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"PETnews 6 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Reto Bamert appointed head of PET business unit at Netstal Reto Bamert has been appointed as Head of the PET Business Unit, consequently taking over from Markus Dal Pian, Vice President Sales & Marketing, who had temporarily filled the post. “I am delighted we have acquired such a long-term, experienced employee and plastics expert like Reto Bamert to head our PET Business Unit. His excellent personal and technical qualifications and longstanding customer contacts will certainly contribute to strengthening and developing the global market position in this important business sector for Netstal,” stated Markus Dal Pian, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Netstal. Reto Bamert joined the PET Business Unit in March 2005 as the project manager for PET order processing. Following longstanding regional responsibility for Eastern Europe, he was appointed sales manager of the PET Business Unit on January 1, 2014. “Reto Bamert has managed numerous successful projects over recent years. As a qualified sales and marketing manager he also has sound technical expertise extending beyond his own field of operation. I wish him all the best and every success in his new role,” concluded Dal Pian. www.netstal.com Resilux’ results for the first half year of 2015 During the first half of 2015 the volumes of preforms and bottles sold by Resilux have increased by 8.4% compared to the first half of 2014. Russia and East and Central Europe were the regions with the highest increase. The volumes sold also increased in West Europe with growth in France but a decrease in sales in Spain. Sold volume increased in Greece, while in North America preform sales decreased. The growth is the result of the good climatological circumstances in the spring and a further diversification of products and customers. The turnover remained more or less stable with an increase by 0.6% up to € 148.6 million despite the increase in sold volumes. This is the result of lower average raw material prices during the first half of 2015 compared to the first half of 2014. Usually Resilux can pass on fluctuations in raw material prices to the customers. Compared to the first half year of 2014, the added value increased by 10.2% or € 3.4 million to € 37.2 million. Other goods and services increased by €2.1 million or 10.6%. The major part of this increase can be explained by increased variable costs as transport and electricity. The increased exchange rates of CHF and USD caused an increase in the expenses when translating to EUR. The net investments in intangible and tangible fixed assets in the first half of 2015 amounted to € 7.3 million, compared to € 9.1 million in the first half of 2014. These investments are mainly made in new production tools. They include the first part of the extension of the building in the United States of America. Resilux continues to invest in further diversification of products, markets and customers. The nice weather has resulted in a good start of the second semester. Consequently Resilux expects for the full year of 2015 higher results than in 2014. A further positive evolution of sales and results is expected for the joint venture Airolux. In the meantime investments in increased production capacity have been made. The new machines will be start to be used during the fourth quarter of 2015, and a higher production output is expected. Resilux expects to invest € 6.0 to € 8.0 million in the second half of 2015, excluding buildings and special projects. www.resilux.com Surprisingly classic - now also in PET PET Power is once again adding a new family to its wide range of standard PET bottles and jars: the Scylla Oval. For years, this model has been known as a glass variant and it is used in several different markets. The range consists of three different content sizes (100ml, 150ml and 200ml) manufactured with a 28 ROPP neck finish. The oval shape, combined with the neck, give the model its recognisable look. The range can be combined with standard closures with or without a tamper-evident ring. The Scylla Oval is associated with concepts such as Tradition, Trust and Health, so this type of bottle is e.g. used for natural products of both the medicinal and nourishing kind. Examples include cough syrup, herbal shampoos, liquid balms and the like. The model has virtually no decorating limitations. A screen print or sleeve can be applied to every content size. www.petpower.eu","@ID":8},

"PACKING / PALLETISING 38 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Closing in on a secret by Kay Barton June 24, 2015 - We met: Mr Ralph Maser, Co-Owner, CEO, Mr Tim Ehinger, Co-Owner, Vice President Sales & Marketing and Mrs Carol Maser, Co-Owner, Customer Service Amerigo Labs, headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas, was established in 2013 as a start-up venture by owner Ralph Maser and Vice President for Sales & Marketing Tim Ehinger. As product developers-cum-bottlers the two men had already known each other for around five years and in 2013 they decided to set up a small production workshop. Bottle assembling Set out on the boardroom table were a few of their products for us to try out. Even if we had not had any previous information to go on it would have been clear by now that what we were looking at was a niche product. The cap is a key feature of the small bottles (which are based on the single stage process and highly reminiscent of pharmacological products). This incorporates a small plunger which only releases its powder content into the liquid once the bottle has been opened by rotating down on the cap. Amerigo Labs are now looking to find partners for the principle and hope to take the market by storm – one reason for us to inquire about it. Ralph Maser, who is a qualified biomedical engineer, has been manufacturing pharmaceutical products for 23 years. He is in his late fifties, although he doesn’t actually look it. “I make a habit of regularly consuming my own products”, he says drily and smiles. Before Amerigo Labs, Ralph, along with his wife Carol (who also works here in the customer service department) ran a foodstuffs company that enjoyed a great deal of success in Kansas. However, the desire for change and a new strategic direction eventually led to the firm’s closure. In its place Ralph set out to develop food supplements. “My first product was a brain health drink in a 60ml bottle. In this case, the powder was also in the lid, but was conveyed into the bottle by means of a pushbutton which, in my view, was difficult to operate, particularly for elderly people. I hunted around for something different, something special that would make us stand out from the crowd”. Ralph visited his local trade show, Supplyside West, in Las Vegas and struck lucky with the Italian bottle manufacturers Bormioli Rocco who showcased his patented New Shaker bottle. “This system had potential and was something of a game changer as far as the USA was concerned. Such a thing had never existed before and nobody else had this technology”, said Ralph Maser. The collaboration with the Italian company Bormioli Rocco, based in Fidenza, prospered. “Tim and I flew to Italy and toured the premises of all the machine manufacturers until we finally found the right equipment. Then we went back to the trade show to obtain some feedback on the idea and, finding that more than 70 companies had declared an interest in the bottle featuring this closure system we set up the company and went ahead with purchasing the equipment“. But what is the principal reason for a bottle/lid combination of this particular type? “The advantage lies in the ability to keep essential powders unprocessed so they are as pure, stable and effective as the day they were made. This does add a longer shelf-life to powders that would begin degrading in liquid after being made. And because the powders are mixed in a fortified liquid, the drink is easily absorbed. For the consumer, the advantage is that they become the “chemist” by mixing the supplement just before consumption. Bottom line is that it is an attractive alternative to tablets.” Ralph has, for example, developed a probiotic drink which has a shelf life of around 18 months. By using the right combination of bottle size and plunger volume it would be possible to achieve a very wide range of formulas and dosages e.g. also for products in the medical field. Ralph has already developed five formulas: Brain Health, Bone & Joint Health, Energy Drink, Probiotics and Stress Relief. “In principle, as far as interested parties are concerned, we are able to offer anything to companies that express an interest and tailor the formulas to their requirements or develop their formulas jointly with them”, says Tim Ehinger. “We are currently in contact with around 300 companies and even have a cooperative arrangement already up and running with two other bottling companies who are impressed by the concept and are pushing it. We are also currently in talks with Bormioli Rocco about a 250ml bottle with a relatively large in-cap volume of around 4g, but this will not come to fruition for another year at least”. As regards PET bottle sizes, Amerigo Labs is currently offering the following options: 7ml, 10ml, 15ml, 25ml, 30ml and 60ml, all with a 17.8mm neck. In addition, the company is offering the appropriate closures featuring powder plungers in","@ID":40},

"CAPPING CLOSURES 27 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16 expensive to make because the lip reaching into the cap center requires a moving mould insert, which results in a longer production cycle due to lower cooling performance (Fig. 4.9). Outside Seal (2) Another outside seal uses a vertical lip that wraps itself around the top rim of the bottle neck. Again, pressure from a carbonated product cannot push the lip open, and CSD is a good application for it. Other strengths and weaknesses are similar to the other outside seal (Fig. 4.10). Fig. 4.9 Fig. 4.10 Please order your copy at the PETplanet insider book shop: https://petpla.net/books Bottles, Preforms and Closures - A Design Guide for PET Packaging Second Edition by Ottmar Brandau € 115,00 180 pages © Copyright Elsevier 2012 * This article was published in Bottles, Preforms and Closures, Ottmar Brandau, Chapter 4.3 Copyright Elsevier 2012","@ID":29},

"PETcontents 10/15 4 PETplanet insider  Vol. 16  No. 10/15  petpla.net INSIDE TRACK 3 Editorial 4 Contents 6 News 48 Products 50 On site 52 PET bottles for Home + Personal Care 54 PET bottles for Beverage + Liquid Food 56 Patents BOTTLE MAKING 28 Lanfranchi steps up to the linear challenge 38 Closing in on a secret PACKAGING 30 Designed for niche market 34 Gazpacho, served from a PET bottle 36 5th Generation PET blow moulding machine BUYER’S GUIDE 57 Get listed! Page 18 MATERIAL / RECYCLING 10 Application-based product design rPET 12 A fully integrated optical sorting station makes the difference MARKET SURVEY 14 Market survey USA / Canada, part 2 32 Compressors manufacturers MOULD MAKING 18 The legacy of a visionary figurehead lives on 20 Preform moulds only 22 Step by step 24 Driven by hot fill applications in blow moulding CAPPING / CLOSURES 26 Bottles, Preform and Closures Different applications, neck finishes for various, part 4 Page 55 Page 28 TRADESHOW PREVIEW 40 Fakuma - the entire world of plastics technology 44 BrauBeviale - Innovation attracts...","@ID":6},

