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"PETnews 6 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net Plastipak wins bid for acquisition of Appe Plastipak Packaging, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging, announced that it has been selected as the successful bidder to acquire the Appe Packaging Division owned by La Seda de Barcelona Group. The winning bid was EUR 360 million and included a gross up of EUR 65 million of accounts payable that will be transferred with the business, but will be discounted from the bid, and result in an actual consideration for the business of EUR 295 million. The selection of Plastipak as the winning bidder brings to conclusion a six month competitive process to sell the Appe Packaging Division in connection with La Seda’s pending insolvency proceedings. The transaction is subject to the negotiation of binding purchase agreements, regulatory approvals and certain other closing conditions, and is anticipated to close late in the first quarter of 2015. Plastipak Packaging, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Plastipak Holdings, Inc., is a supplier of rigid plastic containers for the food, beverage, and consumer products industries. The company operates more than 27 sites in the United States, South America and Europe, with a total of over 4,000 employees and is holding more than 420 United States patents for its package designs and manufacturing processes. The company also licenses various packaging technologies worldwide. www.plastipak.com Husky exhibits beverage packaging solutions at China Brew and Beverage Exhibition In October, Husky Injection Molding Systems exhibited at the 11th International Brew and Beverage Processing Technology and Equipment Exhibition for China (China Brew and Beverage – CBB). CBB is positioned as the most important and influential showcase for liquid food machinery in the Asian brew and beverage industry. CBB is oriented towards the growing market in the AsiaPacific region and showcases the most updated packaging equipment and technological know-how. Husky demonstrated its line of beverage packaging solutions for PET preform and closure manufacturing to over 50,000 visitors from various countries in the Asia-Pacific region. “Despite this being Husky’s first time at China Brew and Beverage, from the moment the show opened, it felt like the right place to be. Everyone was speaking about the same topics, and the beverage packaging information shared at the show was insightful and important,” said Karl-Heinz Hoefert, Husky’s Vice President of Beverage Packaging Sales, Asia Pacific. www.husky.ca Uni-Cap brings the one-piece 1881 cap to the Gulf States At the Arabplast 2015 trade show from January 10 to 13 in Dubai, Engel and Uni-Cap will be presenting the latest developments in closure applications. An all-electric Engel e-cap injection moulding machine will be producing 1881-type caps. While the one-piece 1881 cap for carbonated soft drinks has already become established in most parts of the world, the GCC countries has long remained the exception. Only the latest processing technology has allowed one-piece caps to also be used in regions with extreme temperatures of more than 50°C. Uni-Cap will be the first manufacturer in the region to produce this type of cap. The company plans to achieve an annual capacity of 300 million caps with the Engel e-cap machine presented at the Arabplast. In order to achieve the specified cap characteristics, poor-flow types of HDPE (melt flow rate of as low as 1.5 g/10 mi) must be used, which in turn puts high demands on the injection moulding machine. Due to its direct drive unit, the Engel e-cap achieves the precision and performance needed for this application. During the trade show, a system from IMDvista, Switzerland, for the fully automatic 100% quality control will be employed for cap inspection. Uni-Cap has been producing on Engel e-cap machines since 2009 and achieves considerable savings on energy and cooling water, thereby cutting unit costs significantly. In comparison to hydraulic machines, the company needs 50% less resources for cooling. Uni-Cap, the largest cap manufacturer in the Gulf States, produces 4.5 billion caps annually. www.engelglobal.com PlastIndia 2015: Final destination Gandhinagar Plastindia 2015 will take place at the Mahatma Mandir Convention Centre in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. More than 2,000 exhibitors will occupy 125,000m2 of exhibition space, and about 150,000 visitors are expected to visit the trade show this year. Exponential growth of the Indian plastics industry, and herewith the Plast India exhibition, was the main reason to move to Gandhinagar. Concurrent events like Proplast, Plasticon Awards and International Conference will also be held at Gandhinagar, along with PlastIndia 2015. According to the organizers, Gandhinaga, located just 16 kms from Ahmedabad, is one of the most modern and well planned cities in India with a well developed exhibiting infrastructure and home to the internationally acclaimed Mahatma Mandir Convention Centre. In addition, Gujarat and its near surroundings houses a significant 60% of the Indian plastics industry, which is expected to increase from 12 MMTA to 20 MMTA between 2013 and 2020. www.plastindia.org","@ID":8},

"PETbottles 26 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net Beverage + Liquid Food Lid with reset effect Purina, a subsidiary of Nestlé specialising in animal nutrition, has a pack featuring the surprise factor in its range in the USA. The pack holds 283g of reward snacks for dogs in a transparent dish with a brightly-coloured multi-section screw-on lid that is manufactured from two materials. The lid is reminiscent in terms of its shape of a (dog’s) head on which the “soft” nose can be pressed inwards. Once removed from the box, the snack is placed on the nose and pushed inwards. The lid snaps back into place after a certain time, propelling the snack to the exterior. The function of the packaging is explained on an all-round paper label that can be found between the lid and the container. www.beggin.com/partypoppers Portable cocktail bar The American company Modern Gourmet Foods is marketing, under the label “The Modern Cocktail“, five ready mixed cocktails where the only additional ingredient required is a shot of rum, in small PET bottles, each with a content of 70ml. The five bottles are packed in a cardboard box complete with carrier strap made from plastic.  The bottle necks protrude externally through openings in the box, making the different colours of the cocktails visible. The respective names of the cocktails are printed on the bottle along with matching images. The bottles are sealed by means of shiny silver screw caps which are protected against unauthorised opening by means of a printed paper strip. Enclosed in the box is a paper bag with tinted sugar to enable stylish decoration of the edges of the cocktail glasses with sugar. www.themoderncocktail.com","@ID":28},

