Luciana Pellegrino, from Brazil, is ellected President of World Packaging Organisation for 2024-2026

The World Packaging Organisation is proud to announce that Luciana Pellegrino, Managing Director of ABRE (Brazilian Packaging Association), was elected, unoposed, as President of the Organisation. She will assume on November 25, 2023. Until then, Pierre Pienaar, from Australia, will continue as WPO President. “According to WPO statute, the past and the elected Presidents have time to work together until the final transition”, explains Pierre Pienaar.

Connected to the packaging industry since 1996 when invited for an experience at Bryce Corporation USA, Luciana Pellegrino is the first woman to assume the World Packaging Organisation Presidency. Graduated in business administration, with specialization in environmental sciences, Luciana has more than 26 years of experience as the Managing Director of the most important packaging association in Brazil and one of the key ones in Latin America (ABRE – Brazilian Packaging Association). She also has more than 20 years of experience involved in WPO. Her most recent assignment in WPO was as Senior Vice President of Marketing, a role that she will keep until November 2023.

“I am extremely excited about this opportunity and honoured by this vote from WPO Board Members. I have dedicated over 20 years to support and strengthen WPO because I believe in the huge positive impact we can make to the global packaging community. Furthermore, it is a privilege to take over from Pierre Pienaar after these inspiring years of his presidency and to lead WPO ahead, counting on the support of WPO members, corporate partners and our strategic market partners”, states Luciana.

On November 2023, during the 2nd WPO Board Meeting, Luciana Pellegrino will announce the complete Executive Team to work with her from 2024 to 2026.

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