United Caps recognised with Gold Save Food Design Award

The international manufacturer of caps and closures United Caps reported that the company have been awarded Gold at the inaugural Save Food Design Awards held at the Shanghai World of Packaging event (Swop 23) for its Bump Cap product, developed in collaboration with Mimica. Astrid Hoffmann-Leist, United Caps’ Chief innovation and Communication Officer, accepted the award on behalf of the company.

Bump Cap has been designed to reduce global food waste by making it easy to determine whether food products continue to be safe to consume. This intelligent freshness indicator is supposed to change the way people think about what a cap can do and how they can actively fight food waste. The Bump Cap is claimed to make it easy to determine if contents have begun to degrade. Once the beverage begins to degrade, bumps occur on the top of the cap, giving a tactile indicator of freshness.

Using patented gel technology that is more accurate than a ‘best before’ date, the cap has been proven to extend shelf and storage life and can be used on most perishable products, including milk and juices. This gel technology is embedded in the closure and activated upon first opening of the beverage. Without any physical contact with beverage contents, it uses time and temperature to accurately measure when the beverage spoils.

The Save Food Design Award and Sustainability Design Award, hosted for the very first time at Swop 2023 in Shanghai from November 22-24, 2023.

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Photo: Astrid Hoffmann-Leist (right), who is stationed in Malaysia and responsible for all business activities in the Asia Pacific region in her additional role as Business Director, accepted the award on behalf of the company.