"TRADE SHOW REVIEW 22 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net drink technology India 2014 and International PackTech India attract record visitors and exhibitors The drink technology India (dti) and International PackTech India trade fairs, held at the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre 25-27 September, reported a new attendance record of around 10,250 trade visitors over the three days – an increase of 37% over the previous event. A total of 230 companies had stands at the two shows, around 20% more than at the last edition. A total of 119 presented at drink technology India. This was the third time that drink technology India and International PackTech India have been held together. Visitor and exhibitor numbers confirmed the trade fair duo’s reputation as the leading business platform for the international beverage, packaging, package printing, processing and food industries, offering customised solutions for the India market. Organisers Messe München International and its subsidiary MMI India for dti and Messe Düsseldorf and its Indian subsidiary for International PackTech India were both pleased with the event. “We have achieved a completely new level with this result,” declared Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Messe München International. “After three joint events, drink technology India and International PackTech India have finally become established in the India market.” Bhupinder Singh Deputy CEO of MMI India, the official organiser of drink technology India, said that the organisers will continue their efforts to make the exhibition even stronger in future, to the mutual benefit exhibitors, visitors and the industry. “Our expectations with respect to the number of visitors and competence have been considerably exceeded,” said Richard Clemens, Managing Director of the Food Processing and Packaging Machinery professional association in the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), conceptual sponsors of drink technology India and International PackTech India. “The two trade fairs have become the optimum platform for the industry and the many high-quality contacts made promise good trade fair follow-up business.” The Indian branch of VDMA, VDMA India, provided valuable support in moderating the round table talks and the exhibitor forums. Exhibitor companies also expressed satisfaction with the organisation and high visitor interest. Franz Kammerloher, Vice President of Sales for Southern Asia / Eastern Asia at Krones, Germany, said that dti performed well in line with the company’s expectations and that the exhibition facilitated high value discussions with prospective customers. “It has been an efficient way to convert new business for Krones in India. We want to grow together with dti.” For Laurent Fournier, Managing Director, Sidel India, the trade fair duo has developed into a unique business platform. “It was a unique opportunity for us to meet all the key players in the value chain,” he said. The chance to put “everything under one roof” enabled Sidel India to present a clear “end-to-end” picture for customers and strategic suppliers. “The exhibition has also been a great place to meet people and allowed us to understand customer needs.” Ravindra Kanetkar, General Manager – Business Development, KHS GmbH, Germany, considers dti a promising platform in one of the most attractive markets in the world: “The exhibition has encouraged high value discussions with existing and prospective customers. It was an efficient way to generate new businesses for KHS in India. dti stands well in line with our expectations and we look forward to participating in future editions. ”Vaibhav Saraogi, Director, Chemco Group, India, focused on the high quality of its visitors: “drink technology India has given us the opportunity to meet with our very large customer base that require high quality packaging for their products. As one of the largest producers of preforms, bottles, jars and containers we cater to a diverse set of industries, which makes it difficult to narrow down our presence to few exhibitions. However, dti is one of those that concentrates on quality rather than quantity of visitors.” A lot of visitors also took the time to attend the supporting programme of events. The Round Table Talk in particular generated a lot of interest. It was held within dti. Five leading representatives of the international beverage and food industry discussed “Outlook for Beverages and Food in India 2020.” Topics such as hygiene, safety and waste management were focal points of the panel discussion. Chandra Mohan Gupta, Head of Supply Chain, Coca Cola India Pvt. Ltd., summarised the results on behalf of the panel: “India is an evolved destination for food and beverage companies across the world. With one-quarter of the world’s population, it is a country that no company can ignore.” Urbanisation is changing the Indian people’s lifestyle, which means that there will be a trend towards convenience. In the panel’s view, this makes the industry in India even more attractive and likely to enjoy a fast pace of growth. The rows of seats in the dti exhibitor forum were completely filled. PETplanet was responsible for organising the exhibitor forum and Round Table. www.drinktechnology-india.com Read more at petpla.net Special India News","@ID":24},

"15 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net PETPLANET AWARD 2014 BOTTLE MAKING 15 It is astonishing that only 60% of readers perceive their suppliers as showing “Friendliness“. In the course of our journeys to date we have mostly come to regard the machine manufacturers as partnering the processors. But apparently this is not the case as far as almost half are concerned. This also ties in with the fact that our readers do not really feel that they are making their voices heard. Only 54% were of the opinion that the “Supplier addresses my need”. 50% of readers took a positive view of “Effective training”. Since, in this case, our study comprised the Developing Countries where as a rule no specialist personnel exist, this is not exactly laudable as far as our sector is concerned. Likewise, one in two people questioned indicated that there is a “Technician close to my plant”. Readers rated “Spare parts availability” on a similar scale. 43% expressed satisfaction with this. Bottom of the class in the study is “Pricing and volume discount on aftermarket products” with a mere 24% satisfied users. We had suspected right at the start of the survey that, generally speaking, this point does not meet with satisfaction. However, the fact that only one in four people questioned feels that their overall care is Very Good or Good was still a surprise as far as we were concerned. A further surprising result was that the manufacturers of the preform + cap lines performed considerably better in practically all respects than the suppliers of SBM and filling lines. The poorest rating in the preform sector was, as regards almost all the criteria in the survey, above the average value for the SBM and fillers. The plastic closure company committed to your success BERICAP Technology Research and Development Mould Technology | Global Presence Capping Technology and Know-How Innovation and Flexibility www.bericap.com f.l.t.r.: Mr Alexander Büchler, PETplanet Insider and Prof. E. h. Dr.-Ing. Johann Grabenweger CSO, Sales & Service, KHS GmbH f.l.t.r.: Mr Markus Tischer, Member of the Executive Board International Operation and Services, Krones AG and Mr Alexander Büchler, PETplanet Insider f.l.t.r.: Mr Renzo Davatz, Vice President Global Service, Netstal-Maschinen AG and Mr Alexander Büchler, PETplanet Insider f.l.t.r.: Mr Alexander Büchler, PETplanet Insider and Mr Sid Johari, Executive Vice President – Industial Operations Sidel International AG","@ID":17},

"PETproducts 24 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net Management of CO 2 and water loss Agr International introduced a new capability for its Process Pilot automated blow moulder management system. In addition to the precision material distribution control for PET bottles, the Process Pilot system can now monitor shelflife for CO 2 or water loss at the point of production. This is said to provide operators with a continuous status of the predicted shelf-life performance as well as the capability to proactively manage critical bottle parameters to maximise the shelf life of containers in production. The Process Pilot system with M-Rule shelf-life management combines two products: Agr’s Process Pilot thickness management/automated blow moulder control system and the M-Rule Container Performance Model. These components have been integrated to provide an on-line tool that can not only manage material distribution to a fine degree as needed for the production of ultralight bottles, but also monitor the shelf-life performance of those bottles, according to Agr. The Process Pilot system, installed within the blow moulder, measures thickness distribution on every bottle produced. Unique M-Rule bottle profiles are imbedded in the Pilot Profiler and the thickness data captured by the system is automatically entered into the M-Rule model. Shelf-life performance is continuously calculated and presented for individual bottles or user-defined subgroups. The Process Pilot system works in conjunction with the reheat stretch blow moulder to proactively manage and maintain container material distribution at a specified thickness to within ~0.01mm. www.agrintl.com ww .intravis.com We would even equip Santa. But his old vision inspection system still works. Unfortunately.","@ID":26},

