Board and has since served as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Prior to joining Paccor, he held global leadership positions in the packaging industry. He started his career in Auditing and Management Consulting and holds a degree in Industrial Engineering.

Kilian Braunsdorf succeeds Andreas Schuette, who served as CEO of Paccor since March 2019.

Being part of the Faerch Group is stated to bring numerous benefits to Paccor and its customers. The joint geographical footprint of more than 30 production sites with around 6,000 employees across Europe, the US and Asia brings the company closer to its customers.

“Paccor will continue to operate as a separate company and provide its customers with the products and services they know and expect from Paccor,” Lars Gade Hansen, CEO of the Faerch Group, says. “A comprehensive investment program for supporting material conversion into circular solutions, expanding the operational platform and in R&D will be quickly brought on its way,” he concludes.

The Paccor UK business is not part of the acquisition and was carved out prior to the transaction.

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