Packamama and Vinventions have launched a collaboration to better serve the packaging needs of the French wine industry

Packamama and Vinventions, producer of sustainable closures for the global wine industry, have joined forces for Vinventions to sell Packamama’s eco-flat bottles in France. This exclusive sales agreement will see the extensive team of Vinventions sales professionals offering these innovative wine bottles to their winery customers and to the wider French wine industry too.

Stéphane Vidal, Head of Innovation at Vinventions, said the following about this collaboration, “We are very proud to partner with Packamama with whom we share the same passion for innovative and sustainable solutions to serve the wine industry. Since its inception, Vinventions has always provided innovative answers to the challenges faced by winemakers. By partnering with Packamama, we can help wineries suffering from the shortage of glass bottles by proposing a PET bottle alternative. Moreover, the eco-flat bottle made from 100% recycled PET plastic will help wineries improve their CO2 footprint.”

Santiago Navarro, CEO & Founder at Packamama, commenting on the collaboration stated, “France is currently experiencing a perfect storm of two concurrent crises; wine bottle supply pressures, with shortages and price rises, and declining wine consumption from younger drinkers. We offer an innovative bottle packaging solution that is readily available and which is not impacted by the challenging energy crisis. Furthermore, our low carbon footprint solution contributes meaningfully to emissions reduction and climate action, appealing to a younger audience who actively seek out sustainable products. With a shared passion for game-changing innovation in wine packaging and proven significant success in the French wine industry, Vinventions were the ideal partner for us to scale our eco-flat bottles more rapidly across France. We are motivated by what this means, for French wine, to assist in countering these crises.”

Vinventions is a provider of wine closure solutions designed to support the diverse needs of winemakers.

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