"EDITOUR REPORT 13 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15 speaking, easier to take the step towards investing in one’s own stretch blow moulding capacity than in extrusion blow moulding lines. Even for smaller capacities (less than 1 million PET containers per year) it makes sense because there is a free preform market for these applications in Italy. In 2013, however, the market for these products collapsed by between 10 and 15% and recovery is proving to be a slow process. Here, too, the trend is towards less expensive, private-label suppliers. This in turn leads to an aggressive defensive reaction from the larger market players. “We are not currently on course for expansion; the market situation will not enable it,” Mr Fröis says. “The preform market itself is a volume market with a high credit rating. Payment dates of between 90 and 120 days are standard. We are aiming at total packaging solutions and new applications that are developing as a result of the conversion of other packaging materials into PET and into which we can grow. This applies primarily to the non-beverages market; however, we envisage potential in specific beverages market, such as fruit juices, that call for overall solutions. Innovations are only accepted on the Italian market if they come hand in hand with a reduction in costs.“ Mr Fröis outlined the company’s technological policy. “We are working continuously towards cost optimisation in relation to the product itself, based on the exploitation of weight potential or design adaptation, as well as at reducing energy costs through heat recovery and the use of photovoltaics. Further measures include the optimisation of process sequences within the company and specific training programmes for employees.“ We extended our thanks for the interview but also (and more particularly) for the penetrating insights into the Italian market and then resumed our journey northwards. www.alpla.com","@ID":15},

"14 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net PETPLANET AWARD 2014 Service Performance, Developing Countries PETplanet Award 2014 Investments in machinery are frequently made on the basis of a whole spectrum of decision criteria. In addition to the price/performance ratio, however, ‘soft’ factors such as the sound nature of the supplier relationship, operational reliability of the plant/lines and the supplier’s performance in terms of service are often of crucial importance too. The overall winner of the PETplanet Grand Award 2014 is Husky. Further Awards go to the winners in the various categories: Husky, Krones, Netstal, KHS and Sidel. Hitherto there have been very few solid insights paving the way to understanding the decision to purchase machinery against the background of the specified ‘soft’ criteria. Reason enough for PETplanet to undertake a more in-depth examination of the drinks packaging market in the form of a questionnaire. The plastics technology team at the Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany, whose members have a wide range of experience of the machine / plastics packaging and beverages industries, carried out the study which is described below. The focal point of the survey was to assess the quality of the service provided by the machine manufacturers in the PET packaging technology sector. The questionnaire was addressed to approx. 1000 participants in 334 companies. Packaging materials manufacturers (bottles, preforms, closure caps) were also included, as were bottling/filling companies and beverages companies. Special attention was paid to 102 countries with rapidly growing markets but which are not classified as major industrial nations of the western world. The objective of one online questionnaire was to assess customer preferences in respect of the after sales service policies of machinery suppliers and to appraise the level of service provided by PET packaging systems manufacturers. Various detailed questions were asked about these aspects in particular. We conducted a survey among our readers of 10 important criteria for aftersales service based on a 5-level scale ranging from Very Good to Poor and covering the following points:  Reachability  Responsiveness  Competence  Technician close to my plant  Spare parts availability  Effective training  Pricing and volume discount on aftermarket products  Friendliness  They know me  Supplier addresses my need We evaluated the positive responses of Very Good and Good. I found it amazing that, in many areas, user expectations are not being fulfilled. And, even though we have in each case acknowledged the best suppliers within a category, there is still quite a lot of room for improvement in practically all sectors. Here are the categories in their order of rating: In general, the suppliers are adjudged to have a high level of “Competence”. Here 78% of our readers rated the suppliers as Very Good or Good. 3 out of 4 readers responded positively to the statement “They know me”.  But when it came to “Reachability” and “Responsiveness“ only 69% expressed satisfaction. Nevertheless, there would still appear to be some gaps in the universally vaunted 24/7/365 service. PETplanet Insider Award at Brau Beviale 2014 f.l.t.r.: Mr Alexander Büchler, PETplanet Insider, Ms Marina Martens, Communications Specialist, EMEA Husky, Mr Nicolas Rivollet, Director Business Development, Husky","@ID":16},

"imprint EDITORIAL PUBLISHER Alexander Büchler, Managing Director HEAD OFFICE heidelberg business media GmbH Häusserstr. 36 69115 Heidelberg, Germany phone:  +49 6221-65108-0 fax:  +49 6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net EDITORIAL Heike Fischer Gabriele Kosmehl Kay Barton Michael Maruschke Ruari McCallion Waldemar Schmitke Ilona Trotter Wolfgang von Schroeter Anthony Withers MEDIA CONSULTANTS Martina Hirschmann hirschmann@hbmedia.net Johann Lange-Brock lange-brock@hbmedia.net phone:  +49 6221-65108-0 fax:  +49 6221-65108-28 France, Italy, Spain, UK Elisabeth Maria Köpke phone: +49 6201-878925 fax: +49 6201-878926 koepke@hbmedia.net LAYOUT AND PREPRESS EXPRIM Werbeagentur Matthias Gaumann | www.exprim.de READER SERVICES Till Kretner reader@hbmedia.net PRINT Chroma Druck & Verlag GmbH Werkstr. 25 67354 Römerberg Germany WWW www.hbmedia.net | petpla.net PETplanet insider ISSN 1438-9459 is published 10 times a year. This publication is sent to qualified subscribers (1-year subscription 149 EUR, 2-year subscription 289 EUR, Young professionals’ subscription 99 EUR. Magazines will be dispatched to you by airmail). Not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. Note: The fact that product names may not be identified as trademarks is not an indication that such names are not registered trademarks. 3 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net You have spoken through the ballot box – the overall winner for the best Service Performance in developing countries goes to Husky. Further awards in a range of categories go to Husky, Netstal, KHS, Krones and Sidel, and to all the winners we extend our heartiest congratulations. The old adage still applies: the vendor sells the first machine, service sells the rest. There seems to be a grain of truth in this, as our winners all boast high market share in their sectors. At this point one might ask why this should be so? Is it the case that a large number of machines on the market earns the money to fund a good after-sales service? Or does the opposite apply, that the after-sales service is so good that more machines are sold? Whatever the case, our investigation also highlights the fact there is still much room for improvement, even for the winners and despite all the euphoria over the awards. In every sector, customer expectations outstrip the performance of the suppliers. Pricing of spare parts looms high on the list, but equally important are more basic concerns such as the approachability and friendliness of the customer service department. And there is a further surprising outcome to the study. The marks for service in the case of injection moulding machines are significantly higher than for stretch blow moulding or bottling lines. Could this really be the case? Or is it purely and simply that bottlers have higher expectations? After much thought and lengthy discussion, I tend to go for the second explanation. Yours Alexander Büchler dear readers,","@ID":5},

"16 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net PETPLANET AWARD 2014 Pad Printing Machines ALFALAS® Laser Systems Automations PAD PRINT ING & LASER MARKING FOR CAPS AND CLOSURES Made in Germany: TAMPOPRINT® machines decorate 50 million bottle caps per hour worldwide ■ Highest efficiency ■ Best quality ■ Newest technology ■ Fastest service www. tampopr int .de PETplanet  Award 2014, Service Performance, Developing Countries, Winner in the group Preform Machine Builder (Very Good und Good in % of the respective categories stated) PETplanet  Award 2014, Service Performance, Developing Countries, Winner in the group SBM and Filling Equipment Supplier  (Very Good und Good in % of respective categories).","@ID":18},

