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{"pages":{"page":[{"#text":"MARKET SURVEY 18 MARKETsurvey 03/10 Company name Idee +  Form Silgan White Cap Closures Limited Corvaglia Group Viroplastic CZ, a.s. Postal address Telephone number Web site address Contact name Function Direct telephone number Fax E-Mail CH-6614 Brissago, Via Leoncavallo 31 41917809648 www.sportverschluesse.de Gerhard Priewe Director 41917809648 +41917809650 idee-form@bluewin.ch Hansastrasse 4 , 30419 Hannover +49 511 7905 0 www.silganwhitecap.com hans van baekel plastic closure development manager +32 475 81 64 85 hans.van.baekel@silganwhitecap.com Hamilton Way, Oakham Business Park, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, NG18 5BU 01623 654914 www.closuresltd.co.uk Stephen Naylor Sales & Marketing Manager 01623 654915 stevenaylor@closuresltd.co.uk Hoernlistrasse 14 8360 Eschlikon, Switzerland +41 71 973 77 77 www.corvaglia.ch Romeo Corvaglia CEO +41 71 973 77 77 +41 71 973 77 78 romeo@corvaglia.ch Liskovec 405, 73801 Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic +420 558412444 www.viroplastic.cz Maurizio Bergonzoni Member of the board of directors +420 558412459 maurizio.bergonzoni@viroplastic.cz Product range Sport closures Dairy closures, induction heat seal closures, in-mould-labelled pots /containers 28 mm BPF/PCO, 28 mm alaska, 38 mm 3 starts Bericap and Affaba Ferrari, 50 mm Do you produce one-piece closures for beverages (Yes /No -If Yes, please specify material No Yes PP and PE HDPE Yes / HDPE Yes Do you produce two-piece closures for beverages (with liner) (Yes / No -If YES, please specify material No Yes with TPE liners HDPE No No Applications Please list applications relevant to PET containers, e.g. CSD, water, juice, beer, etc.) NCB ,  pressurized and non pressurized PET dairy closures All beverage sectors CSD, water, juice, beer, milk, oil Neck finishes available as standard 28mm 38 mm 3 and 2 threads for Hotfill and cold - aseptic filling 38mm All corresponding neck finishes BPF/Pco, Alaska, 30/25 High Printed caps available (Yes / No) No Yes , 4 colour full photo print + UTC Embossing Options No Yes Colour matching service (Yes / No) Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Child-proof closures (Yes /No) No No No No No Push-Pull / sports caps (Yes / No) No No No Yes No Special comments/special closures (e.g. flipt-tops, drinking spouts, lightest cap for 28 mm PCO, 26 mm for water etc including non-beverage closures...) Twist Lightweight 38mm closures Special patented closures or marketing features sport caps for still, carbonated up to 10 bars, closures with containers to mix the drink IML closures CSN 26mm BTL; 29/25; PCO Corvaglia; 38mm hotfill; 5 gallon cap Company name Viscose Closures Ltd Finn-Korkki Oy Bericap Postal address Telephone number Web site address Contact name Function Direct telephone number Fax E-Mail Fleming Way, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9JY, United Kingdom 01293 519251 www.viscose.co.uk Ian Coster Technical Services Manager 01293 596815 01293 540005 ian.coster@viscose.co.uk Konepajantie 10, Hämeenlinna 13300, Finland +358 (0)3 628 641 www.finn-korkki.com Robert Jeynes Sales & Marketing +358 (0)3 628 6428 +358 (0)3 619 7294 robert.jeynes@finn-korkki.com Kirchstr. 5 55257 Budenheim, Germany +49 (6139) 2902- 0 www.bericap.com Thomas Henkel Sales Director +49 (6139) 2902- 0 +49 (6139) 2902 - 181 info.germany@bericap.com Product range Ringcrown & Ripcap ring pull closures Plastic closures for the beverage, food and non-food industry Do you produce one-piece closures for beverages (Yes /No -If Yes, please specify material Yes - HDPE Yes, aluminium ring pull closures Yes, SuperShorty for PCO 1881, made of HDPE; HexaLite for still beverages, made of HDPE; SK 38 mm closures for aseptic and for hot fill applications, made of HDPE Do you produce two-piece closures for beverages (with liner) (Yes / No -If YES, please specify material No Yes, steel ring pull closures Yes, main products: DoubleSeal O2 S and SuperShorty O2 S; also available: PV O2 S made of PP and EVA-Liner;  LinerSeal SuperShorty Applications Please list applications relevant to PET containers, e.g. CSD, water, juice, beer, etc.) CSD, water, juice, beer Beer, juice, water, CSD, energy, functional, wine, cider, spirits from 26; 26,7; 28; 29, 30; 35; 38 and 48mm closures for all beverage markets incl. water, juice, beer and milk. light weight closure options: SuperShorty for 28mm (PCO 1881); HexaLite, screw plastic closures for still beverages for light weight 26/22 and 29/25 neck finishes. Neck finishes available as standard PCO, BPF, 1881, PCO Corvaglia Crown cap and 42mm RipCap neck finish All corresponding neck finishes Printed caps available (Yes / No) Yes Yes 1-3 colour top prints; printed 38 mm closures are also available Colour matching service (Yes / No) Yes Yes Yes, wide range of customized colours in use Child-proof closures (Yes /No) No No Yes Push-Pull / sports caps (Yes / No) Yes No Push Pull and Thumb'Up ; light weight sports caps  for PCO 1881, 29/25 and 26/22 Special comments/special closures (e.g. flipt-tops, drinking spouts, lightest cap for 28 mm PCO, 26 mm for water etc including non-beverage closures...) Flip tops, lightest cap for 28mm PCO -1881 Sports Range of non-food caps Special patented closures or marketing features --- ring pull caps. tamper evident closures SuperShorty for PCO 1881 in CSD and beer design, DoubleSeal SuperShorty CSD ECO as low weight version for carbonated drinks and water. DoubleSealSuperShorty Still for still drinks; LinerSeal SuperShorty as 2-pc ; HexaLite for still beverages for 26/22 and 29/25 neck finishes.","@ID":20}

"REGIONAL MARKET REPORTS 12 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net Medco Plast Mohamed H. Samaha, Chairman (on the right) is the second generation now running the still-young, 25 year-old family business. In the middle is Alexander Büchler. On the left is Medco Plast’s technical manager Ioan Dobas, who has been with the company since the first PET preform was produced here. Mohamed H. Samaha, chairman of Medco Plast in Cairo, has three businesses in the beverage and medical markets. He has a business that invests in pharmaceutical companies, a plastic packaging manufacturing operation (Medco Plast) which supplies both the pharmaceutical and the food / beverage industries, and a trading company supplying plastics and chemicals to the above-mentioned sectors. Manufactured plastic packaging items include eye-droppers, aerosol and tablet dispensers – for the pharmaceutical industry, and various food containers (including thin wall and In-Mould labelling) for cheese, jam etc. plus crates for agricultural use and for beverage glass bottles, and of course PET preforms - which brings us to the matter in hand. Medco Plast’s PET story started in the year 2000, with one system based on a Husky GL 225 machine. As of today, concerning PET preforms, Mohamed Samaha sees his company as way out in front. In only 4 years his preform production grew from 80 million to 450 million units p.a. This equates to a consumption of 15,000t of PET in 2009 and puts Medco Plast amongst the three biggest converters in the country. And Mr Samaha plans to invest further in this business. First of all, in the spring of this year, a new Husky turnkey system is scheduled to arrive and join the 4 systems already in place, enabling Medco to meet the full summer demand. He considers that the keys to such growth reside in the strategic partnerships that he has built up over the years, with the main bottlers Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, with the equipment manufacturers (namely Husky), with raw material suppliers and with various financial institutions. At the present moment, he is capitalizing on the reputation gained by Medco in the market, and is starting new PET packaging applications for this area: hot filled juice and milk. In this regard, for the time being, Medco is the only manufacturer in Egypt of hot fill preforms with a 38mm reinforced neck finish, while another planned “exclusive source” is related to the milk preforms, which will be added this spring to the company’s preform portfolio. He is optimistic about both of these projects as he has supply contracts with the major players in the Egyptian market: Juhayna and Dina Farms. He is confident that this is only a beginning, as other juice companies and dairies in Egypt will follow this route. His plans do not end here, as he understands exactly the potential of the local market for multilayer preforms and Juice was always the preserve of cartons (40%), glass and HDPE bottles (30% between them) and pouches (30%). However this last bastion, with sales of 350 million litres, seems about to fall. The premium juice brand, Juhayna, has invested in a new hot-fill line and since December of 2009 has been selling a juice drink in a 0.25l PET bottle. Al Marai of Saudi Arabia is working in collaboration with PepsiCo with the aim of introducing juice and milk in PET into Egypt. Milk Although only just about finding its way onto the market, this is a hot topic of conversation in Egypt. Dina Farm (the country’s biggest milk producer) is on the point of launching fresh milk onto the market in PET bottles. Spirits, wine, beer For a largely Muslim country alcoholic beverages is obviously a rather insignificant sector. Nevertheless, the country has some 42 million, mainly non-muslim, visitors each year, while a minority of the Egyptian population is also non-muslim. Even the ancient pharaohs brewed beer and fermented wine over 4,000 years ago. A few entrepreneurs are again latching on to these old traditions, but are filling, without exception, in glass. Preform production As has been mentioned earlier, Egypt is setting the trend for North Africa, so that 20% of preforms made by Egyptian converters go to neighbouring countries. Apart from Nestlé, no beverage fillers have any preform manufacture worth mentioning. Nestlé, with about 200 million preforms per annum, has chosen the Netstal system, whilst other converters such as Marina Plast, Medco Plast and Al Aquah are running Husky lines and a few old Engel machines, producing a total of about 1.9 billion preforms, and growing by a least 10% per annum. A small but attractive niche has been developed in the pharmaceutical sector at Taba with the support of KraussMaffei. Stretch blow moulding Here in Egypt a Corpoplast machine is still called what it was called long ago - a Krupp! However Corpoplast has at present no market here. The beverage business is split between Sidel and Krones.","@ID":14}