"MARKET SURVEY 14 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net For PETplanet Insider, 2015 has been the year of the North American Road Show. We’ve travelled through North America in our Editourmobil, visiting firms that have found their niche in PET packaging. At the same time we have been looking at the entire chain of development from the raw material to the filled PET bottle. Our journey started on the east coast of the North American continent, in the Canadian city of Halifax, and finish near the west coast of Canada, in Calgary. In between, we embarked on a cross-country tour of the USA, with the first stage destination being the NPE Show in Orlando, Florida. Market survey: USA & Canada by Waldemar Schmitke Part 2: The United States of America (USA) The United States of America, with a total land mass covering 9,857,306km² is the world’s third largest country. It is a little smaller than Canada, half the size of Russia and 2½ times as larger as Western Europe. The landscape is highly diverse, with forested areas and low mountain ranges along the eastern coast, mangrove forests in sub-tropical Florida, the river systems of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers, the wide plains in the middle of the country, the great chain of the Rocky Mountains, the dry deserts of the south-west, the temperate rain forests of the north-west and the mountain ranges along the shores of the west coast. In addition, there is the arctic region comprising the tundra in Alaska and the tropical islands of Hawaii with the 4.170m high volcano, Mauna Loa. Of the 50 US federal states, all with the exception of Hawaii lie on the North American continent. Apart from Alaska and Hawaii, the remaining 48 states and the District of Columbia are situated within a common border and form the heartlands of the United States. The heartlands are located between the 24th and 49th parallels north and between the 67th and 125th meridians west and are divided into four time zones. Alaska and Hawaii, together with the territories politically affiliated to the United States (for example Puerto Rico and Guam), lie outside this zone. The 48 contiguous states are bordered in the north by Canada and in the south by Mexico. In the east lies the Atlantic Ocean and in the west the Pacific. The land mass extends some 2,500km from north to south. The distance between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans is around 4,500 kilometres. The USA has political borders with Canada and Mexico. The border with Canada has a length of 8,893km (2,477km of which lie between Alaska and Canada), the border with Mexico has a length of 3,326km. The length of the coastline is 19,924km. Capital city Washington, D.C., city: approximately 658,000 inhabitants, metropolitan area: 5.95 million inhabitants State area 9,857,306km² Population 320 million inhabitants (2015), of these 39 million are African-Americans, 50.5 million Americans are of LatinAmerican descent, 14.7 million Americans are of Asian descent, and 3 million Americans are Indian descent Population density 33 inhabitants per square kilometre, 82% of the population reside in urban areas Language English, locally also Spanish State form Federal and presidential republic, separation of powers and system of checks and balances Administrative structure Federal state with administrative systems at federal, state, county and municipal levels Economy The USA’s status as the world’s strongest economic powerhouse, generating around one fifth of world revenues annually, is founded on its extensive national territory (covering almost 10 million km2) which is rich in raw materials and has been efficiently developed. A further underlying factor is its large scale domestic market (2015: approx. 320 million inhabitants, gross domestic product 2014: US$17.74trn) as well as an economic and financial system characterised by initiative and free trade. The US service sector generates approximately 77% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), whilst the industrial sector accounts for approximately 22%, and the agricultural sector contributes 1%. In 2014 the US economy succeeded in recovering momentum. With a growth rate of 2.4% (GDP),","@ID":16},

"MOULD MAKING 20 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Preform moulds only by Waldemar Schmitke Today we are visiting a subsidiary of the Wentworth Group in Vandalia Ohio - Electra Form Industries (EFI). We meet Brian Karns, Vice-President & General Manager, Rich Ryan, Sales Manager, and Max Buchanan, Sales Manager. EFI is a manufacturer of preform moulds for injection moulding applications and has considerable experience in this sector going back more than 35 years. EFI was acquired by the Wentworth Group in 2002. March 2, 2015 We met: Brian Karns, Vice-President & General Manager, Rich Ryan, Sales Manager, and Max Buchanan, Sales Manager At E.F.I ‘s site in Vandalia , Ohio, teher are 30 peole working in an erea extending 65, sq.ft. Along with Wentworth Mold (Stoney Creek, Canada), EFI shares a sister company with 3 locations in Poland that provides additional manufacturing capabilities for preform moulds and blow moulds. The  combined capacity of North America and Poland is 300 cavities per month. The location in Poland is somewhat larger and handles the overwhelming proportion of mould inserts and all the base plates. The hot runner is an EFI design and is built at both sites. In Vandalia is the assembly and testing of the PET tools takes place. According to Brian Karns, cooperation with Poland is excellent: “We have transferred the full range of our experience and processes from here to our Polish facilities and this enables us to work to identical standards in both locations. This means that we are able to utilise capacity precisely where it is needed”. Premium Sponsor Sponsors F.l.t.r.: Brian M. Karns, Vice President & General Manager, and Waldemar Schmitke, PETplanet, in front of the newly installed Netstal PETline 2400 with a 24-cavity EFI preform mould in the showroom at Vandalia Ohio. “The range of moulds here extends to 96-cavity with a neck finish diameter of 26mm to 110mm. EFI has a staple of existing designs, and other cavity pitches are also possible. However, lately, the focus of our activities is lower cavitation moulds (16-24 cavity with quick change capabilities). This also acts as a trigger for investments here at this location,” says Brian Karns and continues, “as there is evidence of encouraging growth within this sector in North America. Otherwise 75% of the focus here is on conversions and refurbishments for existing tooling in the market.” On the development side, the location also features a laboratory and a 2-cavity machine for prototyping. A total of three preform machines are available for tests and demonstrations, two Huskys and one Netstal that were installed within the last year. The Netstal preform machine, PETline 2400, is the product of a new partnership with Netstal AG Switzerland for the North and South American markets. The parties have been working together for eighteen months to introduce Netstal preform systems with EFI tooling. As Brian Karns points out to us, the installation of the preform machine at EFI completes the creation of a showcase and training centre for North America. We thank our hosts for our discussions and continue on our journey. www.wtbvc.com","@ID":22},

"ON SITE 51 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net New Wittmann Battenfeld subsidiary in Hungary With the separation of sales and service activities from the Wittmann production plant in Mosonmagyaróvár and their relocation to Budaörs near Budapest, the Wittmann group is now located geographically within easy reach for customers from all parts of the country. The new, enlarged sales and service organisation with a workforce of 14 staff members will now take care of all tasks with customer contact, including project planning, customer support, repairs and spare parts service. The organisation has been completely restructured to enable it to provide customers with optimal support from a central location in Hungary. The management of the new sales subsidiary lies in the hands of Mr Zsolt Rapolti, who has distributed the products of the Wittmann group in Hungary successfully as a regional salesman since 2012. This move also enables the Wittmann production company under the management of Mr Thomas Wittmann to proceed with the necessary extensions of production capacity and buildings to accommodate the production start-up of the EcoPower machine series and the ongoing production of the robot series with up to 12kg load capacity and the Tempro Basic temperature controllers. www.wittmann-group.com","@ID":53},

"NEWS 9 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15 KHS sustainability report: employees and technological progress save on resources KHS GmbH presents its first sustainability report. In it the manufacturer of filling and packaging systems for the beverage, food and non-food industries documents its ecological measures, successes and targets. Its energy consumption dropped considerably in 2014. KHS is also continuously improving its plant engineering for more efficient, resourcesaving production. Sensitising its employees to the cause through training courses and sustainability days has also made a large contribution to this positive result. “Sustainability is the constant driving force behind over 145 years of innovative strength at KHS and thus deeply rooted in our day-to-day activities,” says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Matthias Niemeyer, CEO of KHS GmbH. For the very first time KHS’ sustainability report for 2014 documents the Dortmund company’s commitment in this field. Within two years its electricity consumption dropped by 4.5% and the amount of diesel used by its vehicle fleet sank by 9.3%. By 2020 KHS GmbH aims to save a total of 9.7% in electricity and 25% in diesel. The company is already using 17.7% less gas. The original plan was to cut its gas consumption by 7.6% by the year 2020. “Durable, energy-saving filling and packaging systems also help our customers to produce much more sustainably,” stresses Niemeyer. At the product development stage KHS implements measures to improve ergonomics, cut noise emissions and reduce the amount of chemicals, water, compressed air, heat and electricity consumed during operation. The focus is on simpler functions and material savings. One of the very special innovations in 2014 was the 0.5-liter PET bottle with a screw cap for highly carbonated beverages, which weighs just 10.9 grams and is setting new standards within the industry. Another component in KHS’ system of sustainability management is the targeted sensitisation of its personnel. The company is making its employees aware of how they can personally contribute to the cause through training courses and the publication of an energy and environment guide. www.khs.com/sustainability We do more. Contiform AseptBloc #GermanBlingBling #ContiformAseptBloc SIMEI 2015 Mailand, 3 – 6 November Hall 15, Stand A07","@ID":11},