"MARKET SURVEY 19 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net e-cap 420 e-cap 280 e-cap 380 e-cap 420 4200 kN 2800 kN 3800 kN 4200 kN 3+/-0.3 s 4.7+/-0.3 s 4.8+/-0.3 s 4.7+/-0.3 s 4.8+/-0.3 s 4.7+/-0.3 s 4.8+/-0.3 s 26; 1 g; 96 kav; 1920 c/m 29/25; 1.3 g; 96 kav; 1920 c/m 30/25; 1.7 g; 96 kav; 1920 c/m 1881; 2.3 g; 48 kav; 610 c/m 1881; 2.3 g; 64 kav; 816 c/m 1810; 2.6 g; 48 kav; 600 c/m 1810; 2.6 g; 64 kav; 800 c/m 1881; 2.3 g; 72 kav; 918 c/m 1810;  2.6 g; 72 kav; 900 c/m 1881;  2.3 g; 96 kav; 1224 c/m 1810;  2.6 g; 96 kav; 1200 c/m Husky 500 Queen Street South Bolton, Ontario, Canada 1-905-951-5000 www.husky.ca Paul Commisso Global Marketing and Communications Manager 1-905-951-5000 ext. 3765 1-905-951-5384 pcommisso@husky.ca Juices, RTD teas, isotonic drinks; 38 mm still water AB33HF A38CAF A38 A38HF AB47W single piece double piece single piece single piece Husky is capable of producing a wide range of closure types for a wide range of applications HDPE HDPE PP HDPE HDPE HPDE, PP, bio resins, additives 2.5 g 2.6 g 3.2 g 3.6 g 5 g Husky is capable of producing a wide range of closure types for a wide range of applications from 16 to 64 cavities 24 to 96 cavities Hot filling; featuring folded band Cold aseptic filling; featuring folded band Hot filling; featuring folded band Still water in large jugs; featuring folded band Husky molds are available stand-alone or part of a complete system. High performance, high precision tooling CCM32, CCM64 Hylectric 90 to 600T - 24 to 96 cavities HyCAP 225 to 500T - 24 to 96 cavities HyCAP HPP 300T - 48 to 72 cavities Injection molding 900-6000 kN 2250-5000 kN 3000 kN 2.4 s 2.4 s 3.2 s 2.7 s 3 s Lightweight water closures: 2.6-3.2 s PCO 1881 CSD: 4.0-5.0 s 33-38 mm hot fill: 4.5-5.5 s Lightweight water closures: 2.2-2.8 s PCO 1881 CSD: 3.4-4.4 s 33-38 mm hot fill: 4.0-5.0 s Lightweight water closures: 1.8-2.2 s PCO 1881 CSD: 2.9-3.9 s 33-38 mm hot fill: 3.2-4.2 s Hydraulic-electric hybrid 0.45 0.44 0.42 0.4 0.38 Assume 72 cavity, 2.4 g PCO 1881 CSD 0.61 kWh incl hot runner Assume 72 cavity, 2.4 g PCO 1881 CSD 0.53 kWh incl hot runner Machine, tooling and fully integrated system offering Suppliers of systems and moulds for the production of caps and closures for PET bottles For the first time this year we interviewed the market participants in the system for the production of closures sector. These include both the machine manufacturers and mould suppliers. We received feedback from the following companies (in alphabetical order): Arburg, Engel, GDXL, Husky, Sacmi and z-moulds. Although the publishers have made every effort to ensure that the information in this survey is up to date, no claims are made regarding completeness or accuracy.","@ID":21},

"PETcontents 12/14 4 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net INSIDE TRACK 3 Editorial 4 Contents 6 News 24 Products 25 On site 26 PET bottles for Beverage + Liquid food 27 PET bottles for Home + Personal care 28 Patents MARKET SURVEY 18 Suppliers of systems and moulds for the production of caps and closures for PET bottles TRADESHOW REVIEW 22 drink technology India 2014 BUYER’S GUIDE 29 Get listed! Page 12 Page 14 EDITOUR REPORT 10 Volume Market, high credit rating Alpla Italia AFTER SALES SERVICE 14 PETplanet award 2014 Service Performance, development countries Part III Page 26 PETplanet A w a r d 2 0 1 4","@ID":6},

"EDITOUR REPORT 10 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net Volume market, high credit rating by Waldemar Schmitke In-house operations were not only a novelty for Alpla at this point in time, but also in Europe as a whole. The practice at the time, for Italian customers and manufacturers across the continent, was to bolster their production by using more than one packaging supplier. Some began manufacturing themselves because of unreliability in the supply chain. According to Mr Fröis, the concept of inhouse operation has proved itself all the way to the present day and the company has been successful in winning further customers in Italy through this strategy. The period 1989/90 saw the takeover of two further existing operations: one in Tortona, close by the existing operations, and an additional plant in Anzio, to the south of Rome. Both companies were manufacturing household articles by extrusion blow moulding process exclusively. However, the acquisitions enabled Alpla to succeed in gaining access to the broader packaging market in Italy. In 2001, the takeover of Tetra Pack Italia in Brembate, near Bergamo, saw the company’s entry into the PET beverages market. Three years later, in 2004, the addition of in-house PET production capacity in Nettuno, near Anzio, saw the start of PET container manufacturing for Colgate Palmolive. One of our visits on this tour of Italy took us to Tortona, situated 60km north of Genoa, where we dropped in on Alpla Italia. Here we met Andrä Fröis, Plant Manager, a native of Austria, who has been responsible for the development of Alpla Italia since 1985. According to Mr Fröis, Alpla, a specialist in plastics packaging, was something of a late arrival on the Italian scene; there were several companies already established in the sector. The start, in 1985, of in-house operation for Messrs. Henkel in Lomazzo, not far from Como, marked the company’s entry into the Italian packaging market. By “in house operation” Alpla means a kind of vertical integration. A separate company established production capacity within the customer’s production facility for the manufacture of containers. For the first few years, extrusion blow moulding was the only technique Alpla employed as it concentrated on the manufacture of household and home care packaging items. Production capacity would subsequently be augmented with stretch blow moulding equipment. Nuremberg Milan Rome Naples Palermo Tunis Algiers Rabat Casablanca Marrakech Seville Madrid Lisbon Bologna Monastir Agadir Tangier Valencia Cordoba Bilbao Oporto Andorra La Vella Venice Turin Florence Messina Barcelona Zaragoza ITALY Part 4","@ID":12},

