Norwegian supermarket goes for Cypet-made PET packaging

Recently, the largest player in the Norwegian grocery retail market, tested a new PET jerrycan, for their 10l sunflower oil. This jerrycan was made on a Cypet machine.

Major investments by the group have laid the foundation for increasingly environmentally friendly packaging and early adoption of new technology. Their vision is to provide consumers with a better everyday life. Their values are Customer-oriented; Responsible, and Collaborative.

Under the Eldorado label, the group sells among others sunflower oil. Recently, they chose to pack sunflower oil in 10l PET bottles made on a Cypet machine. These bottles are inter-stackable, which provides great advantages both for transport and in-store logistics.

In addition to the logistical advantages, these bottles feature integrated, one-piece handles. The handle is made of the same material as the rest of the bottle. This is not only cheaper to produce but also simplifies the recycling process. Up to 100% recycled PET (rPET) can be used to produce these food grade bottles. This ensures that the packaging fits perfectly within the company’s sustainability objectives and values.

Caption: The Cypet K53 is a fully automatic single stage injection stretch blow moulding machine, capable of producing the 10L stackable jerrycan with 4 cavities. It has the capability of producing containers from 1 liter up to 120 liters in volume.