"PETpatents www.verpackungspatente.de 56 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Plastic bottle Intern. Patent No. WO 2015 / 016030 A1 Applicant: Yoshino Kogyosho Co., Tokyo (JP) Date of Application: 27.6.2014 The international application relates to a plastic bottle that is specially moulded to enable it to absorb pressure differentials arising as a result of hot filling or various environmental factors. Dispenser head Intern. Patent No. WO 2015 / 015108 A1 Applicant: Aptar France S.A, Le Neubourg (FR) Date of Application: 29.7.2014 Multiple-head dispenser for discharging and applying a substance to the surface of the skin. In order to improve the sensation during application, an applicator pad that exerts a “cooling / calming” effect is mounted on the dispenser head. Non-gurgling dispenser cap Intern. Patent No. WO 2015 / 019041 A1 Applicant: Obrist Closures Switzerland GmbH, Reinach (CH) Date of Application: 8.5.2014 Multiple-section cap for a container. The opening in the cap is released by applying pressure to a pivoted segment. At the same time a ventilation aperture is opened which permits continuous pouring without any gurgling noises. Pressure-resistant PET container Intern. Patent No. WO 2015 / 022254 A1 Applicant: La Seda de Barcelona S.A., Barcelona (ES) Date of Application: 7.8.2014 One of the problems with aerosol containers made from PET is achieving adequate stability as a result of the increase in internal pressure. The application proposes to make the PET material “more stable” through the use of an isosorbide. Additional chamber with top-up facility Intern. Patent No. WO 2015 / 039709 A1 Applicant: Moradi Consulting GmbH, Hagenbrunn (AT) Date of Application: 11.10.2013 Screw cap made from plastic for sealing a bottle containing liquid. A tablet is inserted into a chamber that is accessible from outside and which can be resealed tightly. During the drinking process the ingredients contained in the tablet are dispensed via the cap. If the consumer requires a different additive all he needs to do is to open the additive chamber and simply change the tablets over. Mouthwash for children Intern. Patent No. WO 2015 / 031382 A1 Applicant: Children Oral Care LLC., Buena Park (US) Date of Application: 26.8.2014 Until now mouthwashes have had the disadvantage of the screw cap simultaneously acting as a dispenser and there was always the possibility that any contamination might penetrate into the product. The application proposes a pump dispenser with a cap integrated in the base area. This means an improvement in hygiene and cleanliness.","@ID":58},

"MATERIAL / RECYCLING 10 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net MATERIAL / RECYCLING 10 Applicationbased product design rPET by Waldemar Schmitke February 18, 2015 We met: Lori Carson, Director, Commercial Operations and L. Robert Deardurff, President Today our route takes us to Bowling Green in Ohio to visit the PET recycling company Phoenix Technologies. Here, at the company’s sole site, we meet Lori Carson, Director, Commercial Operations and President L.Robert Deardurff. The company was established in 1992 and has specialised in the manufacture of recycled PET material rPET for food and non-food applications for the American market. Occupying premises extending to 90,000 sq ft., there are 2 production halls with a total capacity of 38,000 mt rPET per year. 90% of the products, marketed under the trade mark LNO Food Grade for products with FDA approval and the designation NLP for non-food applications, are in the packaging sector. The ratio of food to non-food applications is 60-40% and manufacture is predominantly in the form of pellets. Operations are conducted in the two halls using a range of different processes, one based on the Meet us at Brau Beviale in Nuremberg – Hall 4 / 4-541 rPET process line for continuous operation","@ID":12},

"MOULD MAKING 19 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net to create the concept of structural brand development and this division has been a vital component of the company’s business since 2006. The intention is for customers to be able to be involved with the entire process, from initial concept to final design, including market analysis, development and manufacture of prototypes. With this step the company created what was perhaps the most important module for a fundamental, yet at the same time emotional, relationship with the customer and what he wants from his product, but also the latter’s technical feasibility. One example of this is the development of a PET bottle for CleanPath household and beauty products that enables the user to keep on refilling the bottle using an interchangeable small cap without having to dispose of it after using just once. “In contrast to 10 years ago, direct contact with the brand owner“, as CEO Todd Riley explains to us, “is becoming more and more vital in the design, prototyping and development sectors. Formerly the trend was to maintain the traditional chain - brand name owner – blow moulder – mould supplier. In fact there was only a very small degree of interaction with the brand name owner himself during development of the mould. Now collaboration between manufacturer and customer has become a major feature of the process. The reason is that an increasing number of brand names are now producing their own containers in-house, thus eliminating the blow-moulding subcontractor.” First off the mark here was Coke who broke away from the traditional chain and started making their PET bottles themselves. Viewed from a time perspective further advantages become evident. Traditionally, it would take some 18 months from initial concept to final design, and this would include prototyping, testing and market analysis. By contrast, a complete package of identical scope will occupy R&D/Leverage typically 6-7 months. In the 2000s the company is concentrating on extending its portfolio with the development of moulds for medical applications, disk data carriers and aerospace. In addition, an extensive service is offered in terms of refurbishment. As well as moulds which require maintenance or a general overhaul (a rapid- response service facility is available on request) there is also the possibility of sending in old moulds that are no longer operational and having them replicated. Here, this is known as “reversed engineering“. The success of the all-rounder was, however, overshadowed by Ivan’s death in 2007. Despite this, every employee continues to embody the founder’s vision. “Ivan was an extremely good motivator and mentor for us all“, Todd Riley continues. “You could talk to him at any time about issues relating to the firm as well as about private matters. In the days when we had fewer people working here and were not quite as big as we are now, Ivan used to speak to every employee every day and he even went on doing this as the company grew. Although by that time it might no longer have been possible on a daily basis, he still made every effort to do this whenever and wherever possible“. The first building to be owned by the company and from which Ivan initially conducted his initial operations still exists and has become part of the campus which has since been absorbed into a complex covering 15,800m2. In his honour, a small open space has been installed in the entrance area to the factory floor where his first machine stands alongside numerous personal photographs and various editorial articles adorning the blue walls, in addition to the R&D logo from the 1980s. As Todd Riley puts it, “it serves as an everyday reminder to us of our roots“. In addition to the headquarters in the USA and the UK site there is also a sales office in the Middle East and one in Mexico. R&D/Leverage has around 330 employees worldwide. Approximately 250 work in the USA, including around 35 engineers and a total of 72 people who have given loyal service to the company for more than 20 years. In the UK, the company employs some 80 staff. A substantial proportion of their growth is accounted for by moulds for single-stage processes the remainder goes into the 2-stage process. We also learn in passing that R&D/Leverage is the first company outside Japan to construct moulds for Sony Blu-ray discs using precision moulding in the micron range. Robert Schiavone, Global Marketing Director and Chris Lavery, Manufacturing General Manager are at one when they say “One potential difference between us and other companies is the fact that enthusiasm and a family atmosphere play a crucial part here. What sets us apart? We stand out due to our employees’ characteristic way of thinking and their emotional ties with our company history. Our people are convinced that something great can develop out of the aspiration to do a good and motivated job, to develop and build high quality moulds and to offer a good service facility“ . On our subsequent factory tour we come across a framed picture embellished with the statement „Team Driven“ which effectively conveys the idea. In addition, there is a kind of “Hall of Fame” depicting all employees who have completed long years of service adorning a corridor. Chris Lavery, who accompanies us on the tour of the plant, is also immortalised here. R&D/Leverage currently envisages the future of the PET market in the USA as lying in the beauty and health care sector. www.rdleverage.com F.l.t.r.: Robert Schiavone, Kay Barton, Chris Lavery and Todd Riley","@ID":21},

"TRADE SHOW PREVIEW 42 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Granulated masterbatches and pigment powders Karl Finke GmbH of Wuppertal, Germany, offers granulated masterbatches and pigment powders, liquid dyes and colouring pastes that are suitable for a wide range of plastics and applications. Its Fibaplast masterbatches - pigment mixtures in thermoplastic polymer carrier material - are designed to be suitable for all areas of thermoplastic processing, and especially for injection moulding and extrusion applications. They can be tailored for customers’ precise requirements and can include UV protective agents, antioxidants, antistatic agents, lubricants or additives for laser printing. Finke says that it develops around 8000 colour shades and additives each year and that the Fibaplast masterbatches are available in more than 200 standard colours from the RAL colour system. They are described as particularly suitable for transparent colours, possess high temperature resistance, very good light-fastness and are physiologically  safe for food and cosmetic packaging. Fibadur colouring pastes are suitable for applications or manufacturing processes that require special solutions. They can be used to colour plastics such as PVC systems, polyurethanes, epoxy resins or unsaturated polyester resins and include additives designed for optimum fluidity, dispersion and processing. www.finke-colors.eu Innovations in pelletising and pump technologies Maag Automatik will be presenting its latest developments for pelletizing special engineering polymers. Optimized Temperature Pelletizing (OTP) is a new, void-free approach to pelletise technical thermoplastics, used with the Sphero underwater pelletising system. The company says that this new process can cover the entire process from plastic melt to finished pellets. Maag’s new generation pump can run at higher speeds without increased product temperature, due to improvement in volumetric efficiency. The pressure building capability has been improved even at lower speed, which has enabled an increase in the minimum-to-maximum production rate window. The generation 6 extrex, a new generation of gear pumps, is claimed to offer up to 50% higher flow rate on comparable products. The stand will also feature a complete system for polymer production in the mid-tier throughput range. It will consist of an extrex 90 extrusion pump, CSC-RS 116 arched screen changer and Sphero S 100 underwater pelletizing system. Maag says that Sphero S 100 incorporates a variety of feature upgrades, making it suitable for masterbatch, compounding and recycling applications with throughputs between 700 and 3000kg/h. www.maag.com Hall A4 | Booth 4208 Finke Hall A6 | Booth 6202 Maag Perfect drying and auto-adaptive systems Italian company Moretto will be welcoming visitors not only to its stand inside the Fakuma exhibition hall but outside, where it will be parking an eye-catching flaming red motorhome that will host an additional 82 sq m of exhibition space. The focus of the Moretto stand will be two recent developments: Eureka Plus and One Wire 6. Eureka Plus contains four core elements: OTX (Original Thermal Exchanger); X Max modular dryer; Flowmatik auto-adaptive air manager for process air distribution; and Moisture Meter, which measures and controls moisture within the system. Moretto says that this system delivers better cycle time, higher performance, shorter waiting time and higher efficiency. The company maintains that the constant communication between Moisture Meter and the dryer enables perfect drying and that it needs to be set only once, at installation; readjustment should not be required. OW 6 – One Wire 6 – automatically recognises material or feeding segment changes and adapts suction and pipe cleaning time instantaneously. It can manage up to 80 users such as receivers, suction units, manual and automatic manifold units. A touch view colour screen composes the interface and an optional 7 Wireless palmtop with touch view colour technology is available as system supervisor. It can be connected to MOWIS, Moretto’s integrated supervising system, and equipped with an ethernet connection. www.moretto.com Hall B3 | Booth 3208 Moretto","@ID":44},

