Amut: upgrade of Mohawk PET washing plant

Amut announced the successful upgrade of Mohawk Industries’ PET washing plant in Summerville, Georgia USA in September 2022. Mohawk Industries is an American flooring manufacturer.

Anthony Georges, President of Amut North America Inc. stated, Amut had done a trial of Mohawk’s dirty flakes a few years ago in the patented Amut PET flake aashing system which demonstrated the cleanliness of their material and how much more efficiently they could operate their fibre extrusion lines. The results were extremely positive and as such Mohawk purchased Amut’s 4,000kg/h flake washing system.

Mark Dye, Mohawk’s VP of Recycling Operations confirmed the results: “The Amut Friction Washer is a great machine for removing and cleaning our PET flakes, along with their Turbo washer unit, which assists in the removal of the inorganic fines that are embedded in the dirty MRF PET bottle bales. The cleanliness
translates into improved performance in our downstream processes. Since we are a vertically integrated business with our own recycling plant, Extrusion Fiber operation and Carpet Manufacturing Production plants, we are seeing the quality improvements immediately with a cleaner flake.” Dye particularly emphasised that the the water and chemicals consumption in the cleaning process have been reduced while achieving better quality.

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