"EDITOUR REPORT 12 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net 2007, Alpla commenced in-house production for Henkel in Ferentino, which is approximately 90km south of Rome. In 2008, with the decision to close the plant in Brembate and to concentrate production in Tortona, the foundation stone for the present plant was laid. The facilities here were extensively refurbished in order to increase capacity, particularly in the PET area. A new machine bay and a fully automatic high bay warehousing facility with 10,000 pallet spaces was set up. This gives Alpla Italia five locations in Italy: two freestanding manufacturing plants and three in-house operations. Equipment at the various sites  Tortona (Basis 1)  Extrusion blow moulding, stretch blow moulding, preform and closure caps – injection moulding  Anzio (Basis 2)  Extrusion blow moulding, stretch blow moulding and preform injection moulding  Lomazzo (in-house Henkel)  Extrusion blow moulding and stretch blow moulding  Ferentino (in-house Henkel)  Extrusion blow moulding  Nettuno (in-house Colgate)  Stretch blow moulding Preform capacities Andrä Fröis gave us details of their preform operations. “Our preform capacity is divided between the two locations in Tortona and Anzio. In Anzio preforms are injection moulded for own use (i.e. in-house use); Tortona serves the wider preform market in Italy. Our four Husky preform machines (3x72-cavity and 1x48-cavity) here in Tortona and our total capacity of 450 million preforms per year means that we are not exactly one of the big market players in Italy.” He continued, “The reasons for this lie, on the one hand, in the fact that we were late entering the market with PET preform applications and, on the other hand, in the market situation itself.“ He went on to describe the wider market and to explain Alpla’s current position and future strategy. “Preform production output in Italy is currently around 10-12 billion units per annum, including in-house operations; capacity is approximately 15 billion preforms. This means that the overall market is saturated and there is no growth in sight. “Essentially, in the preform sector, we concentrate on home care (which takes 50% of our capacity), beverages (40%) and edible oils (10%),” he continued. “Our biggest customer in the beverages sector is San Benedetto Italy which works with Alpla in other locations across Europe.” Alpla is using up to 25% R-PET in a domestic packaging project and one of its own production operations in Austria also uses R-PET material. Mr Fröis then went on to talk about closure caps. “In the closure cap sector, our manufacturing capability is based on 13 injection moulding machines. Our focus is on project-related applications and on standard items to a lesser extent.This is in line with our focus and expertise within the company.“ Preforms for mineral water bottles With contaminants being repeatedly identified in drinking water, the Italians’ confidence in the quality of their drinking water has been shaken and hence the move towards bottled water. However, capacities have been pushed up so far that the industry now suffers from overcapacity; there is no prospect of any growth. The other side of the coin from contamination problems is that, in the eyes of the Italians, water is not a sophisticated food. This and their declining purchasing power means that they are now tending to reach for the mineral water bottle much less frequently – although there is a move to cheaper, private-label suppliers. In addition, a number of communities are setting up their own drinking water depots, where people can go to bottle drinking water themselves free of charge. This means that one section of consumers is increasingly bottling mineral water in used PET bottles – but Italy has more than 170 mineral water bottlers, spread across the country. In their battle to achieve volume against a situation of falling prices and a stagnating market, filled bottles from the south are being transported to the north and from the north into the south – and all this against a background of extremely high transport costs. Preforms for soft drinks Even here there is no growth, despite a highly competitive and aggressive market. Preforms for domestic packaging, dish washers and softeners The market for domestic dishwasher detergent and softening containers in packages up to 1l was quite promising. Thanks to the transparency and brilliance of the material, coupled with low weight, there was a clear increase in PET applications following removal of PE and PP as packaging material. In addition, it is, technologically Alexander Büchler PETplanet and Andrä Fröis, plant manager, in front of the Editourmobil in Tortona.","@ID":14},

"NEWS 9 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net Professor Gunther Krieg receives 2014 German Environmental Award Professor Gunther Krieg, founder of Unisensor Sensorsysteme GmbH, pursues a dual mission: to support the responsible use of resources and to advance the transfer of technology. He has developed innovative optical measuring and analysis systems which enable the reuse of PET bottles, recycle plastics, improve working conditions and save resources. For his lifetime achievements he received the 2014 German Environmental Award. The award was presented by German Federal President Joachim Gauck in an official ceremony attended by 1,200 guests on September 23, 2014. Before founding his company, Professor Krieg already realized projects involving the transfer of technology from the scientific to the practical field, for example at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) as project representative for technology transfer and at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe, Germany. Since 1985, he has also been Director of the Steinbeis Innovation Center for Optoelectronics and Sensor Technology. While continuing his activities in academia, the passionate visionary took the courageous step of going into business. An approach by a major beverage manufacturer seeking a solution for making PET bottles refillable clinched his decision. They had to ensure that the bottles were not contaminated by foreign substances. In the year 1990, a measuring and analysis system was launched specifically designed to detect foreign substances in PET bottles. Applying optical analysis methods, the system reliably identified contaminants such as petrol, oil, cleaning products and detergents and then sorted out the contaminated bottles. www.unisensor.de f.l.t.r. Prof. Gunther Krieg and German Federal President Joachim Gauck With Sacmi, the beverage specialists are always at your side. With our unbeatable technological know-how and continuous research we are creating new containers and closures designed to ensure outstanding performance. The new IPS injection system for preforms and the CCM compression press for caps, fully designed and built by Sacmi, allows for large-scale production with considerable advantages in terms of efficiency and flexibility. The outcome? Reduced plastic volumes, less energy consumption and lower running costs. All in a bottle: the one you’ll soon be making. Preform & Closure technologically together Save RAW MATERIALS reduced plastic volumes Save ENERGY less energy consumption Save TROUBLE more quality and higher performance, guaranteed by a sole supplier Full INSPECTED online quality control / stand alone New Sales Manager at MHT Effective 1 September 2014, Carsten Lurz has been appointed Sales Manager at MHT Mold & Hotrunner Technology AG in Hochheim Main, Germany. He succeeds Volker Jährling who is leaving for retirement. Carsten Lurz has many years of experience in the field of bottling plants, PET injection moulding and closure systems. MHT is one of the leading manufacturers for high performance PET preform moulds and hotrunner systems. www.mht-ag.de","@ID":11},

