Veolia PET Germany to close Rostock recycling site

Veolia PET Germany GmbH will close the PET recycling site in Rostock, Germany, on December 31, 2023 after more than 20 years due to the lack of long-term security for the production site. The closure will affect a total of around 50 employees.

This decision is based on an estimation of the market with regard to the will to close the loop for PET beverage bottles. It has not been possible to secure sales of recycled PET in cooperation with the beverage industry and/or retailers, says Veolia. The willingness of all market participants to participate in a long-term perspective for the purchase of recycled PET on economic terms is the prerequisite for the PET loop. In this volatile climate, the permanent, economic operation of a PET recycling plant is not possible for Veolia.

Veolia PET Germany GmbH, based in Hamburg is part of Veolia Umweltservice GmbH and, thanks to its many years of experience, is one of the leading companies in all areas of the PET recycling market in Europe. The production sites in Frauenfeld (Switzerland), Fetsund (Norway), Norrköping (Sweden) and the central marketing company of all plants in Hamburg are not affected by the closure.

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