"MATERIAL / RECYCLING 12 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net A fully integrated optical sorting station makes the difference Following the installation of Bühler’s fully integrated optical sorting station, Poly Recycling GmbH confirmed that they achieved a full return on investment in six months. The installation, which included three Sortex optical sorters for the separation and sorting of recycled plastic flakes at its plant in Weinfelden, Switzerland, was a significant step forward for Poly Reycling and for Bühler’s continuing development of its optical sorting capabilities for the plastics recycling industry. The optical sorting station, the first of its kind in the industry, has enabled Bühler to widen its portfolio in the plastics sector, moving beyond single machine installations to fully integrated optical sorting stations. This solution, integrating separation and sorting steps in the processing line, includes plant engineering, sorting technology, mechanical separation machinery, pneumatic conveyors, preconditioners and auxiliary equipment. The installation has provided Poly Recycling with a processing line capable of sorting a wide range of polymer, colour and PET products, to create plastic flakes of a higher quality standard. This development is for plastic recycling processors who are increasingly required to remove unwanted polymers together with unwanted colours and foreign materials, including flakes coated with glue or adhesives, loose paper labels, aluminium and ferrous metals. It also enables multinational food and beverage companies to meet the demands of the food industry for high quality food grade recycled rPET products and increasing the use of recycled materials in plastic packaging. The company sought Bühler to increase the capacity and quality of its rPET flake sort at its Swiss facility, which is now sorting at over 3t per hour, as well as enhancing its material sorting capabilities to overcome the issue of PVC contamination from labels on rPET bottles using newly developed PVC Label Reductions Kits.Three years on, the company has expanded its business by providing its high-quality plastics flakes to a wide range of new sectors. Previously supplying the food industry, where recycled plastics flakes were used to produce food packaging and beverage bottles,and the cosmetic industry, where they were used in products packaging, films, containers and strapping, the use of Poly Recycling’s plastic flakes has been extended to the clothing and automotive industries, where the product is used in the production of airbags, seat belts, insulation mats and air filters. Talking about this development of the installation, Mr. Casper van de The optical sorting station","@ID":14},

"PACKING / PALLETISING 34 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net PACKING / PALLETISING 34 Gazpacho, served from a PET bottle by Waldemar Schmitke March 27, 2015 - We met: Carolina Braunschweig, Totally Important Associate Today our programme includes a visit to Tio Gazpacho in Miami where we are looking forward to exploring a really special topic, a cold soup packed in PET bottles for the American market. My GPS takes me to the address in Miami and I am somewhat astonished to find myself standing in front of one wall of a building festooned with graffiti, with a single entrance door and no windows, but the address is the correct one. Once inside I find myself in the office of Tio Gazpacho and meet Carolina Braunschweig, Totally Important Associate. The company was set up in 2013 with the aim of importing the traditional Spanish cold vegetable soup “Gazpacho” into the USA. As a business idea it originated in Spain, being the brainchild of founder Austin Allan who completed a course of study in Madrid at the beginning of 2000, majoring in Literature and Marketing. According to Carolina Braunschweig, what is special about the idea is the fact that it offers a ready-todrink soup straight from the bottle (no bowl required), which is drunk chilled as a small snack between meals, providing an alternative to sugar-laden alternatives. A healthy drink (totally organic, low in calories and gluten-free), in a convenient packaging format, drunk chilled (refreshing) and with a prominent unique selling point, it holds the promise of a correspondingly high level of market acceptance, Carolina Braunschweig continues. By September 2014 the concept was ready for market and it was launched in 2015. For starters, there are three flavours from which to choose:  Gazpacho clasico with vine-ripened tomato, green pepper and cucumber  Gazpacho verde with kale, spinach, avocado and mint  Gazpacho de sol with yellow tomatoes, yellow peppers and carrots","@ID":36},

"TRADE SHOW PREVIEW 44 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net BrauBeviale 10-12 November, 2015: Innovation attracts... For its 37th year the BrauBeviale takes place at the historical town of Nuremberg, Germany. This year’s expectations will focus on solution-orientated beverage concepts, creative beer culture meeting premium spirits and - of course - PET in the beverage industry. 37,000 visitors from all over the world are expected to come and learn about new technologies by 1,150 exhibitors. At the renowned investment goods fair for the beverage industry the exhibitors will present innovations covering all aspects of raw materials, technologies, logistics and marketing. We from PETplanet have picked a first selection from the many interesting exhibits by producers and fillers of PET bottles. We wish you an informative, imaginative and successful trade fair at Nuremberg! Gernep GmbH Hall 7 | Booth 7-331 BrauBeviale2015 Latest developments in rotary labelling technology At BrauBeviale 2015, the company Gernep, Barbing, Germany will present the latest developments in rotary labelling technology. Flexibility is one of the main features of Gernep’s rotary labelling machines, which can be equipped with different gluing systems like cold glue labelling from a magazine, hot glue wrap-around labelling from a magazine, hot glue labelling from a roll and self-adhesive labelling with all its individual advantages in combination on one flexible platform. In addition, the modular design of the machines meets individual customer requirements in regards to different container orientation processes, label control units and bottle plate drives. Due to this flexibility, Gernep labellers can be found in breweries, wine, spirits, water and soft drink bottling plants as well as in the Food and Non-Food area worldwide. www.gernep.de PET passion week at BrauBeviale 2015 PETnology Europe 2015 + PETarena In the context of and supported by BrauBeviale 2015, PETnology/tecPET GmbH is presenting their second PET Passion Week. It will be opened by the 18th PETnology conference on November 9-10, 2015. About 40 presentations and workshops will focus on technological and strategic topics. PETarena at BrauBeviale  Hall 4A, booth 233 Following the conference PET will also be presented in the proper perspective. International companies from all along the PET value chain will present their products at the PETarena, which serves as a business center for PET and will be the central PET meeting point at BrauBeviale. Connecting comPETence Corresponding with the PETnology motto, the goal of the PET Passion Week is to bundle, to exchange and to communicate expert knowledge. The industry meeting is aimed at all suppliers and customers along the PET value chain, ranging from material and additive production over different machine technologies for preforms and bottles, labels and caps, decorating and filling all the way to recycling. www.petpassionweek.com  www.petnology.com PETnology Hall 4A | Booth 4A-233","@ID":46},

"PACKING / PALLETISING 30 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Designed for niche market by Waldemar Schmitke F.l.t.r.: Fred Morgenstern, CEO, and Waldemar Schmitke, PETplanet in front of the packaging machine for PET bottles March 27, 2015 - We met: Fred Morgenstern, CEO, and Yoel Gavlovski, Productivity Engineer The start-up company Captiva Containers was established 2013 in Miami, Florida. With PETplanet’s Editourmobil, I travelled there to make the acquaintance of a young team headed up by CEO Fred Morgenstern and supported by Yoel Gavlovski, Productivity Engineer. According to Fred Morgenstern, their vision for the company was to offer custom bottling for Florida. To translate this vision into active practice, they concentrated on PET packaging solutions from idea to concept focussing exclusively on niche markets. This encompasses the provision of customer-specific PET containers including the label, packaging and service at the customer’s premises. “Our target customers are companies with small individual production batch sizes who have no experience with PET bottle production and rely on third party innovations. These are predominantly brand-name companies engaged in the bottling of premium products who are keen to use packaging to differentiate themselves from a marketing point of view.” Fred Morgenstern continues, “A typical project starts with concepts and ideas supplied by the customer that we convert into an industrial design. Prior to starting on any product, we draw up a 3D-printed version of the desired PET container and produce samples for the customer. We do all this within a period of approximately 4 weeks. Once the design is approved by the customer, production can go ahead on our injection stretch blow moulding machines.” Within the sphere of applications are predominantly premium products, such as natural juices, farm products and beverages, with more and more pharmaceutical and cosmetics products also being added to the list. Premium Sponsor Sponsors The company started out with two Nissei ASB 12 M injection stretch blow moulding machines and has succeeded over a period of two years in expanding to a total of five ASBs of the same type, plus a packaging machine for PET bottles made by the Spanish company AND&OR. It will be interesting to follow the future development of the company. I extend my thanks for the interview and wish my hosts continued success. www.captivacontainers.com Typical products (PET bottles)  Square wide – mouth  Closure size 35,8mm  Food grade safe in clear, blue and amber  Bottle size:  8 - 12 - 16 OZ  Round wide – mouth  Closure size 35,8mm  Food grade safe in clear  Bottle size:  16 - 12 - 10 - 8 - 46 (carafe) OZ  Round wide – mouth  Closure size 20mm  Food grade safe in clear  Bottle size:  2 OZ","@ID":32},