"PETpatents www.verpackungspatente.de 28 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net Improved bottle stacking European Patent No. EP 2708476 A1 Applicant: Sidel S.p.A., Parma (IT) Date of Application: 12.9.2012 Base and top side of one type of bottle are coordinated in such a way that the top bottle is supported with a specified edge on one edge of the bottle below it and is thus able to divert the ensuing stacking forces into the side well in an optimum manner without touching the closure. Container with flip-open function Disclosure No. DE 102012019082 A1 Applicant: Franciso José Dominguez Garcia, Hamburg (D) Date of Application: 21.9.2012 A container made from opaque to transparent PET consists of two halves which are connected with one another via a hinge. The container, which is shaped like an orange, incorporates a re-closure facility and a connection for transferring liquid between the halves. The consumer virtually drinks from one half of the fruit. Bottle with additional chambers International Patent No. WO 2014 / 056525 A1 Applicant: Alberto Romano, Naples (IT) Application Date: 9.10.2013 In the waist section of a bottle-type container there are two openings which are sealed by means of two containers with additives. Pressing on the additive container causes valves to open and these discharge the contents into the main product. The system is suitable for repeated usage. Straight outlet area European Patent No.EP 2679507 A1 Applicant: Krones AG, Neutraubling (D) Date of Application: 1.7.2013 Filling a plastic bottle with certain beverages may exhibit undesirable excess foam formation. So as to prevent this from happening, a particular filling technique is required and the bottle needs to be specially moulded in the neck area. This moulding technique is the subject of this application. Seal of originality European Grant of Patent No. EP 2114788 B1 Applicant: Obrist Closures Switzerland GmbH, Reinach (CH) Date of Application: 31.12.2007 This European Grant of Patent describes the function and the modalities of a hinged lid closure with optimised tamper-proof guarantee / indicator. A readily visible lock needs to be removed prior to initial opening. Pressure compensation US Patent No. US 2012 / 0193318 A1 Applicant: Paha Designs LLC., Denver (US) Date of Application: 25.1.2012 A number of small tubes are integrated in the mouth of a bottle. These ensure a continuous pressure balance during the pouring operation and thus safeguard product flow.","@ID":30},

"ON SITE 25 ONsite PETplanet insider    Vol. 15 New bottle and Sidel line for Lebanon’s Tannourine Sidel has announced that Tannourine Water, one of Lebanon’s leading bottlers and distributors of pure and natural mineral water, will have its production capacity increased, after installing a Sidel Matrix Combi water line with a capacity of 31,500 bph. Tannourine Water has also upgraded its bottle design with the integration of Sidel’s StarLite water base, which is claimed to help save energy during blowing and to reduce the amount of PET needed, while still retaining performance and maintaining customer experience. Tannourine Water has been sourcing natural mineral water from the Tannourine Mountains for over 30 years. Its product is claimed to be one of the purest natural mineral waters in the country and is distributed to neighbouring Arab countries, West Africa and as far as Australia, as well as domestically. It sells around 150 million l of water per year. According to estimates from Euromonitor, consumption of bottled water in Lebanon is expected to rise from 92.4 l/head in 2014 to 95.4 l/head in 2015. “We are confident that the Sidel Matrix Combi line will help us meet our objectives in the market and achieve operational excellence, as the criteria we followed to make our decision included capital cost, maintenance and running costs, technical capabilities and after-sales support,” said Georges Makhoul, General Manager of Tannourine Water. Sidel asserts that its StarLite base increases durability, stability and overall resistance of the bottles as well as offering a more energy-efficient method of production, as it enables producers to blow the bottle with a lower amount of air pressure. The base was designed by Sidel’s packaging team, part of its Sidel Services business unit, and is available to producers worldwide. A similar base offering the same features is available for carbonated soft drinks. “We’re delighted that Tannourine Water chose our equipment, and we hope to continue working with them to introduce even more innovative packaging solutions into the Lebanese market,” said Karel Brussen, Regional Commercial Manager of Sidel in Lebanon. www.sidel.com PROVEN COST SAVINGS PERFORMANCE moldmasters.com Mold-Mastersand theMold-Masters logo are trademarksofMold-Masters (2007) Limited. © 2014Mold-Masters (2007) Limited -AMilacronCompany.All rights reserved. Rely on our global support network for fast service and parts. North America 1-800-387-2483 | Europe 49 (0) 7221 5099-0 Asia 86 512 86162882 ALWAYS INNOVATING. + More efficient use of platen real estate increases the cavitation for a given machine size: s 72 vs. 48 Cavity with a 28mm finish in a 225T s 72 vs. 48 Cavity with a 38mm finish in a 300T s 96 vs. 72 Cavity with a 28mm finish in a 300T s 128vs. 96 Cavity with a 28mm finish in a 400T + Proprietary iFLOW and iCOOL technology reduces cycle times while improving balance, lowering injection pressure and increasing dimensional repeatability + Tooling solutions to revitalize, recapitalize and rev up existing systems Get 50% more output from the same machine 96-CAVITY MICRO PITCH MOLD FOR 300T MACHINES Contact us today at: mpeteurope@moldmasters.com","@ID":27},

"NEWS 8 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net Highlights of the 10th China International Recycled Polyester Conference With almost 350 participants, the 10th anniversary of the China International Recycled Polyester Conferece has shown that PET recyling is a growing industry segment in China. Topics and main trends included automation to improve product quality and profitability, concentration and capacity growth, and the direct conversion of PET-flakes into a wide range of polyester intermediates. Li Shidong, Secretary General Recycled Fiber Commission of CFA, called in his general speech upon the Chinese Recycling Industry to concentrate on energy savings, environmental protection, safety in production, reduction of excess capacity and the comprehensive utilization of resources. Li Lingshen, Chairman China Nonwoven and Industrial Textiles Association, provided a detailed overview about the market and development of technical textiles in China. Qian Jun, Vice President Ningbo Dafa Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd., introduced a detailed appraisal system to achieve cleaner production with the main focus to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution. Jin Wu, General Manager of GET Recycling Co. Ltd. reported about large scale washing lines. Ralf Altepeter, Sales Representative of Gneuss GmbH, provided an update on the latest vacuum degassing technology. Helen Fu, Manager of IKEA China, introduced the activities of her company in using increased amounts of R-PET fibers in their products. Zheng Yu, Sales Engineer of Sorema, summarized the experience of Sorema with the INCOM-PET recycling project and the successful cooperation with Buhler which started 10 years ago. Ulrich Thiele, President of Dr. Thiele Polyester Technology, presented a paper about the chemical conversion of PET bottle flakes to amorphous PET-G and PBT by diol exchange reaction. Stewart Hardy from Nexant Ltd. provided a comparison of the global R-PET market with the development in China. David Hehenberger of NGR explained the latest development of melt polycondensation for recycling purposes based on lab testing and pilot trials. Finally Ren Xiaoyan, analyst of CCFEI, provided a detailed market analysis of the Chinese PET recycling industry. To further increase the attractiveness of the conference, the organizers discussed to include the topic “PET Packaging” at the next event in 2015. www.polyester-technology.com www.ccfei.net","@ID":10},