"PREFORM PRODUCTION 21 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net excellent production process which takes into account the sometimes special conditions prevailing here in India. When we acquired the site in 2001 we renovated the building for preform manufacturing from ground level upwards with assistance from KraussMaffei and optimised it for efficient production, again taking into account local conditions.  KraussMaffei gave us good support in building up an optimum infrastructure for our production, and this is paying dividends, even from the point of view of cost“. AMD - the indian one-stop shop Well known in India and South East Asia for over 30 years as a supplier of crown corks to the beverages sector, the company decided in 2000 to enter the rapidly growing PET market as suppliers. Currently the company has a capacity of 18,000t of preforms per year and 800 million plastic caps for CSD. This makes the company, by its own admission, the only manufacturer able to supply crown corks, 2-section caps and preforms. The young – and impressively dynamic -company helmsman, Adit Gupta describes this as a “one stop shop“.  “Coming to us means that the CSD fillers get everything from a single source”. In India, one half of CSD is Pepsico and the other half Coca Cola with AMD supplying its above products to both the companies. In the plant it is very easy to distinguish which batch is going to whom. There is no need to look at the supply sticker on the cartons: the small cartons go to Pepsi and the big octabins that are recognised all over the world go to Coca Cola. In response to my question as to how the large boxes get on to the traditionally manually loaded HGVs, he made a startlingly straightforward reply: “Using a fork lift. We have an Alexander Büchler (in the centre) at his visit of the AMD plant together with WG CDR ML Sharma (right) and a Technical Manager The boxes are filled by 3 KraussMaffei lines.  The first has a clamping force of 300t, the other two are slightly larger at 325t each. “With the larger clamping area we can now not only run the 56-compartment moulds from MHT, as we did before, but there is now a 72-compartment mould on the way. The same preforms are produced in India across the full range of filler brands, in each case in the lighter as well as the classic variants, like the 22 gram for 1 litre of water, the 27 and 28g, the 42g, the 48g and the preforms with PC028 weighing 52 and 54g.  This is set to change.  For Adit Gupta it is clear that now the next logical step for Coca Cola (and thus for him too) is the 1881 cap. This is now, at long last,  available in China, North America and, since October 2009, in Germany too. For Adit Gupta, this will mean a high investment in new moulds, although not only preforms but also capping moulds.  “At the end of the day nobody is paying for the new moulds for me, but I think that these will make us, technologically-speaking, market leaders and enable us to obtain additional orders as well. Our customers are familiar with the quality of our products.  Many filler companies have confirmed to us that their blow moulding machines run more quietly when loaded with our preforms and are up to 15% faster”. He envisages that any additional orders in the caps sector from outside India will come from markets that are realizing the low cost advantage of India as a manufacturing","@ID":23}

"PATENTS 35 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net PETpatents www.verpackungspatente.de Secondary packaging European Patent granted No. EP 1849714 B1 Applicant: Nestlé Waters Management & Technology, Issy-les-Moulineaux (FR) Date of application: 3.4.2006 A number of water bottles are placed on a common base and shrink-wrapped ready for presentation on the store shelf. After the consumer has bought the pack the bottles on the left and right of the handle can be folded down and so can be conveniently carried. Base shape International Patent No. WO 2009 / 092936 A1 Applicant: Sidel Participations, Octeville-sur-mer (FR) Date of application: 8.1.2009 This international application describes the base shape of a plastic bottle. The base, and the bottom of the walls are designed such that the bottle meets the requirements of stability and rigidity. Two additives in the cap European Patent No. EP 2093157 A1 Applicant: Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH, Homburg (D) Date of application: 25.2.2009 This special cap for a beverage bottle contains separate chambers to accept two different additives which are released before or during the opening of the bottle to mix with the liquid contained within that bottle. Cap with grip aid / fixing aid International patent No. WO 2009 / 067748 A1 Applicant: Daaday Pty Ltd., Woollahra (AU) Date of application: 27.11.2008 The lid of a container - e.g. a beverage bottle - has gripping aids on the outer surface to make it easier to carry or, using the openings in the integrated tabs, it can be hung from some sort of carabiner (for example to be used as a water bottle when out hiking). Carrier for PET bottles Registered design DE 202008016709 U1 Applicant: Georg Friedrich, Dietzenbach (D) Date of application: 18.12.2008 A flexible carrier consisting of a strap fitted with clips at either end and whose inner surface is fixed to a second strap in order to carry several PET bottles. Beverage packaging European Patent granted No. EP 1181208 B1 Applicant: Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta (US) Date of application: 25.4.2000 The choice of material and/or material combinations for a plastic bottle are described. The aim is to avoid negatively affecting the taste of the beverage with a “plastic taste”.","@ID":37}

"PETbottles 28 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net Food & Beverages New design for Acqua Lilia PMCI, the mould division of Sipa and part of the Zoppas Group, has been selected as a key supplier by Fonti del Vulture, one Italy’s leading water bottling companies. Owned by Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company Italia and Coca-Cola Italia, Fonti del Vulture bottles mineral water from the Vulture mineral water springs in the volcanic area of Basilicata, Italy. It has several mineral waters on the market: Lilia, Sveva, Vivien, Toka and Solaria are designed to meet the different needs and tastes of consumers. In order to reinforce the positioning of the Acqua Lilia brand, Fonti del Vulture has decided to back an ‘eco-friendly’ bottle that is considerably lighter but with the same performance standards as traditional models. It is to be marketed through large-scale retail channels. Fonti del Vulture chose PMCI for the study and implementation of its new 2l Acqua Lilia bottle. The design is simple, eye-catching, easy-tohandle and complements the 1.5, 1 and 0.5l sizes. Beginning with an analysis of the previous bottle, PMCI considered the size constraints required by storage and labelling procedures and closely examined the functionality values based on market wants. It has created a bottle 11% lighter than the previous version, at just 34g, but with excellent performance characteristics. The reduced weight will save 300t of plastic and 700t of CO 2 emissions annually. Proportions have been perfected and cutting-edge geometrical and structural solutions have been developed to achieve a unique design capable of optimising both the blowing process and technical performance, enabling effective palletisation and storage. Weight reduction has been achieved in both the body and the neck in a highlyrecognisable packaging solution, yet one that is based on an existing preform. PMCI uses computer simulations in order to forecast the technical performance of any container, which means that it can study and develop effective and practical new solutions quickly and at lower cost. The final digital model is then prototyped either at PMCI or the customer’s factory. The new Acqua Lilia bottles are the latest from Coca-Cola HBC Italia to be made of recyclable material. www.pmci-solutions.com New bottle collection Demo Design & Moulds, of Treviso, Italy, has launched a new series of distinctive bottle designs in collaboration with Alberto Del Bondi Industrial Design. The Boraccia bottle is said to be compact, smart and to recall colonial water bottles. The Lube design, inspired by the auto industry, incorporates innovative use of technology and an asymmetrical shape. Squash Cubo, an ultrafine and ultralight cuboid, can be easily crushed at the end of its life. www.designandmoulds.com Red Bull in PET Red Bull of Fuschl am See in Austria have extended their range with a 60ml “energy shot”. The round PET bottle, which fits easily into the trouser pocket, has a screw cap and is aimed at providing a boost whilst out and about.  The high class printed shrink sleeve label rises up around the cap to provide tamper evidence. Perforations make it easy to separate this top section before opening the bottle. www.redbull.de","@ID":30}