"BOTTLES 55 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Perfect Cooling and Temperature Control gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH Scherl 10 · D-58540 Meinerzhagen Tel. +49 2354 7060-0 · www.gwk.com You will feel better having made the right decision. Reduce your energy consumption. Tailor made solutions Energy saving cooling systems Temperature controllers Chillers System solutions Water treatment Cooling technology Mould inserts Temperature control technology Squeeze bottle for Strawberry Preserve Fynbo Foods from Denmark are marketing 400g of strawberry preserve in a robust standalone PET bottle. The spread is also suitable for use as a sauce on ice cream or as a decoration on a dessert. The transparent bottle can be easily squeezed together to dispense the free-flowing product. The label on the front has a strip that attaches firmly across the red protective cap and acts as a tamper-proof indicator. Underneath this is a dispenser cap that can be opened by turning. www.fynbofoods.dk/en/vores-produkter/ fruit-n-creamy Mango Guarana juice Raw Foods International of Miami is packaging its juices in a 355ml waisted, transparent bottle. All juices are made from 100% fruit and vegetables, all of which are kosher, vegan and gluten-free and consist of 100% natural ingredients. The products, marketed under the brand name “Raaw”, are available in approximately ten different, unusual variants such as Pineapple and Cucumber, Cranberry and Ginger or (as illustrated) Mango and Guarana. The bottles are decorated with brightly coloured sleeve labels and a similarly brightly-coloured screw closure complete with tamper-proof strip to ensure stand-out colour on the retail shelf. www.raaw.com Core – perfect pH water Under the name of “Core”, the American company Core Natural is marketing a specially prepared type of drinking water in a 900ml PET bottle with a striking design. Thanks to reverse osmosis the water is particularly pure and free from Chromium-6, fluoride, BPA, MTBE, chlorine and arsenic. The pH value is around 7.4 – the natural pH value in the human body, and the minerals and electrolytes added to the water are intended to help achieve and maintain this value. The bottle is waisted so as to ensure ease of handling; it is 100% recyclable and decorated with a sleeve label with striking colour progression.  A screw cap complete with guarantee strip is used as a closure under a translucent, bluish-tinted cap. www.corenatural.com","@ID":57},

"MOULD MAKING 18 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net The legacy of a visionary figurehead lives on by Kay Barton June 23, 2015 - We met: Mr Todd Riley, CEO, Mr Tim White, CFO, Mr Robert Schiavone, Global Marketing Director, Mr Chris Lavery, Manufacturing General Manager and Mr Dave A. Brunson, VP Engineering To be able to maintain its position on the international mould-making front, the sector has, for some time now, been pursuing a policy involving more than focusing purely on the manufacture of high quality products. In fact, intensive customer care is playing a greater role than ever, both before and after delivery and this has given the company a distinctive edge over their competitors. But why not take things a stage further? For example, by providing support for the entire complex process beginning with product packaging right up to the stage where the product is ready to be launched on the market. This is not the end of the story; why not also collaborate with the customer in jointly developing the product? R&D/Leverage, based in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, not far from Kansas City, aim to do precisely this as an all-round supplier of turnkey solutions where every section of the company “live” the idea enthusiastically. With an initial focus on the mould-making activities, we meet up with company managers in order to discover exactly what it is that makes the difference. Everything began with Ivan Drienik, whose story is the epitome of the American Dream. In 1958, at the age of 16 or 17 (nobody seems to know for certain) Ivan, an orphan, arrived in New York City as an immigrant from the former Czechoslovakia and got a dishwashing job in a Czech restaurant. In the course of time Ivan undertook a course of training, learned English and, in acknowledgement of his performance in military service, was subsequently granted American citizenship. His plan to settle in California was torpedoed when his vehicle broke down in Missouri as he was heading west and Ivan found himself marooned in Lee’s Summit, which is where he stayed. In 1976 he set up a small jobbing shop there going by the name of “R&D Tool and Engineering“ serving the toolmaking and mould-making industry. Two years later Ivan and his wife Ardith Drienik purchased a plot of land and launched the company from a 920m2 building. The 1980s saw an increase in the fields of activity covered by the plastics sector and R&D/ Leverage became manufacturers of customer-specific moulds in the injection, injection stretch blow and injection blow moulding sectors. The order book grew and in 1995 the Drieniks took over DK Mould in Sutton in Ashfield, UK, as a subsidiary of R&D, thus gaining a foothold in the European market. This branch has since grown to such an extent that it now covers a production area of around 3,000m2. The “Leverage Brand” also came into being in 2006","@ID":20},

"MARKET SURVEY 16 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Recycling USA Recycling PET is a challenge in the American market. As a result of the sustained low price of raw materials, the price for recycled PET in bottle-to-bottle quality is slightly above that of virgin PET. The reasons for this lie in how Americans go about handling their domestic waste. Only 8 federal states in the United States have introduced a deposit system for PET drinks bottles, and there is still a wide variation in handling techniques. The PET bottles in the remainder of the USA are consigned to the domestic waste and need to be sorted, an operation which is both expensive and time-consuming. This means that the post-consumer PET material that is compressed in collecting stations to form bales is very expensive. The quality requirements applicable to the baling of material are also constantly rising and contribute nothing towards reducing costs, even where relatively high volumes are concerned. There is light at the end of the tunnel in California; there packaging manufacturers have to prove that their packaging is sustainable i.e., among other things, it needs to be weight optimised and capable of being recycled. But at the moment, this only applies to non-food applications. The main customer countries for US goods exports in 2014 were: Canada, Mexico, China, Japan and Germany. Beauty and Personal Care Packaging Retail/off trade Unit Volume in millions Type of packaging 2012 2013 2014 Canada Total Packaging 1.560 1.570 1.584 Rigid Plastic 802 812 826 PET Bottles 175 177 172 PET Jars 9.4 9.9 10.4 USA Total Packaging 14.022 13.924 13.936 Rigid Plastic 7.398 7.382 7.436 PET Bottles 1.461 1.474 1.495 PET Jars 58.4 58.3 58.4 Home Care Packaging Canada Total Packaging 474 475 478 Rigid Plastic 275 276 277 PET Bottles 62 63 65 PET Jars 4.6 4.6 4.6 USA Total Packaging 7.309 7.230 7.216 Rigid Plastic 4.713 4.659 4.655 PET Bottles 1.336 1.353 1.370 Oils and Fats Packaging Canada Total Packaging 646 659 660 Rigid Plastic 397 407 414 PET Bottles 45 47 48 USA Total Packaging 3.601 3.593 3.469 Rigid Plastic 1.789 1.763 1.707 PET Bottles 553 563 567 Beverage Packaging Canada and USA Retail/off trade Unit Volume in millions Canada PET Bottles Bottled Water 2.031 2.146 2.227 Carbonates 1.223 1.209 1.148 Juice 448 460 499 Sport and Energy Drinks 224 224 228 RTD Tea 53 57 60 USAPET Bottles Bottled Water 42.057 44.851 47.300 Carbonates 19.507 19.500 18.920 Juice 4.485 4.472 4.441 Sport and Energy Drinks 5.713 5.785 5.856 RTD Tea 2.293 2.400 2.483 (Sources: Euromonitor International) Want the secret to bottle light weighting? Process Pilot® automated blowmolder control system takes the guesswork out of material distribution management and can help ensure the success of even the most aggressive light weighting program. Featuring 24/7 blowmolder control, the Process Pilot system continuously maintains proper material distribution, on every bottle, to an unmatched level of accuracy. With the Process Pilot system, you have the means to push light weighting to the limit without sacrificing bottle quality or performance. Not convinced? Talk to one of our specialists today to schedule a free seminar and evaluation of the Process Pilot system on one of your blowmolding lines. Web: agrintl.com Tel: +1.724.482.2163 E-mail: sales@agrintl.com Visit us at the PETarena 4A-233 November 10–12, 2015 Nuremberg, Germany","@ID":18},

