Injection and blow moulding machinery – Powerjet Hall, 11 Booth A31

Powerjet will showcase its latest products, including PET preform injection moulding machines, all-electric injection moulding machines, two-platen injection moulding machines, and blow moulding machines. Powerjet states that their products not only have good performance and flexible operation but also can meet the needs of customers in different fields.

KPET series for PET bottle preforms

The Powerjet KPET series is claimed to be a high-efficiency injection moulding machine designed specifically for PET bottle preform injection moulding, with the KPET4505L-E6 being an important model within the series. Based on the PET series platform of Powerjet injection moulding machines, this specialised model combines Powerjet’s technical advantages with product innovation and iteration, providing customers with good performance and stable production capacity. Claimed benefits include good performance in terms of repeat accuracy, plasticising speed, and power consumption during the production process.

The KPET series is also claimed to have advantages in terms of energy consumption and cost control: the electric melting glue system offers reduced energy consumption and improving production thoughput. More-over, the KPET4505L-E6 model uses a PET-specialised screw with an ultra-long L/D ratio that improves product shrinkage issues, enhancing product precision and appearance quality.

During the exhibition, preforms for water bottles will be produced on-site using the KPET4505L-E6 model, which features 96 cavities, a cycle time of only 13 s, and a weight of 13.6 g per preform, with a daily production capacity of up to 630,000 pcs.

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