"PETproducts 26 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net No-foam, no-spill active closures for carbonated drinks SmartSeal Fizz is a  active closure for carbonated beverages, which provides automatic closure of the built-in valve and retains carbonation within the drink, while preventing foaming. The closure is designed for up to 8 bar internal pressure but is activated with less than 0.1 bar, in order to provide smooth and controlled beverage release at a flow rate of 20ml/second. It is designed for one-handed operation and has a full 180-degree hinge. The neck finish is 28mm PCO and is suitable for PP/TPE materials. SmartSeal Fizz joins a range that includes Flex28, for 28mm neck finishes and is also suitable for low-carbonated drinks; Flex30, designed for 30/25mm necks in water applications; and Flex38, for 38mm neck finishes. SmartSeal says that its technology can be adapted to a wide range of containers, including PET bottles, cartons and pouches. www.smartseal.no New beverage cap gives best of “Both worlds” CCT GmbH’s ComPetCap technology aims to provide manufacturers and users of PET packaging with the ‘best of both words’ – the material savings of PCO1881 standard closures with the consumer-friendly neck and closure features of PCO1810, which has been the market standard for decades. CCT further seeks to do this in a manner that is innovative, economic and future-proof. The first product of this thinking is the ComPetCap CC 28/21-01, which is designed for carbonated beverages. It features a 20mm closure height, which suits the consumer but, at the same time, it offers material savings of at least 1.5g for the preform, compared with PCO28 1810. A further attraction, the company says, is that it does not require reconstruction of moulding, filling and capping plants. CCT’s ComPetCap CC28/21-01 was developed in collaboration with MHT. www.cct-gmbh.com  www.mht-ag.com No greasing Kohlox, a new thermo composite material from Sidel with a low coefficient of friction, is claimed to offer savings on maintenance time and improved hygiene through eliminating greasing. Sidel has produced two grease-free parts: wear rings for mould bottoms, and female studs. A self-lubricating material, Kohlox offers savings in mould maintenance time and eliminates the use of consumables for those operations. Being grease-free also helps improve hygiene and mould cleanliness by eliminating the possibility of grease splashes or deposits. The parts are available as an option for most new moulds and can also be adapted to several existing moulds. They have been tested and validated in partnership with Nestlé Waters Est France. www.sidel.com DryingLine Motan drying systems www.motan-colortronic.com Eifficient drying to optimum residual moisture with integrated energy saving for all applications ––  Your partner for materials handling – worldwide  –– Absorbing moisture efficiently! Europe North: motan-colortronic gmbh Tel.: +49 6175 792 167 Europe South: motan-colortronic ag Tel.: +41 41 748 61 11","@ID":28}

"REGIONAL MARKET REPORTS 10 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net Part 1 Egypt In Egypt, for about 5 years production figures for PET bottles, and the associated caps, have been growing strongly and have now reached about 2.5 billion containers, not including nonfood applications. If we include pharmaceuticals and cleaning products the figure lies somewhere around 3 billion. A major part of this output is used for the packaging of edible oil (1.4 billion PET bottles) which is a comparatively steady market. by Alexander Büchler The biggest growth markets are, however, water (0.6 billion bottles) and CSDs (0.5 billion bottles). If the investment figures talked about by the converters actually happen then capacity in Egypt during 2010 will increase by about 0.5 billion PET bottles for CSD and water. New applications in the PET market are juices and milk. These will, in the near future, surely call for a significant number of containers. All of the converters and cap manufacturers based in Egypt are also applying their know-how and production capacity to supply markets in North and East Africa. A few special products are also finding their way into the Gulf States. Macroeconomic Data Population............................................ 83.0 million GNP  ...................................................128 bio US$ unemployment  ............................................. 9,8 % All figures 2006/07 Regional market reports Egypt Part 1","@ID":12}

"MARKET SURVEY 19 Fa. Heinlein Plastik-Technik GmbH mouldtec Kunststoff GmbH O.Berk Company Novembal SBECM Olcott Plastics, Inc Weener Plastik AG Industriestraße 7, 91522 Ansbach, Germany +49(0)981/9502-0 www.heinlein-plastik.de Mr. Gerhard Schragner sales manager beverage & food +49(0)981/9502-12 +49(0)981/9502-50 schragner@heinlein-plastik.de Wiesenstraße 22, 87600 Kaufbeuren, Germany 0049 8341 670-0 www.mouldtec.de Eric Peil Sales Manager 0049 8341 670-229 0049 8341 670-217 eric.peil@mouldtec.de 3 Milltown Ct, Union, NJ 07083 USA 1-908-851-9500 www.oberk.com Customer Service 908-851-9367 info@oberk.com 58 RN6 BP 29 69480 ANSE France 33689271260 www.novembal.com Cécile Tardy Marketing analyst 33689271260 33472549695 cecile.tardy@tetrapak.com Rue de la plaine 47230 Lavardac (France) +33 5 53 97 41 00 www.sbecm.com Jean-Luc Didouan Manager +33 5 53 65 85 97 jean-luc.didouan@sbecm.com 95 N 17th St,  St Charles, IL  60174, USA 630-584-0555 www.olcottplastics.com Troy Rusch Sales 630-444-7996 630-584-5655 sales@olcottplastics.com Industriestraße 1 26826 Weener, Germany 49-4951-306-0 www.wppg.com Manfred van Essen sales manager 04951-306-202 04951-306-15202 M.vanEssen@wppg.com plastic closures and inserts for the beverage, food and phamaceutical market All Plastic closures Plastic jars and closures 43mm-120mm PCO 28/1810, PCO 28/1881, 38mm, sports caps 26,9mm, 28mm, 38mm Yes. HDPE, LDPE Yes Yes, HDPE Yes - HDPE, LDPE or PP No Yes, HDPE No Yes Yes, but without liner. No No no CSD, still beverages, water, fruit drinks, milk, oil All waters (still, flavoured, carbonated) + juices + cap for milk + CSD Water, CSD, juices, dairy products, any liquid or non liquid products Wide Mouth Screw Top Jar Closures CSD, mineral water, juice, energy drinks 28mm PCO 1810 and BPF, 28mm PCO 1881, 37mm 2-start, 38mm All 26 + 26,7 +29/25 + 28 +30/25 + 38 + 42 + 45 + 48 30/25 high and low, PCO 28, BPF, 38mm, 48/41 400 28mm, 38mm Yes Yes. Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes (twist and pull). Yes Yes On demand No Yes Large range of lighten caps Handles for 5 liters, Overcaps flip top sport caps, drinking spout, valve spout, valve sport caps, light cap PCO28/1810 ONE LOOK® Yes Several patents CCT - Creative Closure Technology GMBH HAS Plastik Turkey Gulf Packaging System Co Injectoplast Kunststoffverarbeitungsgesellschaft mbH Menshen GmbH & Co. KG Idsteiner Strasse 74 D-65527 Niedernhausen / Germany 0049 6127 8954 + 8850 www.cct-gmbh.com Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Schmitz Managing Director 0049 171 5840948 0049 6127 78189 CCT-Niedernhausen@t-online.de ESENYURT YOLU NO 50  AVCILAR 34325 ISTANBUL TURKEY +90 212 695 50 00 www.hasplastik.com, www.hascap.com.tr Kerim Atas Export Manager +90 212 695 50 00 +90 212 694 97 24 info@hasplastik.com, kerimatas@hasplastik.com P.O.Box:20266, Jeddah-21455, Saudi Arabia 00966 2 636 0099 www.gulf-pack.com Mr.  Fyasuddin Dulvi / Mr. Bader Abdullah Sales Manager 00966 2 636 0099 ext:107 00966 2 635 2111 sales@gulf-pack.com Brunner Straße 40, 3830 Waidhofen/ Thaya, Austria/Europe +43 (0)2842 52572-0 www.injectoplast.at Ermin Mayer, Reinhard Töpfl General Manager, Sales Manager Ext. 300, ext. 311 +43(0)2842 52572-330 office@injectoplast.at Industriestr. 26 57413 Finnentrop /Germany +49-2721 518-0 www.menshen.com Christian Nöh Marketing +49 2721 518-0 +49 2721 518-115 christian.noeh@menshen.com Yes - DPE Yes , HDPE , LDPE Yes, HDPE for low carbonation Yes Yes, PE, PP No Yes ,  PP with liner Yes, PP + non PVC liner for CSD No Yes, PP, PE CSD, water, juice, beer water , csd , juice,beer ,milk ,cosmetics, toiletry Pepsi / Coke approved CSD, water, juice, beer, soft-drinks, milk products CSD water, juice, isotonics, sports and functional drinks, dairy, beer, wine spirits 1810/1881/ComPetCap/26/27/29/30/38/48 all corresponding neck  finishes 28mm PCO, 28mm BPF, 30/25 HNF, 45mm 1881, 1810, 38mm, two-start, threestart, Alaska, MCA2 PCO 28/38, 28/410, 20/400; 24/410 and many more Yes yes, UV ink , conventional ink possibilities are available Yes Yes, single and two colored Yes Yes yes Yes Yes Yes No yes Yes No Yes Yes yes Yes No Yes, including the CoolCap for CSD Flipt-tops, drinking spouts short neck 1881 for csd , shortneck 29-25mm for water , shortheight 26mm Lightest cap for 28 mm PCO Lightest cap for 26 mm PCO Sports closure /drinking cap for carbonated beverages. Single handed operation Multicap closures new patents on 5 gallon cap with finger loop No","@ID":21}