"MARKET SURVEY 33 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Compressors Compressors, not often in the spotlight perhaps, yet a vitally important component of the PET production, and with significant potential in energy-saving. Our annual Market survey takes a closer look at these unsung heroes of the PET industry, featuring five compressors manufacturers and their product range (in alphabetical order): ABC Compressors, Boge Compressed Air Systems GmbH & Co. KG, Gardner Denver Ltd., Kaeser Kompressoren SE and Siad Macchine Impianti. In the table the suppliers are listed in the order in which their details were received by the editors. Although the publisher has made every effort to ensure that the information in this survey is up to date, no claims are made regarding completeness or accuracy. ms SIAD Macchine Impianti Kaeser Kompressoren SE ABC Compressors Via Canovine, 2/4 24126 Bergamo, Italy +39 035 327611 www.siadmi.com Mr Giovanni Brignoli Compressor Division, Food & Beverage Product Leader +39 035 327609 +39 035 327694 giovanni_brignoli@siad.eu Carl-Kaeser-Str. 26 96450 Coburg, Germany +49 9561 640 0 www.kaeser.com Mr Wolfgang Hartmann Marketing Manager +49 9561 640 252 +49 9561 640 890 wolfgang.hartmann@kaeser.de Pol. Ind. Azitain 6 20600 Eibar, Spain +34 943 820 400 www.abc-compressors.com Mr Ignacio Azcuna Product Manager +34 630 751 355 +34 943 820 235 iazcuna@abc-compressors.com Boge BS Line Boge FLEX PET Booster System VITO BS Line Sigma PETAir Horizon BS 14-0 to BS 38-0 11 20 19 models 25 5 Within 1150 - 3000 range - singles or multiples thereof 270 - 1080 300 - 5500 1.000 – 6.000 336 - 2772 425 - 6.000 High pressure blowing air (up to 40 bar) Oil-free reciprocating compressor Oilfree SO range - fixed speed or frequency controlled 10 bar screw compressors S or SLF range - fixed speed or frequency controlled screw compressors low pressure screw Screw type Oilfree booster range 40 bar fixed speed or frequency controlled SRHV 40 bar booster piston high pressure piston (booster) Piston type Oilfree LP air with oilfree HP air as fully frequency controlled modular system Booster system Oil free Oil-free Oilfree Class 0 Lubricated Oil free Lubricated Oilfree Class 0 Lubricated Oil free Lubricated Oilfree Class 0 Class 1 or oilfree Class 0 by BC HP Converter Yes Yes Individual system components custom designed layout Skid mounted fully wired, piped and factory tested V V V (2 cylinder), W (3 cylinder) Horizontal opposed 4 2 3 2 screw + 2 booster 1+1 3-4 No No No No No No Water cooled Air cooled Water Water Air (water option) Water cooled Belt drive Direct drive Direct Belt or direct Direct drive Direct Belt Belt Belt drive Belt Belt and direct Belt or direct Caps and closures Bottle-to-bottle recycling plants Preform and single stage machinery Preforms Preform / stretch blow moulds Closure systems Two stage SBM machinery  Compressors Resins / additives Filling equipment","@ID":35},

"imprint EDITORIAL PUBLISHER Alexander Büchler, Managing Director HEAD OFFICE heidelberg business media GmbH Häusserstr. 36 69115 Heidelberg, Germany phone:  +49 6221-65108-0 fax:  +49 6221-65108-28 info@hbmedia.net EDITORIAL Heike Fischer Gabriele Kosmehl Kay Barton Michael Maruschke Ruari McCallion Waldemar Schmitke Wolfgang von Schroeter Anthony Withers MEDIA CONSULTANTS Martina Hirschmann hirschmann@hbmedia.net Johann Lange-Brock lange-brock@hbmedia.net phone: +49 6221-65108-0 fax: +49 6221-65108-28 FRANCE, ITALY, UK Elisabeth Maria Köpke phone: +49 6201-878925 fax: +49 6201-878926 koepke@hbmedia.net LAYOUT AND PREPRESS EXPRIM Werbeagentur Matthias Gaumann | www.exprim.de READER SERVICES Till Kretner reader@hbmedia.net PRINT Chroma Druck & Verlag GmbH Werkstr. 25 67354 Römerberg Germany WWW www.hbmedia.net | petpla.net PETplanet insider ISSN 1438-9459 is published 10 times a year. This publication is sent to qualified subscribers (1-year subscription 149 EUR, 2-year subscription 289 EUR, Young professionals’ subscription 99 EUR. Magazines will be dispatched to you by airmail). Not to be reproduced in any form without permission from the publisher. Note: The fact that product names may not be identified as trademarks is not an indication that such names are not registered trademarks. 3 PETplanet insider  Vol. 16  No. 10/15  petpla.net dear readers, The autumn exhibition season gets underway! Pack Expo, currently taking place in Las Vegas, signals the start of the autumn exhibition season. Three weeks after the Las Vegas fair comes Fakuma in Friedrichshafen, in October, followed by Brau Beviale in Nuremberg three weeks later. This breathing space between exhibitions gives us just enough time to filter out the essentials and present them to you. Actually, this is proving to be a very relaxed exhibition year; editors have been able to work in the office rather than be constantly on the move. It will be very different in 2016. The autumn exhibition schedule for 2016 will be hectic. South Africa starts the ball rolling in mid-September with fdt. A month later China Brew and Beverage opens its doors. Days later, the action moves to the Rhine with the K exhibition. The rollercoaster continues in Chicago with Pack Expo, which overlaps with Brau Beviale in Nuremberg. There is a weekend break in between before Emballage in Paris is upon us and to round off the year, dti in Mumbai provides an appropriate Christmas present. Our suitcase packing and unpacking skills are going to be tested to the limit! One question arises out of all this: why does the entire world schedule its exhibitions for the last 3 months of the year? For the beverages sector the answer is obvious. If the summer has gone well, people have money in their pockets, investment plans for the coming year are being pencilled in, so suppliers need to ensure that their latest innovations fit in with this precise timescale. And let us not forget other branches that tend to be independent of the season (health and beauty or milk for example). Unsurprising then that the blank spaces on the calendar are quickly filled in with exhibition dates. As ever, we will be reporting on all these events, highlighting what’s new and offering a comprehensive overview of the major developments. As for me, I’ve just finished packing my cases for Pack Expo in Las Vegas. See you there? Yours Alexander Büchler","@ID":5},

"CAPPING CLOSURES 26 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Different applications, neck finishes for varios, part 4 Closure for PET bottles PETplanet Insider is publishing extracts from successive chapters of Ottmar Brandau’s “Bottle, Preform and Closures”, which was published by hbmedia. A newly revised version is reissued under the Elsevier imprint. 4.3 Closure types 4.3.1 One-piece Closures A one-piece closure consists of only one piece rather than a closure and a liner. Sealing lips of various shapes and numbers are moulded into the cap, forming a connection between cap and neck that prevents the liquid from spilling out. These caps usually require an injection-moulded neck rather than an extrusion blowmoulded one as only tight tolerances can guarantee a proper fit. Over the years designers have invented a variety of solutions of which we will show the most prominent ones. Some of these were application driven; others had more to do with patent protection. There can be several challenges to a proper seal. Most importantly besides correct tolerances are damages to the bottle neck. These occur frequently when injection-moulded preforms fall onto conveyors and storage containers. Most vulnerable are the outside and top surface of the neck, but even the inside surface can be scratched. Some seals therefore use more than one sealing lip, so if one fails there is another to prevent leakage (Fig. 4.8) Standard Plug Seal This is the most common seal and an all-around good performer. A plugshaped cap protrusion reaches into the neck and is dimensioned to form an interference fit, i.e., the plug outside diameter is larger than the neck inside diameter. It cannot be used for carbonated contents because the inside pressure would lift the plug off the neck wall and escape. Because it has little in terms of undercuts, sterilisation is relatively easy. Damages to the inside wall of the neck have to be fairly low before they affect the seal, but when they do failure must be expected. Outside Seal (1) This cap is somewhat the opposite of the standard plug seal. Instead of the inside, it seals on the top and top rim of the neck. A tiny wedge at the top cap surface prevents the sealing lip from slipping out. Because preforms are easier damaged on the outside and top, this seal’s weakness would be failure due to missing sealing area on the neck. Because of its rather large undercut, this closure is hard to sterilise. It works well with CSD because the pressure has no lever on the cap. It is Fig. 4.8","@ID":28},

"TRADE SHOW PREVIEW 45 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net PET-Verpackungen puts focus on multilayer systems PET-Verpackungen GmbH Deutschland will be presenting its full range of products and services at BrauBeviale. The company designs, develops and manufactures PET preforms, bottles and jars for standard, tailor-made and specialised applications in the food & beverage industry. Earlier this year the company invested in a brand new multilayer system that enables new barrier options in order to meet customer requirements. www.pet-verpackungen.de P.E.T. Engineering: from pellet to the final bottle P.E.T. Engineering will present its consulting services on innovative materials at the Brau Beviale 2015. The company is now equipped with an injection machine and has extended its inhouse testing department in order to verify the latest findings in terms of barriers, colorants and additives, all in complete autonomy and using objective and scientific methods. This approach provides bottlers and converters with feasible solutions, from the resin pellets to the final bottle. www.petengineering.com The future of compressed air technology At BrauBeviale, the company Kaeser Kompressoren, a leading compressor manufacturer, will showcase its latest developments in the field of compressed air technology, including a new compressed air management system and compressed air stations that are now Industry 4.0-ready. Amongst the highlights on show is the DSG-2 dryrunning rotary screw compressor with the integrated i.HOC rotation dryer. The rotary screw compressor delivers dependable and efficient supply of application-tailored compressed air, whilst the patented Kaeser i.HOC rotation dryer uses 100% of the resulting compression heat to dry it. This full flow regeneration process is the key to ensuring consistent low pressure dew points at ambient temperatures as high as 45°C, without the need for electrical heating or additional cooling of the regeneration air. www.kaeser.com PETengineering Hall 7 | Booth 7-349 Kaeser Hall 4 | Booth 4-441 PET-Verpackungen Hall 4A | Booth 4A-415 NEW PET COMPRESSOR RANGE JAPAN PACK – Tokyo, 13-16 Oct. Hall 1, Stand 507 CBST – Shanghai, 4-6 Nov. Hall W1, Stand 1C09 BRAU BEVIALE – Nuremberg, 10-12 Nov. Hall 7A, Stand 318 Lear more: www.abc-compressors.com","@ID":47},