"BOTTLES 27 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net Home + Personal Care PETbottles CCT – SYS GmbH Idsteiner Strasse 74  D-65527 Niedernhausen, Germany a.schmitz@cct-systems.com www.cct-systems.com Portfolio Caps • Closure molds beverage field (produced under the brand “CCT Systems®)” - Completely new constructed and optimized molds for closures with slitted tamper evident band (SBT) - Completely new constructed and optimized molds for closures with slitted and folded tamper evident band (SFBT) • Devices and equipment for closure production Portfolio Preforms • Preform molds and preform molds cold halves • Conversion parts and spare parts for preform molds (here especially conversion parts for the weight reduction according to “ComPetCap®” construction) • Devices and equipment for preform production Consulting and supporting possibilities for • Closure development • Closure production • Closure processing • Preform development • Preform production PET Molds and Accessories Developments PET - Devices and Equipment Closure – Devices and Equipment New Range of Services Consulting und Support Closure molds and Accessories Shapely bottle for fabric softener In October 2014 Henkel launched a new fabric softener on the market under the brand name “Vernel“ and sporting the tag “Soft & Oils“. The scented oils it contains are claimed to make clothes especially “soft” and give them a pleasant fragrance. 750ml of the transparent softener (which is available in three different fragrances -  Gold, Blue and Violet) is packed in a new design, transparent bottle made from PET. A goldcoloured, shiny screw closure with dispensing function and a transparent self-adhesive label on the front cleverly highlight this innovative product at the PoS. www.vernel.de Biff Bad Total Ocean in PET In addition to the well-known “biff Bad Total Citrus”, Henkel also sells the product in a variation featuring “Ocean” fragrance. The variability of shrink sleeve technology and the multiple usage bottle shape enable the rapid and uncomplicated introduction of new products. Used is the 750ml contents bottle used throughout the group in a shape which is easy to grasp and hold. The neck area of the PET bottle incorporates dimples that make for easier and firmer holding and the “humpback” shape is suitable for a range of differentsized hands. The product is discharged via a lockable trigger that is attached to the bottle by means of a special mounting system – a type of bayonet closure. www.henkel-reiniger.de/badreiniger/biff","@ID":29},

"17 PETPLANET AWARD 2014 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15 When it comes to the reasons for this we can only speculate. Points such as Reachability or Friendliness are independent of product. Therefore it is not surprising either that the overall winner (and at the same time holder of the PETplanet Grand Award 2014) in the survey should come from the preform + cap sector. Husky scored on average a 73% Very Good or Good rating in all categories. In the “manufacturers of preform + cap lines” sector, Husky succeeded in demonstrating its lead a total of 6 times. In 4 categories Netstal demonstrated that the company is among the top players. As already illustrated above, the scores achieved by the suppliers of SBM and filling lines turn out to be considerably worse. Krones successfully took the PETplanet Award 2014 six times, Sidel and KHS in two categories each. Study made by TU Ilmenau, Prof. Dr. Michael Koch f.l.t.r.: Mr Waldemar Schmitke, PETplanet Insider, and Mr Nicolas Rivollet, Director Business Development, Husky SIPA S.p.A. - Via Caduti del Lavoro, 3 - 31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV) - Italy Tel. +39 0438 911511 - Fax +39 0438 912273 - e-mail: sipa@zoppas.com www.sipa-xform.com yesterday today Short cycle times, high shot-to-shot quality, low energy consumption and maximum flexibility. The new XFORM 300 with its unique 6-position post-mold cooling system boosts your output performance for the widest range of preforms. Cooling preforms faster and better, the 96-cavity platform is ideal for large runs and quick mold changes. And it lets you run any mold you want, old or new, OEM-built or not, in total freedom. From ultra-thin walled (with proprietary XMould™ technology) to wide mouth. XFORM 300, low transformation cost, high value. Designed to adapt. Built to last. The new XFORM 300 IMAGINE THE LOWEST TRANSFORMATION COST. IN TOTAL FREEDOM.","@ID":19},

"MARKET SURVEY 18 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net 12/2014 MARKETsurvey Company name ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH Postal address Telephone number Web site address Contact name Function Direct telephone number Fax E-mail Ludwig-Engel-Straße 1 A-4311 Schwertberg +43 50 620 0 www.engelglobal.com Michael Feltes Manager Business Unit Packaging +43 50 620 3100 +43 50 620 13100 michael.feltes@engel.at Beverages Closure type material weight Moulds: Clamping dimensions/Cavities Special features Systems for cap/closure production 1 Model e-cap 220 e-cap 280 e-cap 380 2 Processing technology injection moulding 3 Clamp force 2200 kN 2800 kN 3800 kN 4 Cycle time (guaranteed 98% closure system efficiency for): 3+/-0.3 s 3+/-0.3 s 3+/-0.3 s 3+/-0.3 s High speed production: closure type/weight/cavities: caps/min 26; 1 g, 48 kav, 960 c/m 29/25; 1.3 g; 48 kav, 960 c/m 30/25; 1.7 g; 48 kav, 960 c/m 26; 1 g; 64 kav, 1280 c/m 29/25; 1.3 g; 64 kav, 1280 c/m 30/25; 1.3 g; 64 kav, 1280 c/m 26; 1 g; 72 kav, 1440 c/m 29/25; 1.3 g; 72 kav; 1440 c/m 30/25; 1.7 g; 72 kav; 1440 c/m 5 Drive concept all electric 6 Energy consumption (kwh/kg) 0.3-0.45 kWh/kg (only machine without hot runner, chiller etc) depending on cycle time and material 7 Special features Company name Sacmi Imola S.C. Postal address Telephone number Web site address Contact name Function Direct telephone number Fax E-mail Via Selice Provinciale 17/A, 40026 Imola (BO), Italia +39 0542 607111 www.sacmi.com Iacopo Bianconcini Marketing Manager, Closures BU +39 0542 607 111 +39 0542 642 354 iacopo.bianconcini@sacmi.it Beverages still water still beverages; PCO1881 Carbonated Soft Drinks; PCO1881 Juices, RTD teas, isotonic drinks; 33 mm Closure S26W AB26W S29W AB29W A1881CAF AB1881CSD8 PC1881 AB33CAF type single piece single piece single piece double piece single piece material HDPE HDPE HDPE HDPE HDPE HDPE PP HDPE weight 0.9 g 1.0 g 1.2 g 1.3 g 1.65 g 2.1 g 2.45 g 2.0 g Moulds: Clamping dimensions/Cavities from 12 to 80 cavities Special features Interference band break then leak feature; folded band Interference band break then leak feature; folded band break then leak feature suitable also for hot weather countries Cold aseptic filling; featuring folded band Systems for cap/closure production 1 Model CCM24, CCM32, CCM48, CCM64, CCM80 2 Processing technology compression 3 Clamp force not applicable 4 Cycle time (guaranteed 98% closure system efficiency for): High speed production: closure type/weight/cavities: caps/min 1.44 s 1.44 s 1.5 s 1.44 s 1.9 s 2.1 s 3.1 s 2.4 s 5 Drive concept efficiency, reliability, energy consumption, 'one shop stop ' (mold maker, press maker, closure development) 6 Energy consumption (kwh/kg) 0.75 0.75 0.62 0.62 0.54 0.48 0.45 0.45 7 Special features moulds cool+ (improved cooling), volumetric pump for energy saving  Caps and closures  Bottle-to-bottle recycling plants  Preforms  Preform and single stage machinery  Preform / stretch blow moulds  Two-stage SBM machinery  Compressors  Resins / additives  Filling equipment  Closure systems","@ID":20},