"PETnews 6 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net KP Chemical Corp purchases UK plant On 26 January 2010 KP Chemical Corp., a subsidiary of South Korean conglomerate Lotte Group, signed a contract with administrators Deloitte for the purchase of the Wilton, Cleveland, England plant of Artenius Ltd. Located about 350km north of London, the plant makes a plastic used in the packaging industry. It has an annual production capacity of 500,000t of purified terephthalic acid and 150,000t of polyethylene terephthalate. Regional development agency One North East is reported to have approved a £1.8m ($2.9m, €2.1m) grant to help Lotte Chemical UK acquire the Artenius assets, which could also create 132 new jobs at the Wilton plant. The US$22.4 million purchase is part of the Korean firm’s drive to expand production in Europe. KP Chemical plans to begin production at the plant from April. www.kpchem.co.kr Nominations open for Golden Label Awards 2010 Nominations are open for the Golden Label Award 2010, which recognizes outstanding technical achievement and creative design in label production. Entries are invited from all involved in the paper label production process, including printers, label designers, marketing experts and branded goods manufacturers. The awards cover three categories: beer/shandy; mineral water, soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages; and wines/ spirits; confectionery, cans, etc. Two special awards are made for technical excellence and innovation and for the best marketing idea. A further special prize will be based on e-voting by the public. Deadline for entries to the public poll is  April 10, 2010; for all other awards is April 30, 2010. Internet voting will run throughout April. The Golden Label Award ceremony will be held at the Austrian Platinum Vienna/Uniqua Tower on June 17,2010. Each entry assessed by the jury will receive feedback. www.brigl-bergmeister.com Global licensing agreements for laser measurement systems American company Plastic Technologies, Inc. (PTI) has granted Steinfurth Mess-Systeme GmbH, Essen, Germany, an exclusive global license to manufacture and market its Laser Measurement System (LMS) for package dimensions and fill height. LMS consists of a laser-based unit combined with proprietary software that performs dimensional analysis on containers of various shapes and sizes. It is suitable for evaluating hot-fill containers, which tend to have additional structural challenges. LMS remembers the dimensions of the unfilled container, which enables the system to quickly and accurately calculate dimensional changes when the filled unit enters the scanner. Its height monitor enables it to detect fill levels in finished packages. This announcement is the latest in a series of PTI licensing agreements with companies including Agr International and Mocon. www.steinfurth.com  www.plastictechnologies.com. Total Processing & packaging bigger in 2010 Total Processing & Packaging 2010, which takes place at the NEC in Birmingham, England, May 25-27, has increased its available floor space by an additional 745.5m². The Packaging Innovation Hub has been doubled in size and will focus on packaging materials, containers, pack design and marketing, smart and intelligent packaging, and sustainable solutions. New this year is the Robotics & Industrial Vision Pavilion in association with Bara and Ukiva. It will showcase technology solutions for increased productivity and efficiency savings. Further highlights of the exhibition will be a series of dedicated free-toattend seminars in both the Packaging Innovation and Interphex hubs, and the Design Challenge. Visitor registration, which will enable fast entry into the exhibition on the day, is now open at www.totalexhibition.com/register.  The website also contains travel and accommodation advice. New orders for Ferromatik Milacron Vitop, part of the SmurfitKappa Group, has ordered two new hybrid Vitesse 250 injection moulding machines and three Elektra evolution 300 all-electric units from Ferromatik Milacron. The Vitesse series was launched in November 2009. The machines will be installed at the new Vitop plant in Alessandria, Italy for the production of taps for bag-in-box packaging. One is fitted with a 1,000-size injection unit and will produce the body of the tap; the other is fitted with a 1,650 size unit for production of the connector linking the tap with the package. The Vitesse electric screw drive allows for parallel functions for short cycle times. Stability is provided by a reinforced base with linear guides. The Vitesse series offers clamping forces up to 5,000kN, and can be equipped with injection units up to size 4,400. Other variations are also available. www.ferromatik.com","@ID":8}

"PREFORM PRODUCTION 16 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net Improved energy consumption Piovan, which is based near Venice, Italy, specialises in the supply of industrial solutions for PET processing including drying systems, resin storage and handling, blenders, chilled water systems, recycling solution and perform handling systems. In preparation to 2010 it launched four new product lines – a drying line, in particular. “Genesys is a new generation system,” said Giorgio Santella, Director of Global Marketing for Piovan. In order to be properly processed, PET must contain little and above all controlled residual moisture. Its initial moisture level can be anywhere between 500 and 3,000ppm. Drying to the required level requires a lot of energy but much may be wasted, Piovan believes. “Drying systems do not know the quantity of moisture the pellets contain so their profile will be set to the worst-case scenario – and they may even be compromising the molecular structure of the PET.” Genesys is able to elaborate what the initial moisture level is, so it knows how much energy is needed..The dryer can constantly and automatically adjust to programmed parameters – humidity, temperature, whether it is day or night, different supplies. “In conventional systems, consistent results cannot be guaranteed; Genesys turns all process variables and can, through smart and part-load operation, achieve coefficients of efficiency above eight – at least 60% more than conventional systems. The other two major product launches for 2010 are new post-consumer regrind (PCR) equipment and new supervisory systems. “Recycling and blending equipment has to identify the different intrinsic viscosity, molecular structure, shapes and other features of PCR and set the right temperatures and drying cycles,” Mr Santella explained. “What we have done is to integrate recycling as a process, with its own solution. Many processors are already using Piovan equipment on 50/50 recycled product.” The launch of  WinPET supervisory system fits in with the company’s deployment of smart technology. It allows remote access and integration of its drying, refrigeration and blending machines and automatically makes adjustments before resin gets to the PET machines. It will interface with existing management software and automatically document all activities in the process. www.piovan.com into controllable parameters.” Piovan maintains that its ‘smart’ features will dramatically reduce energy utilisation. “We have achieved energy consumption up to 30% lower than the previous best,” he said. Genesys is also claimed to facilitate shorter startup times. “Operators will be able to get it right, faster. Continuous automatic adjustment means that Genesys delivers dried resin at a constant temperature to injection moulding machines – which leads to more consistent quality.” The company has also introduced PETchiller, a refrigeration system that is designed to be dedicated to one production line. The company’s assertion is that dedicated chillers are better for lines that require specific pressures and temperatures and are advantageous if compared to central systems. PETchiller measures the precise amount of water required","@ID":18}