"Toronto Québec New York Atlanta Orlando Chicago Denver Las Vegas Seattle Calgary Montréal Los Angeles San Francisco Vancouver Dallas New Orleans Phoenix Washington, D.C. Boston Detroit Halifax Kansas City Oklahoma City Albuquerque www.npe.petpla.net  , / 0 Premium Sponsor Sponsors NPE 2015 - The North American Road Show Flushed with success (and a few surprises), we have now reached the end of the second part of our North American Road Show which has taken us from Texas northwards via Kansas and Utah as far as the sweltering south west. Having briefly weighed anchor just outside Phoenix, where the PETplanet crew have been able to take the opportunity of analysing their achievements and getting them all down on paper, as of the end of September the cry of “Ahoy there! Full steam ahead in search of more discoveries!” will once again go up. Captain Alexander Büchler himself will be personally setting the sails to windward for the final section of the tour and we are looking forward to exploring the world of PET and researching its special features on the west coast of the USA and Canada. Why not join us on the final section of this tour of North America in collaboration with the NPE Show when we expect to cover an overall distance of around 17,000 km! As always you will be able to accompany the crew interactively. Follow the complete tour on our weekly travel blog at npe.petpla.net and contact us if you would like us to arrange for our editors to make a detour and visit you at your own bottling plant, PET processing plant, closure cap production centre, material manufacture or recycling plant. YOU are our story. All aboard! Part 3 The worldwide round trip with","@ID":49},

"BOTTLE MAKING 28 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Lanfranchi steps up to the linear challenge Lanfranchi has enjoyed a decades-long leading role in the market for unscramblers and conveyors. It recently stepped up to the challenge of manufacturing a complete range of linear blowing machines, from single to eight-cavity, in order to cover the entire 250ml to 40l bottle range. Mr Mario Lanfranchi, President of Lanfranchi s.r.l. Mr Mario Lanfranchi, President of Lanfranchi s.r.l., says that its move to manufacturing a full range of linear blowing machines means that it can now supply the market with a complete container production system along with efficient and fast conveying units. Lanfranchi is now extending its activities to offering a range of additional services provided its customers, not just other, complementary manufacturers. For example, the company has been jointly developing, with its customers, containers with a range of distinctive characteristics. A recent – and significant – example of the company’s new strategy is IPC (Innovation Plastic Container) which has been established as a joint venture between Lanfranchi and Lucia Comper, IPC s.r.l. It has been set up in order to specialise in preforms, bottle design and polymer material selection focused on and driven by the product’s needs. IPC mainly creates containers for linear blowing machines and seeks to meet, or rationalise, customer’s requirements within the limitations of the material required. Lanfranchi’s strong position in the market gives IPC a great opportunity to come up with new and innovative proposals. As IPC’s leading customer, its long history of professional experience helps to drive project quality. Sharing information, creativity and ideas is at the forefront of the Lanfranchi-IPC partnership. The establishment of IPC was identified as the best way to satisfy market needs, which are constantly evolving towards highly technological and innovative solutions. There is a great and growing need for special containers and large size bottles, along with a steady stream of requests for conversion from other materials to PET, in which Lucia Comper already specialised. IPC supplies advanced engineering for containers ranging from 250ml to 40l. Its customers’ markets are typically beverages, dairy products, food, edible oil, detergents, cosmetic and Ms Lucia Comper, IPC s.r.l.","@ID":30},

"PACKING / PALLETISING 39 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net PH. +39 0376 389311 MAIL: pelabellers@pelabellers.it WEB: www.pelabellers.com HALL 7 | STAND 7-338 MORE INFORMATION N E W S L E E V E A P P L I C A T O R CHOOSE THE SPECIALIST The best solution to suit your needs APPLICATIONS Premium Sponsor Sponsors the cap in three different volumes up to a maximum of approx. 1g. We were given a trial bottle “Amazing 1-Shot Stress Relief with Relora”. In terms of taste, the product has a touch of lemon flavoured medicine about it. “In the USA it is important as far as the consumer is concerned that products of this nature still leave a taste of medicine behind so that they are perceived as a food supplement or in principle as ‘healthy’,” Tim explains. This bottle comes from Italy and costs, depending on transport, less than the US$0.16 baseline. This is a lot of money, but still feasible in the initial phase because bottle quantities have so far not exceeded a few thousand per month. Before embarking on any major investments we are endeavouring to achieve steady but healthy growth. We have only recently set up a second website where we sell Amazing 1-Shot. Prior to this, I showcased and trialled the drink at a trade show“, says Ralph, who was also of course responsible for developing the mixture. The machine used for assembling the closure parts and for the filling operation is a Comas FC7, which has a nominal capacity of around 12 million units per year. Amerigo Labs actual output currently is relatively small and principally focused on product samples, as it was only a few weeks ago that a start was made on selling their own creations for the first time. Depending on the requirement, there can be up to ten people working in Production. Amerigo Lab’s catchment area is currently the domestic market, but in the future it could be extended to Canada. “Our aim in the short term“, says Ralph, “is to work on our products while looking to find a good partner in order, to spread the word as far as the principle of the bottle is concerned and then enable it to grow into something bigger. In any event, we are very excited at the potentials opening up here”. www.amerigolabs.com","@ID":41},

"MOULD MAKING 24 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Driven by hot fill applications in blow moulding by Waldemar Schmitke February 2, 2015 - We met: Walter Kuskowski, CEO, Tar Tsau V.P., Sales & Engineering General Manager and Sergo Arango, B.Eng. Key Accounts-North America Following our arrival in Toronto, our first appointment takes us to Stone Creek, situated 70km south west of Toronto on Lake Ontario, where we visit the mould maker Wentworth Technology. Here at company headquarters we are welcomed by the President & CEO Walter Kuskowski, Tar Tsau V.P., Sales & Engineering General Manager, and by Sergo Arango, B.Eng. Key Accounts-North America. Walter Kuskowski starts by emphasising the independent nature of Wentworth Technology Group. The group has acquiring various mould makers from the blow and injection moulding sector for packaging, moulded itself into the enterprise we see today. The company comprises 5 plastics processing enterprises in Canada and Poland and 4 production sites for blow moulding and injection moulding situated in Canada, USA and Poland. Last year the Group turnover amounted to 250 million CAN dollars. The Group’s largest production site is in Poland, approx. 175km south east of Warsaw, which employs 150 people. 80% of the total number of blow moulds produced comes from here. Production of the moulds is split into approx. 25% for extrusion blow moulds and approx. 75% for 2-stage PET stretch blow moulding machines, plus a few mould sets for single stage machines. For PET preform moulds, there are two manufacturing locations, USA (Electra Form) and Poland (Amhil). According to Walter Kuskowski, there is a collaborative agreement in existence for the North American market with Netstal AG Switzerland. We make a note to find out more about this during our visit to Electra Form in Vandalia, where we have a meeting scheduled for March 2, 2015. Here at the Group’s head office, 25 employees work in the R&D sectors, Special Projects, Engineering and North American Sales.","@ID":26},