"MARKET SURVEY 20 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net Company name Arburg GmbH + Co KG Postal address Telephone number Web site address Contact name Function Direct telephone number Fax E-mail Arthur-Hehl-Straße 72290 Loßburg / Germany +49 7442 33 0 www.arburg.com Mr Andreas Reich Senior Sales Manager Packaging +49 7442 33 3240 +49 7442 33 3185 andreas_reich@arburg.com Beverages Closure type material weight Moulds: Clamping dimensions/Cavities Special features Systems for cap/closure production 1 Model Hidrive Packaging 2 Processing technology Injection Moulding 3 Clamp force 130 - 460t 4 Cycle time (guaranteed 98% closure system efficiency for): 4+/- 0.5 s 4.5+/- 0.5 s 3+/- 0.5 s 3+/- 0.5 s 4.5+/- 0.5 s High speed production: closure type/ weight/cavities: caps/min PCO 1881, 2.35 g PCO 1810, 2.65g 29/25, 1.2g 26mm, 1.0g 38 mm, 2.9g 5 Drive concept Hybrid machine technology, servo-electric axes for clamp, ejection and dosing, hydraulic accumulator for injection 6 Energy consumption (kwh/kg) 7 Special features Hybrid machine with 3 servo-electric axes; Electric ejector with booster function for demoulding of tapped parts; Synchroneous ejection ; Position regulated screw Company name GDXL - Guang Dong Xing Lian Precise Machinery Co., Ltd. z-moulds/z-werkzeugbau-gmbh Postal address Telephone number Web site address Contact name Function Direct telephone number Fax E-mail Baoshi Road, Xiabei, Pingzhou,Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province,528251,China +86 757 86777 168 www.gdxl.com +86 757 86233 168 info@gdxl.com Hoechster Strasse 8 6850 Dornbirn, Austria +43 5572 7272 720 www.z-moulds.com Michael Fink Business Development +43 5572 7272 721 +43 5572 7272 8621 michael.fink@z-moulds.com Beverages soft drinks, water, juice, tea carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, water, juices Closure type 29/25, 30/25, 1810, 1881, 38mm all single-piece standard closure dimensions for all neck finishes, sports closures, flip-tops, push-pulls, … material HDPE HDPE, LDPE, PP, TPE, … weight 1.25-3.5g lowest from 0.8g Moulds: Clamping dimensions/Cavities 48/72 cavity & Compression moulds 24 to 96 cavities Special features Systems for cap/closure production 1 Model 2 Processing technology 3 Clamp force 4 Cycle time (guaranteed 98% closure system efficiency for): High speed production: closure type/ weight/cavities: caps/min 5 Drive concept 6 Energy consumption (kwh/kg) 7 Special features","@ID":22},

"TRADE SHOW REVIEW 23 PETplanet insider    Vol. 15    No. 12/14    petpla.net Wild developments for India Juice and energy drinks, beer-mixes and malt beverages - German flavours company Wild’s stand at drink technology India trade fair in Mumbai showcased a selection of products and concepts specifically designed for the beverage industry. Wild’s extensive portfolio includes juice drinks with fruit content of up to 35%. In addition to classics like mango, guava and lychee the company offers more unusual flavours, such as red fruits. It has several added-value blends in its portfolio, which have been developed in response to the growing number of consumers who are interested in a healthy diet. An example on show at drink technology India was a range of juice drinks with added magnesium; the concept is also available in high-juice form. Also in the non-alcoholic segment, the company presented a range of malt products with unusual combinations, such as apple or peach. Energy juices are quite new to the Indian market. Wild’s offer to this segment includes classic energy drinks and novel combinations, such as energy and juice or energy and dark malt. It is responding to the increasing demand for beer in the Indian market by steadily expanding its range of beermix drinks. The company says that new “cloudy” options with fruit juices offer these beverages a novel flavour profile and the opportunity for manufacturers to reach additional target groups. www.wildflavors.com Manjushree Technopack releases unaudited FY15 Q2 results PET bottle and preform manufacturer Manjushree Technopack Ltd’s unaudited financial results for the quarter ended September 30, 2014 showed a 30% dip in Profit Before Tax (PBT) and 34% fall in Profit After Tax (PAT). Revenue for the period amounted to Rs. 1047.7 million as against Rs. 832.9 million in FY14 Q2. Fully diluted EPS for the quarter was Rs. 1.27 (Q2 2013: Rs.1.92). Manjushree’s board met and adopted the unaudited financial results on October 27, 2014, after drink technology India. Mr Vimal Kedia, Managing Director, said, “This quarter has seen steady growth in net sales. Increased material cost and expenses have led to a drop in the bottom-line. However, with continued demand from FMCG and beverage industries for PET packaging and our increased exposure to new markets such as liquor, dairy and pharma, we expect to do better in the future”. The company expects that profits will continue to be under pressure from rising costs. Efforts will be made to arrest the rise in expenses to reduce their impact in the coming quarters. Manjushree works with leading brands including Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Bisleri, Cadburys, Unilever, GSK and P&G, as well as many others. The company currently has a capacity of 80,000 MTA; the preform plant commissioned at Bidadi is now completely functional and is operating at full capacity. www.manjushreeindia.com w w w . f e i p l a s t i c . c o m . b r Organization and Promotion: Institutional Support: facebook.com/feiplastic IN THE ESSENTIAL FAIR TO MARKET OF THE PLASTIC. TURN GOOD BUSINESS INTO SUCCESS The biggest meeting among the top Brazilian and international buyers looking for innovations, networking and new business, with the entire plastic production chain. When every opportunity multiplies to strengthen the paths of success. Renewed and strengthened as the main trade show in the industry in Latin America, it is the stage for presenting trends, showcasing launches for the entire industry, generating know-how and creating new business relationships. YOUR BRAND CAN' T MI SS THE EVENT THAT WILL BRING TOGETHER NEW CONCEPTS AND SOLUTIONS FOR THE PLASTICS MARKET! SECURE YOUR PARTICIPATION! Tel.: (+55 11) 3060-4991 E-mail: info@feiplastic.com.br MAY 2015 4-8 from 11 am to 20 pm Anhembi | São Paulo - SP Brazil","@ID":25}]}}