"BOTTLE MAKING 25 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net Mondi Plastics Brief review and up-date of Regional Market Report – South Africa – PETplanet Insider Nos. 03/08 and 04/08 – with reference to Mondi Plastics: Mondi Plastics are part of the large Mondi Group, an international group listed on the London Stock Exchange and with activities mainly in forestry and paper. Huge Mondi eucalyptus forests stretch over the green hills of Zululand. Mondi Plastics is comparatively small within the group, but nevertheless is the biggest plastics activity in the country. The Mondi plants: Wadeville: dedicated to PET pre-  forms and PET bottles. Johannesburg: dedicated to com-  pression moulding, extrusion blow moulding and injection moulding. Cape Town: dedicated to extrusion  blow moulding and injection moulding as well as single stage PET injection stretch blowing. In short, PET preforms are converted using the two-stage system in Wadeville only. Single stage systems operate both in Wadeville and Cape Town. Equipment in Wadeville: 3x Husky 144 cavities  1x Husky 128 cavities  1x Husky 72 cavities  2x Husky 48 cavities  5x Sacmi for caps/closures  Husky systems at Mondi in Wadeville There are several single stage machines from Nissei ASB and one from Aoki. The Husky systems handle the massive volume requirements for Coke, the single stage systems from Nissei and Aoki are used for various formats, one of them being a 4l PET bottle with wide mouth to be filled by Coke with syrup/essence from the Coca Cola plant in Swaziland. The technical challenges of PET conversion have also reached Mondi Plastics and South Africa, i.e. lightweighting of PET bottles and caps. Thomas von Hartemüller – Technical Manager - said “We take it step by step. Climatic conditions – high and low altitudes, tropical and below zero temperatures – all influence the degree of lightweighting that is possible in this country. We look to Mexico as a benchmark.” Another challenging subject for Mondi is the first hot fill system, which they put into operation recently and which consists of 1 x 48 cavity Husky system and 1 x 4 cavity Sipa blower. The bottles will be filled with vitamin drinks. “In our opinion multi-layer is not yet catching up”, said Thomas von Hartemüller. “And maybe never will. Blending virgin resin with 10% recycled post consumer PET will be a first step. But food contact use has still not been approved.” The above statements reflect the South African market’s feeling on these technical issues.","@ID":27}

"imprint EDITORIAL PUBLISHER Alexander Büchler, Managing Director HEAD OFFICE heidelberg business media GmbH Landhausstr. 4 69115 Heidelberg, Germany phone:  +49(0)6221-65108-0 fax:  +49(0)6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net EDITORIAL Doris Fischer fischer@hbmedia.net Ruari McCallion Tony O´Neill Ilona Trotter Wolfgang von Schroeter MEDIA CONSULTANTS Ute Andrä andrae@hbmedia.net Miriam Kiesler kiesler@hbmedia.net phone:  +49(0)6221-65108-0 fax:  +49(0)6221-65108-28 France, Italy, Spain, UK Elisabeth Maria Köpke phone: +49(0)6201-878925 fax: +49(0)6201-878926 koepke@hbmedia.net LAYOUT AND PREPRESS EXPRIM Kommunikationsdesign www.exprim.de PRINT WDW Druck GmbH Gustav-Throm-Straße 1 69181 Leimen-St.Ilgen Germany WWW www.petpla.net | www.pet-point.net PETplanet insider ISSN 1438-9459 is published 10 times a year. This publication is sent to qualified subscribers (1-year subscription 149 EUR, 2-year subscription 289 EUR, Young professionals’ subscription 99 EUR. Magazines will be dispatched to you by airmail). Not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. Note: The fact that product names may not be identified as trade marks is not an indication that such names are not registered trademarks. 3 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net EDITORIAL dear readers, Things are on the move! For many years the advancement of the Big Colas of this world was mirrored by innovations in the PET world. The Colas get on with selling their syrup, the bottlers carry on bottling, the preform and cap suppliers continue to supply. The only problem lay in the fact that weight-saving new technologies affecting all three of them were difficult to implement. In the meantime things are happening in the marketplace. The weight-saving 1881 is now the cap in North America and China. It can also be found adorning bottles here in Europe and I have just returned from my tour of Egypt to the news that the 1881 is to be introduced this summer. If you are looking to commission a suitable supplier for caps, we recommend our market review (see Page 21 et seq.). Or how about minimum shelf life? Here Coca Cola demonstrates that launching the small, 0.5l Cola bottle on the market with a shelf life of 6-8 weeks fits the brand very well. We found the new bottle both in Africa and South Africa as well as in Kenya and Egypt. Coca Cola achieves its 6-8 weeks’ minimum shelf life despite using a monolayer bottle without any additives. The weight and the stretch ratio are slightly higher and this means that, contrary to normal monolayer bottles, the shelf life can be increased to the minimum tolerable as far as Coca Cola is concerned. See Regional Report on Egypt starting on Page 10. Happy reading! Yours, Alexander Büchler","@ID":5}

"PREFORM PRODUCTION 22 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net base with quality at par with the mature beverage packaging market. The number of times the most utilized mould has opened and closed is 6 million and it is still not possible to forecast when it is going to need a general overhaul. As far as Adit Gupta is concerned, the machines and the mould are running without any problems.  Thanks to the outstanding parallelism of the plates, the KraussMaffei PET forming system has proved to be a guarantee of extremely long mould life and has made reliable production of preforms to close tolerances possible over very many years. When it comes to removing the preforms from the mould in the vertical system, KraussMaffei makes use of the laws of gravity. The even distribution of force in the vertical system results in a precision closing movement and the precision mould locking device conserves the sensitive thread areas on the preform moulds. Likewise contingent on the vertical technology, the removal robot is of straightforward and lightweight construction; complicated mechanisms are not necessary.  The preforms can be removed from the mould at an early stage.  Thanks to the fact that there are only a few moving parts, the robot can be extended and retracted very quickly into the closure with very little power output. The times needed for removal from the mould are short and short cycles are guaranteed. In conjunction with the high rates of material throughput achieved with the HPX worm conveyors and an effective, 4-stage post-cooling station, this ensures short cycle times and a high level of productivity. This transforms the PET forming systems from KraussMaffei into economical highperformance cells as well as a reliable solution for AMD. Adit Gupta particularly praises the capability of the machines to use the hydraulics to run the plant empty in the event of a power failure so that no preforms are left in the mould. AMD’s PET forming systems are fitted with a power back-up option.  In the event of a power failure on account of grid power and backup option – for instance during injection moulding – the PET forming systems are capable of completely stopping the machine in mid-process. This means shutting down the injection moulding section, removing the preform from the mould, opening the closure and handing the preform over to the robot unloading device.  In this way the exasperating “core hammering“ is avoided because no preforms freeze up at the cores.  Productivity increases and eliminates the risk of damaging the mould cores when hammering them off. The fact that this is important to Adit Gupta is demonstrated by the fact that he has also had retrofitting work carried out on the older machines. In any event, on average he finds that he suffers a loss of power twice a day but which is well taken care by power backup. PCO 28 production is highly flexible. The 2 Sacmi plants, each with a capacity of 600 caps/minute, are capable of delivering into interim silos; a rapid change of colours is possible with the two printing machines. “We have frequent changes of colour, depending on the customer specification, but even more frequent The AMD helmsman Adit Gupta  (right) and WG CDR ML Sharma welcome Alexander Büchler at the AMD plant in Ghaziabad.","@ID":24}

"PREFORM PRODUCTION 23 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net are changes when it comes to printing processes. Whereas, for example, we are able to produce the red cap in large quantities in advance, printing work is not carried out until just before delivery. In this way we are able to guarantee the fastest possible delivery times” says Adit Gupta.Despite the high level of investment in moulds, business seems to be going well.  In the coming days a second plant in Neemrana, half way between Delhi and Jaipur, is to be opened. A further 2 Krauss Maffei plants are being installed here using typical vertical technology and 2 Sacmi sealing cap machines. We shall be reporting on the Yellow Field Plant in the dry zone of Rajasthan where full fledged metal crown manufacturing activities are currently going on. But, however exciting a completely new plant may be, Adit Gupta has even more far-reaching plans. He is anxious to make use of the synergies of his other sister companies within the publicly traded AMD Group. Together with the real estate sector, he has identified locations in free trade areas that promise outstanding rewards for overseas companies looking to participate in the rapid growth of the Indian market with their juice or milk brands. This is where localisation, access to the authorities and access to the Indian market will come from, whilst the product know-how will come from the newcomers to India.  We shall certainly be keeping a very close eye on this project. “Coming to us means that the CSD fillers get everything from a single source”  claims  Adit Gupta (right)  in his interview with Alexander Büchler. Visit PETplanet Insider in India at: PET+DrinkTech Asia, Chennai,August 27-29, 2010 and dti, Mumbai November 18-20, 2010","@ID":25}

"BOTTLE MAKING 24 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net Preforms are piling up The “Fédération Internationale de Football Association” (FIFA) will launch the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup in South Africa, in a total of 10 stadiums in 9 host cities across the country, from Polokwane in the extreme North to Cape Town in the South.  It is expected that soccer will turn the country into a frenzy of excitement for fans from all over the world, and of all ethnicities. Six companies – all of them global operators – have been appointed to be FIFA partners, using the “FIFA World Cup” as an effective international marketing platform, reaching millions of people in over 200 countries throughout the world. Coca-Cola is one of them – with their slogan “On the Coke Side of Life”. Coke will be served inside the stadiums (open PET bottles only, as a safety precaution for and against over-enthusiastic football fans) and outside at public viewing sites. Beneficiaries of the FIFA Coke contracts are four South African filling companies with Coke franchise agreements, as well, of course, as their sub-suppliers, i.e. ABI – Amalgamated Beverage  Industries Sabco  Penbev  Shanduka  ABI are the biggest, with a share of approximately 60%. ABI sources its preforms from Mondi Plastics Wadeville.  Sabco cooperates with Boxmore for PET preforms.  Penbev and Shanduka are supplied by PETpak (part of the Nampak Group). We had the pleasure of visiting Mondi Plastics Wadeville together with Husky Injection Molding Systems. Mondi Plastics is not only the exclusive supplier of PET preforms to ABI but is also the largest converter of plastics in Southern Africa. Gerhard Hattingh (left) and Thomas Hartelmuller We met: Mondi Plastics Wadeville Gerhard Hattingh – National Sales  Manager Thomas von Hartelmüller – Techni-  cal Manager together with Husky Injection Molding Systems Ashley Henry – Area Manager –  Southern Africa “We are fully prepared for the World Cup,” said Gerhard Hattingh. “In general our business is seasonal, having a distinct peak in volume of 30% plus in the South African summer months of November to February – with another peak at Easter. In 2010 the 30% plus peak will be flat over a longer period, and will continue – instead of going down in winter - until June/July, right through the World Cup. To cope with the additional volume we have up-graded production of preforms and caps. In 2008 we purchased two HyPET systems, each with 144 cavities, from Husky, and one Sacmi compression moulding line for caps. We have also refurbished two of our existing hot runner systems.” Thus Mondi’s capacity to convert PET has been increased from 45,000t in 2006 to 52,000t in 2008. At present equipment utilisation is 70%, i.e. about 36,000t/a. Thus there is sufficient spare capacity to handle the peaks to come in 2010. We estimate that  production will be increased to around 43,000t – resulting in plant utilisation of about 82%. In addition to the investment in capital goods, such as machinery, a new centralised warehouse has been built to accommodate increased stock holding as a buffer. “So, let the World Cup commence. We are ready to go - for our own folks and all the 500,000 visitors expected from overseas. ” www.mpsa.co.za South Africa’s beverage industry prepares for the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup","@ID":26}

"17 Suppliers of caps and closures for PET bottles To every bottle its cap It was the caps that lent new impetus to the so-called ‘lightweighting’ trend in relation to PET bottles 4 years ago. Having achieved considerable savings in weight where still water was concerned, now the PCO 1881 for CSD beverages is setting new weight records when it comes to PET bottles. However, the use of the “old” caps for high-flexibility production or special applications will continue to be justifiable for a few more years yet. Once again time to compile an up to date review of the situation in PETplanet Insider. 23 companies in the caps industry took part. 03/10 MARKETsurvey PET bottle-to-bottle recycling plants  Caps and closures Conveyers for preforms and empty bottles Preforms Preform moulds and SBM moulds 2-stage SBM machinery Preform and single stage machinery Resins and additives Filling equipment Compressors Company name Aptar Food + Beverage Closure Systems International Inc. (formerly Alcoa CSI) Postal address Telephone number Web site address Contact name Function Direct telephone number Fax E-Mail Löfflerstr.1; D94078 Freyung Germany 4985519750 www.seaquistclosures.eu Florent Gras European Beverage Marketing Manager 33678863591 florent.gras@aptar.com Worldwide Headquarters:  6625 Network Way, Suite 200  Indianapolis, IN 46278 USA (See website for regional contact information) www.csiclosures.com Jane Haywood-Rollins Global Marketing Services Manager 317-390-5050 317-390-5079 jane.haywood-rollins@csiclosures.com Product range Do you produce one-piece closures for beverages (Yes /No -If Yes, please specify material One-piece fliptop in PE for syrups Do you produce two-piece closures for beverages (with liner) (Yes / No -If YES, please specify material Applications Please list applications relevant to PET containers, e.g. CSD, water, juice, beer, etc.) Neck finishes available as standard 28mm, 1881, 30-25, 38mm 2 and 3 thread 28mm (1881 & 1873), 26mm (1901), 28mm (1810 & 1716),  26.7 (1844), 30.25 Haute, 33mm (1851), 2-Lead 38mm (1874), 3-Lead 38mm (1876 & 1875), 38mm (1842, 1843, & 1845), and 43mm (1799, 1814, & 1841), etc. Printed caps available (Yes / No) Yes Yes Colour matching service (Yes / No) Yes Yes Child-proof closures (Yes /No) Yes, but not for beverage No Push-Pull / sports caps (Yes / No) Flip-top sports closures for beverage.  Push-Pulls for other applications (non-food) Yes Special comments/special closures (e.g. flipt-tops, drinking spouts, lightest cap for 28mm PCO, 26mm for water etc. including non-beverage closures...) Hinged closure applications.  Standard range comprising 38-400, 33-400 and 31-400 neck finishes.  Also a range of oval closures for sauces and condiments. Special patented closures or marketing features Flip-top, disc-top closures + bi-injected closures for non-food applications . Patented SimpliSqueeze silicone valve system for optimal flow control. lLghtweighting solutions","@ID":19}

"NEWS 7 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net Wild and KKR form a strategic partnership After 80 years as a family business, natural ingredient producer Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co. KG is to become a public company. On 1 January 2010, international investor Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co  (KKR) acquired shares in the German company, including subsidiaries in 11 countries. The business will continue under the leadership of the current management. Wild intends to target foreign markets with KKR’s financial support, with the aim of building a global flavours business through its global network and acquisitions. Dr. Hans-Peter Wild will be the majority shareholder. The fruit preparation businesses of Rudolf Wild GmbH & Co. KG in Germany, France and Poland will not be affected by the announced transaction. Also Deutsche SiSi Werke with its leading brand Capri-Sonne/Capri-Sun and Indag (Wild’s technology centre) will continue to be fully owned by Dr. Wild. www.wild.de  www.kkr.com Water conservation award for United Breweries Indian beverage company United Breweries Ltd (UB) has been named India’s ‘Best Water Conserver – Waste Water Management’ for 2009–10. UB has significantly reduced water consumption in all its breweries in India over a sustained period. Many of its breweries now have world-class water consumption standards, with waste water treated through secondary and tertiary processes being recycled within the plant for some applications. Most have internal rainwater harvesting systems and it also sponsors rainwater harvesting projects in Kerala and Rajasthan. Sudhir Jain, deputy vice-president operations (S&W) was presented with the award by Shri Pawan Kumar Bansal, minister for parliamentary affairs & water resources, at a ceremony in New Delhi on 9 January. Mr Jain also accepted the Corporate Social Responsibility Award for Water Practices from Mr. Armoogum  Parsuramen, Director & UNESCO Representative for India, Bhutan, Sri Lanka & Maldives. www.theubgroup.com Successful testing for 40,000/bph labelling machines Sacmi and Coca-Cola have recently concluded a successful test of two Sacmi Opera 200 Roll Fed 18T S1/E1 labelling machines, at a special speed setting of 40,000 2l PET bottles/h. Coca-Cola’s Edmonton, UK, plant has six working lines producing small and large format products. It is one of seven Coca-Cola Enterprise Ltd plants in the UK, which together produce 650,000 packages daily – nearly 260 million per year. Sacmi’s Opera 200 Roll Fed is an automatic rotating labelling machine, which can work cylindrical and shaped containers and can also apply either partial or full labels made of a variety of materials. Labelling stations are equipped with two self contained coil supports, film tension control and automatic rectification that maintains vertical positioning. Film is transferred from the roll to the bottle by ‘vacant’ technology. It is designed for ease of use, low maintenance and continuous operation. www.sacmilabelling.com","@ID":9}

"PETcontents 03/10 4 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net INSIDE TRACK 3 Editorial 4 Contents 6 News 26 Products 27 Bottles 35 Patents BUYER’S GUIDE 29 Get listed! MARKET SURVEY 17 Suppliers of caps and closures for PET bottles BOTTLE MAKING 24 Preforms are piling uo REGIONAL MARKET REPORT 10 Egypt Part 1 PREFORM PRODUCTION 16 Improved energy consumption 21 AMD - the Indian one-stop shop Page 30 Page 32 Page 16 Regional market reports Egypt Part 1","@ID":6}

"NEWS 8 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net All you need to know about PET - and where to find it In our recent articles we have covered a range of topics and issues on PET and PET recycling. We have tried to provide objective and factual information and to make this available for all. Now we believe it is time for Petcore to use state of the art information technology to broadcast our own achievements. Petcore’s website has been redesigned and re-launched in 2010 taking advantage of the enormous advances in website development. Since 1995 Petcore has used its website to give the public and Petcore members up to date and accurate information on PET and PET recycling in a user-friendly format. Useful facts on PET, PET collection, sorting, recycling and end uses are available on the site, along with the Petcore video and Kids’ Corner.  Information on Petcore member companies, frequently asked questions, Petcore press releases and journal articles are more easily accessible. The latest news on PET packaging and recycling is also freely available to all. Monitoring of the new site has demonstrated that the most popular pages visited on are on PET collection and recycling, along with the video and Kids’ Corner.  Petcore will ensure that the whole of the website is maintained in a dynamic format and is current. For more technical information on PET and other plastic materials, Petcore publications, PET recycling best practice and end uses for RPET, the public can register within the site for access to a focused Document Library that contains articles, guidelines and more in-depth studies. The website and Document Library are updated on a daily basis with news items, articles and documents as soon as they become available. Additionally, Petcore members have access to an even more comprehensive Document Library where they will find Petcore internal documents, regulatory information, technical training and guest presentations, LCAs, collection statistics and in-depth papers on topics of interest, including the latest legislation, guidance documents and position papers. Petcore membership is open to the PET manufacturing and recycling chain and details are available via the website contact form. Petcore closely monitors publications from both academics and the general media and Petcore technical experts communicate directly on issues raised by authors and journals. Petcore collates background reports, data and facts and these are made available through the Document Library for members to use within their companies and with other stakeholders. All member companies can opt to have their logo, information on their company and a website link listed and displayed. In our spirit of openness and driven by many requests, Petcore has also launched a new publication in electronic form – PET Profile. This useful paper provides a positive and informative view of PET. PET Profile details the benefits offered to a wide range of stakeholders as well as publicising its recycling credentials. PET Profile is targeted at those working in the plastics industry and those who need basic understanding of PET such as journalists and students. It is accessible from the website Document Library for those who register; it can also be requested via the Contacts form on the website or by sending an E-mail to info@petcore.org  Versions in French, German, Italian and Spanish will be added before summer. Petcore is certain its new website and PET Profile will make a positive contribution to the PET industry by making facts and figures on PET freely available to a worldwide audience. Petcore will welcome any requests from stakeholders for more information, more interaction or any other suggestions which will make our website more accessible and effective. www.petcore.org Modernisation of bottling for gentler filling Food and beverage specialists Stute Nahrungsmittelwerke, Paderborn, Germany, is one of Europe’s leading producers of dealer’s brands for soft drinks and sweet breakfast products. Its beverage range includes juices, ice tea, lemonades, wellness products, juice compositions and mineral and vitamin-enriched water. Stute is investing in technology to ensure gentle filling of its beverages and has commissioned an aseptic bottling line from Krones. The PET-Asept line utilises the wet-aseptic process, with peracetic acid, and has been designed for an output of 32,400 0.5-l or 20,000 1.5l containers, suitable for bottling both still and carbonated beverages. The line will be validated in early summer 2010. Stute has also asked Krones to supply two blow-moulder/filler monoblocs. Krones is in discussion with Stute about more lines, to further enhance its processengineering and hygiene capabilities. www.krones.com drink technology India and International PackTech India are being held together in future Messe München and Messe Düsseldorf are pooling their know-how for the packaging industry in one of the most important growth markets drink technology India and International PackTech India are being held together in future. The joint venue from November 18-20, 2010 is the Bombay Exhibition Centre in Mumbai. Messe München GmbH and Messe Düsseldorf GmbH have signed a co-operation agreement about this as the organisers of the two trade fairs.The two trade fair companies are convinced that the co-operation will create a major joint platform for packaging solutions. The overall objective of the co-operation is the successful establishment of an Indian trading platform for customers from the packaging, beverage and liquid food industries. The two events are designed for trade visitors from India and the neighbouring regions. Messe München GmbH organises drink technology India, the international trade fair for beverage and liquid food technology; Messe Düsseldorf GmbH and its subsidiary Messe Düsseldorf India Pvt. Ltd. are responsible for International PackTech India, the international trade fair and conference for the packaging and packaging processing industry. www.drinktec.com/en/Home/ drinkTechnologyIndia P E T C O R E C O L U M N","@ID":10}

"REGIONAL MARKET REPORTS 11 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net 1400 mio edible oil 600 mio water 500 mio non food 500 mio CSD A total of 3,000 million PET bottles were produced in Egypt in 2009. No confirmed figures are available for non-food applications and the total of 500 million is an estimated figure..(Figures in million bottles) (Source: PETplanet) Jars This is where the PET story in Egypt began, in 1982, when the Aquah Group went into production using their own Nissei ASB machines. Today this is still a lucrative business. CSDs 3000 mio Glas 500 mio cans 500 mio PET iThere was a total of 4,000 million CSD fillings in 2009. The market is shared by Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. (Figures in million fillings) (Source: PETplanet) As so often in the world, the story of CSDs is the story of the rivalry between the two big cola companies. PET filling began in 1988 and in the summer of 2009 both of these American groups introduced the small PET bottle into the Egyptian market. Whilst PepsiCo decided on a 0.5l monolayer PET bottle with barrier properties Coca-Cola went for a 0.4l multilayer PET bottle. Now the consumer has a choice between 0.4, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0l PET bottles. ). 0.2 litre refillable glass can be found in the poorer regions for just one Egyptian pound (about 0.2 US Dollars). In the city it is more the 0.33l glass bottle that is sold. The 0.4l PET bottle is sold to consumers at 2 Egyptian pounds. This means that the PET bottle sits in the same price category as the glass bottle. It seems a logical conclusion that the 0.4l bottle will be a success. Coca-Cola say that they have already sold 50 million such bottles of Coca-Cola. Other sources put this at nearer 5 million. As is so often the case, the truth probably lies somewhere in between. The multilayer preform is currently supplied from South Africa by Boxmore. In total about 550 million CSD fillings were carried out in PET during 2009. Some 45 % was Pepsi and 55 % Coca-Cola, including their Schweppes brand. Local suppliers play only a minor role. At the moment this PET sector is growing at about 20% per annum. The Coca-Cola bottler operates 4 filling lines for PET and 2 new lines from Krones are scheduled for April 2010, both of which are set up to run the weightsaving  PCO 1881 neck. Bericap is the main cap supplier and preforms come from Al Aquah and Medco. About 75 % of fillings are still in glass and only 25% in single trip packaging such as cans and PET. However this relationship will change in PET’s favour with the arrival of the new filling lines. Edible Oil Edible oil, as the third entrant into the PET business, started in 1992 and now accounts for 1.4 billion bottles per annum (2009). It is estimated that half of these are produced using the single-stage process. The market is more or less steady over the course of the year, i.e. not subject to the peaks and troughs seen in the beverage business. Nevertheless the market seems to be reaching saturation so that growth will depend more on a high rate of population increase. Oil is regarded as a basic foodstuff which obliges the Egyptian government to subsidise, for those in need, the cost of the edible oil. The three big players in the oil business are Savola, Arma and Iffco. Water In 1992 the first PET water bottle replaced a PVC bottle. At that time bottled water was ridiculed as an unnecessary luxury. Today water stands in second place behind edible oil in Egypt, with 600 million PET fillings per annum (700 million litres). Until just a few years ago Nestlé was the market leader with more than a 50% share, then came Coca-Cola and PepsiCo with their own water brands. In addition there is an almost countless number of local brands. PepsiCo and CocaCola each fill some 220 million water bottles, Nestlé does about 200 million and the rest is shared by the local brands. From the point of view of volumes filled, Nestlé would seem to be a lot stronger as they have their own home distribution system for the refillable PC containers used in water dispensers. Coca-Cola and Pepsi both use single trip PET for the larger containers, selling through normal distribution channels. The usual sizes on the market are 0.6l, 1l, and 1.5l - with the 1l pack taking the lion’s share. Juice 46 cartons 34,5 HDPE / Glass 34,5 Pouches In total 115 million litres of juices were sold in 2009. The lion’s share, at 40% , is packaged in cartons (Figures in million litres). The packaging mix will change with the introduction of the first PET bottle in 2010. (Source: PETplanet)","@ID":13}

"BOTTLES 27 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net PETbottlesPersonal Care Modern Minis Miniature packs of branded products, of a size acceptable for air travel or trial packs (75ml) are proving very popular. Many companies, such as hair care specialists Guhl Ikebana of Griesheim (the Guhl brand) or Wolf of Bielefeld (Alpecin brand) are offering the mini packs in crystal clear PET and in bottles shaped to look like their full-size counterparts. The small bottles are decorated with special small film labels and sealed with a screw cap. www.guhl.de Secure dispenser Beiersdorf of Hamburg have made their 150ml PET dispenser for the Nivea brand “Volume Sensation“ hair care products particularly safe against accidental actuation. The actuator incorporates a clip-on security device that prevents it from being pressed down accidentally and so avoids any undesirable spraying. The blue PET bottle is decorated front and back with “no-label” look labels. www.beiersdorf.de Push-pull in silver The Rossmann discount drugstore chain of Burgwedel in Germany is selling their own-brand hair shine balm in a 150ml PET bottle with a high quality silver effect screw-on push-pull cap. The bottle itself is tinted a light red colour and on the front has a “no-label” look label with a metallic effect and a simple no-label” look label on the rear to hold the required product and commercial data. www3.rossmann.de PET for kids 480ml packs of bath and shower gel are being marketed by Accentra GmbH of Bechhofen in Germany in a PET bottle with an amusing bear’s head, specially designed for kids. The screw cap is moulded into the bear’s head  and the bottle is sealed under the cap with an aluminium foil seal. A bear-style hanger around the neck with all that the consumer needs to know finishes off a great kid’s pack. www.accentra.de","@ID":29}

"REGIONAL MARKET REPORTS 15 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net New Acetaldehyde Scavenger Liquid colours and additives for PET www.repi.it Preserves the natural taste of water Can reduce AA in PET preforms, by more than 75% No plate-out and sublimation Meets EU and FDA food contact regulations Suited for bottle-to-bottle recycling Can be blended with REPI liquid colours Available in liquid and masterbatch versions SenzAATM is a trademark of INVISTA “The rapid growth that we are enjoying was not won by offering highly aggressive competitive prices, but by our quality of product, people and productivity”.  And furthermore “if a local competitor comes along with aggressive pricing, achieved at the cost of his quality, we don’t try to compete”.  That is how Tarek Sultan accounts for Bericap Egypt success. He sees the introduction in end of 2009 of the 3.7 gram 38mm hot-fill cap for juices as an important step for Bericap. “Here, the Juhayna beverages group (see report on page 14) took a decisive step in favour of PET in December 2009.  Moving away from cartons, glass bottles and HDPE botches, they launched the first hot filled juice on the market in Africa. Other brands will have to follow in order not to get left behind”, he explained to us. He sees Bericap’s future in the SuperShorty, the cap for the 1881 neck finish. “The Coca-Cola bottler in Egypt has ordered 2 Krones lines - one for Cairo and one for Alexandria - both set up to handle the 1881 neck finish. We have the corresponding SuperShorty available in 2010. “Until now both Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have used the heavier PCO 28. Bericap Egypt supplied 80 % of CocaCola Egypt requirements and 25 % of Pepsi Cola Egypt requirements as one-piece caps. For the new PCO 1881 the bottlers decided on the SuperShorty, although as a twopiece cap (with a liner). This is, for Bericap, the first time that they will have supplied the SuperShorty in a two-piece version”. Tarek Sultan himself is an electrical engineer and joined Bericap three years ago, after having worked for Procter and Gamble, Pepsi Cola and Henkel. “I would like to stay here now until I retire,” he says. He enjoys the way that the owners of Bericap, the Krautkrämer family, focus on sustainable growth and not so much on a fast profit, and how they look after their employees. He can certainly set his sights firmly on the ambitious target of 4 billion closures in 4 years time. www.bericap.com Regional market report Egypt Part 2 ISSUE 04/2010","@ID":17}

"REGIONAL MARKET REPORTS 14 PETplanet insider    Vol. 11    No. 03/10    www.petpla.net is looking forward to adding such a preform manufacturing system very soon. Besides CSDs, he targets beer and ketchup with multilayer preforms. All in all, at the end of 2010, Medco will have a capacity of 750 million preforms. This, in addition to the fact that a new Medco Plast PET preform plant was commissioned in 2009. The preform market is growing so quickly that his company that makes beverage crates for glass bottles is helping out.  Where he supplied 1.6 million crates four years ago, that figure fell to 0.8 million in 2009. “I can’t describe more graphically the switch from glass to PET,” was how he summed up the PET situation in the Egyptian CSD market. He plans to meet the growing market with the help of Husky. For Mr. Samaha it is quite clear that he wants preform systems from just one supplier. The advantages for him are a standard operating system, and so easier operation, servicing and parts stocking. The new system to be delivered in April will have a 96-cavity tool with a PCO 1881 neck finish. www.medcoplast.com Juhayna From left to right: Nabil Skaria (General Manager), Alexander Büchler and  Ahmed A. L. Al-Hakeem (Supply Chain Director) with the Juhayna logo in the background. As the general manager of Tiba for trade and distribution, the commercial arm of the Juhayna Group (Egypt’s leader in the premium juice and dairy products categories) Nabil Skaria and his team carry out Juhayna’s strategy of seeking growth through new product introductions as well as driving growth via expansion of the existing portfolio. In the juice market Juhayna is mainly involved in the carton juices sector, where the company holds about a 39% market share, equivalent to 45 million litres of juice drinks, nectars and pure juices. In this sector the company has recently established a new plant equipped with SIG Combibloc lines. Juhayna also continues to use Tetra Pak for some juices and all of the milk portfolio. Unlike water and CSDs, the juice market is not so sensitive to the weather. Seasonal variations stay within reasonable limits. But carton packs account for only 40% of the 220 million litre juice market. About 30% is packaged in bottles (mainly glass, but with some PET) and the remaining 30% in pouches, sold mostly as a lower priced beverage. Juhayna has so far not ventured into these two fields, and as a premium supplier the company wants first to tackle the bottled juice market. To this end Juhayna was the first in Egypt to invest in a complete hot fill line for PET bottles, and the first 0.25 litre bottles have been on the market since November 2009. The bottle comes in at a solid 26 grams, which appears at the high end of the weight range but conveys the quality package image with good integrity. It is thermally stabilised to withstand the hot filling temperature of 85°C, which guarantees the safety and hygiene of the product throughout its shelf life without the need for chemicals or preservatives – overall professionally done. The brand (“TinGo”) covers a range of fruit juice drinks with 10% juice, water, sugar and some other ingredients. Five different flavours are available, the most popular being mango, followed by apple, guava, cocktail, and orange. The price for these products is set at 1.75 Egyptian pounds - the same price per pack as the carton, but with a lower cost per ml (since the cartons are 200ml in size). However, nectars contain between 25% and 50% fruit juice, which justifies the higher price. Nabil Skaria does not believe that the market is ready yet for aseptic filling in PET, which is why he has invested in hot filling. Juhayna’s main aim is to become as strong in the bottled juice sector as it is in cartons, which means, based on 50 million litres and an average pack size of  0.25 litres, 200 million PET bottles. www.juhayna.com Bericap Egypt Tarek Sultan, General Manager of Bericap Egypt (on the right) explains to Alexander Büchler Bericap Egypt’s range - going from special purpose industrial caps through CSD and water caps to caps for edible oil. For Bericap their production facility in Egypt is the gateway to Africa and the Gulf States. “It is among the fastestgrowing business in the Bericap group,” explained the General Manager of Bericap Egypt, Tarek Sultan, proudly, 70% of the 1.7 billion caps are exported to 84 clients. Only 30% remain in Egypt and are supplied to 64 clients. When the facility started production in April 2005 the rapid growth was unforeseeable, so now all of the production halls are bursting at the seams. The main hall, now with 37 injection moulding machines is full; the canteen has been moved to an additional floor built onto the existing office block; in the warehouse additional finishing operations are now carried out and there is a tooling workshop; on the whole site there is now only room for the essential supplies and materials required for production. The actual warehouse is 800m down the road. This situation will be improved dramatically in end of 2011 when the new factory - three times bigger - is finished. At the moment the foundations and the walls are starting to appear.","@ID":16}]}}