"ONsite 50 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net PepsiCo in Ukraine saves 42% energy in its beverage production The energy saving was achieved by upgrading two of its blowers to the energy-efficient Ecoven supplied by Sidel’s dedicated line improvement team, part of the company’s Sidel Services business unit. From two plants located in the Mykolayiv region of Ukraine, PepsiCo produces almost half a billion packs of juice products annually, with a daily capacity of three million units. One of the Mykolayiv plants features two Sidel Combi 16 blow moulding machines and the new upgrade saw the original ovens replaced with the new Sidel Ecovens. The line improvement programme was designed to save energy and improve sustainability, with PepsiCo committed to sustainability initiatives in the Ukraine. Depending on the format of the bottle being produced, the new Ecovens is said to achieve savings of up to 50% on the electricity being consumed. Each blowing module has fewer oven modules and lamps, with the heating time of preforms lowered by up to 15%. This represents significant savings in production costs and improves the environmental footprint of the production process. Compared to previous ovens on its blow moulding equipment, Sidel’s Ecoven technology reduces the consumption of electricity PepsiCo in Ukraine is represented by “Sandora” and “Wimm-Bill-Dann Ukraine” and is one of the leaders in the Ukrainian food and beverages market. The company holds the leading position in the market of juices and juice products with brands such as “Sandora”, “Sadochok”, “Sandorick” and “Bonus”, along with others.  The brand portfolio also includes carbonated beverages - Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda; cold tea Lipton Ice Tea; the mineral waters “Essentuki” and “Aqua Minerale”; and the energy drink Adrenaline Rush. www.pepsico.ua www.sidel.com SGT invests in its Rezé preform plant Société Générale des Techniques is extending its plant at Rezé to meet growing customer demand. In February 2015 SGT’s Chairman and CEO, Mr Frédéric Mignot, laid the first stone of what will become a large extension of the Rezé plant in Loire-Atlantique. This extension demonstrates the company’s intention to boost its competitiveness on the PET packaging market. With this new investment of 14 million euros, the Rezé site’s production capacity will increase from 2.5 to 3.5 billion units per annum. “The plant has constantly grown and been modernised since the company was formed in 1981”, explains Mr Mignot. “At present, to meet the requirements of our national and international customer base, we need to install new machines to gain flexibility, efficiency and quality.” This newly built extension will house 5 new stateof-the-art and super-efficient HyPET HPP5 injection presses. One of them will be reserved for multilayer applications to meet demand from certain customers. An automated quality control system will also be installed to complete these machines at the cutting-edge of technology. With this new machinery, SGT is marshalling the necessary resources to achieve the targets it has set itself: food safety - SGT is FSSC 22000 - certified, product quality and environmental protection. The plant is in the process of obtaining ISO standards 50001 and 14001. The site currently has a workforce of 97 and works with more than 400 customers worldwide. “We realise that none of this would have been possible without the continued confidence of our customers”, adds Frédéric Mignot. “We wish to thank them for their loyalty and hope this plant extension will meet all their requirements”. SGT offers a comprehensive range of 202 PET preforms for packaging liquids for human consumption (still and sparkling waters, dairy products, fizzy drinks, fruit juice, oil and vinegar, wines and spirits, etc.) and other liquids (household products and domestic heating oil). In line with its environmentally responsible approach, the company also produces preforms from recycled PET (rPET). The extension works will be completed in October 2015. The new workshop should be up and running as soon as it is completed. www.sgt-pet.com","@ID":52},

"PACKING / PALLETISING 35 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net COMBINING THE BEST OF TWO WORLDS METRO G Central conveying systems Probably the most comprehensive and flexible raw materials conveying system for granulate on the market today. By taking the best from two of the most established conveying product lines - colortronic and motan. The new METRO G range has been designed like a tool box so that the solution we put together for your production is as perfect a fit as is possible. motan-colortronic gmbh info@motan-colortronic.de www.motan-colortronic.com Please visit us 13. - 17. 10. 2015 Hall: B1 Stand: B1-1111 Packaging in 12oz PET bottles is carried out in New Haven CT on-site at Fresh Bev using HPP (high pressure processing technology) and the product has a shelf life of 90 days. The packaged PET bottles are fitted with shrink labels and come off the conveyor belt in 6-pack trays. The transparent PET bottle has been developed in collaboration with a local partner in Florida and is manufactured today in PA at Zuckermann Honickmann of King Prussia. The bottle, square in design, has a 12oz capacity with a weight of 30g. According to Carolina Braunschweig, this ensures a high recognition factor. For the user the stable PET bottle is very convenient in terms of ease of handling. In addition, the square PET bottles lend themselves to high density packaging, thus saving transport costs. The 38mm plastic closure is single-section in format with a retaining ring and is manufactured by Portola Packaging. Sales activities are handled via distributors in Florida and the New York area. Five months on and the sales territory is already encroaching on the north-east corridor reaching as far as Maine and several flavours have been added. Target groups are essentially supermarkets, hotels (mini-bars) and delicatessen shops. The next steps are to extend packaging sizes, e.g. 5 gallon containers, to add further flavours and, of course, to expand the sales area. Armed with a few bottles of Gazpacho to keep me going on my journey I take my leave of Tio Gazpacho and set off on the road back to Orlando. It will be very interesting to observe this trend over the next few years. There are definitely worse places than Miami to conduct a further interview! www.tiogazpacho.com Carolina Braunschweig, Totally Important Associate, with a 6-tray Gazpacho de sol Premium Sponsor Sponsors","@ID":37},

"MOULD MAKING 23 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16 Short cycle times, high shot-to-shot quality, low energy consumption and maximum flexibility. The new XFORM 300 with its unique 6-position post-mold cooling system boosts your output performance for the widest range of preforms. Cooling preforms faster and better, the 96-cavity platform is ideal for large runs and quick mold changes. And it lets you run any mold you want, old or new, OEM-built or not, in total freedom. From ultra-thin walled (with proprietary XMould™ technology) to wide mouth. XFORM 300, low transformation cost, high value. SIPA S.p.A. - Via Caduti del Lavoro, 3 - 31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV) - Italy Tel. +39 0438 911511 - Fax +39 0438 912273 - e-mail: sipa@zoppas.com www.sipa-xform.com Designed to adapt. Built to last. The new XFORM 300 IMAGINE THE LOWEST TRANSFORMATION COST. IN TOTAL FREEDOM. insulation), testing the heating system and thermal sensors. Afterwards the overhauled mould is re-commissioned at the customer’s premises. One section of the mould not only undergoes an overhaul but also improvements in terms of its performance, especially in the area of cooling (neck rings and gate insert) e.g. with the patented MHThpSTACK Components Technology or today’s W–Cooling  Standard Technology for neck ring cooling. New mould halves generally come ready assembled from the parent company in Germany and are then commissioned at the customer’s premises. According to Christian Wagner, there is also the option to ship only the knowhow parts whilst all other parts are manufactured by local firms. Subsequent finishing off work is carried out here in Peachtree City, and commissioning takes place at the customer’s premises. Christian Wagner continued: “For the unloading system we offer a take-off plate (three or four step) for all popular makes of PET machines together with an MHT coolMax patented air cooling system. Should we encounter personnel bottlenecks here in the USA, technicians from the parent company are constantly at the ready. Mould deliveries via preform system suppliers are handled via the parent company even if the customer is located here in this region. In such cases, customer support starts with the installation and commissioning on site.” The principal markets in the region are the USA and Mexico with 96-, 144- and 192–cavity moulds and a few 72-cavity broad neck designs. There are currently not too many smaller cavity mould sizes in the market. “Long term,” says Christian Wagner, “the aim is definitely to maintain premises in the USA since proximity to the customer is a crucial factor in obtaining a permanent foothold in North and Central America. In addition, we are looking to expand local manufacturing, independently of the dollar rate.” A further step is to strengthen the sales function through a network of agencies. One agent has already been signed up for Mexico, and talks are being held with other companies and persons. “In this way,” Christian Wagner concluded, “we plan to build up the market for MHT here step by step. “ We extend our thanks for the interview, wish our hosts every success and, following a visit to the assembly hall, continue on our way to our next destination. www.mht-usa.com","@ID":25},

"PETbottles 52 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Home + Personal Care Mouthwash & whitener combined As part of the “Listerine” brand, Johnson & Johnson have launched an innovative product featuring a number of advantages in the highly competitive mouthwash market. The product, named “Advanced White”, is said to reduce bacteria, clean surfaces, dissolve stains and protect against further stains. The fluoride in the product is also said to remineralise the teeth. The product is suitable for users aged over 12 years. To complement its name it is packaged in a white-tinted 500ml PET bottle with a distinct waist typical of the market. The childproof pressand-turn closure is secured by means of a shrink label prior to initial removal. www.listerine.de Protective foam furniture care Under its own label Zekol, the German discounter Aldi has been offering a furniture mousse for treating a wide range of furniture surfaces –including untreated wooden surfaces. It is packaged in a 200ml white-tinted bottle. A pump dispenser on the bottle transforms the product into foam on discharge. A protective cap prevents any accidental activation during transport and storage. www.aldi-sued.de Triple top-up Marketed exclusively via Walmart in the USA, the American company CleanPath now offers a concentrate with an interesting top up system. It features a docking station integrated in the base section of a reusable PET bottle into which a container with concentrate is screwed. Following removal of a membrane, inverting the bottle and exerting pressure on the container, a dispensing chamber is filled with concentrate. Once the pack has been put back on its base so that it is standing upright the pump dispenser is unscrewed and the container topped up with cold water as far as the mark. Pressure on the pump dispenser will now dispense a hand-washing foam. The amount of concentrate is sufficient for a triple infill of liquid soap. Replacement concentrate containers can be bought individually and screwed into the base. www.mycleanpath.com Slim bottle for scouring agent 500ml of lemon scouring agent for cleaning the bathroom and kitchen is being bottled by Erdal Rex, the German specialist in bio-degradable cleaning materials, in a tall slim PET bottle under the brand name of “Frosch”. The reduced-weight bottle, manufactured partly from recycled material, is designed to be easy to grasp and hold with one part of the surface reminiscent of lemon peel. The product is released via a screw-on hinged lid with a dispensing opening. The product’s cleaning power is derived from the effect of micro-fine marble powder, grease-dissolving surfactants extracted from rapeseed and the grease-dissolving power of lemon. www.frosch.de","@ID":54},

"MARKET SURVEY 32 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net 10/2015 MARKETsurvey Company name Gardner Denver Ltd. Boge Compressed Air Syst Postal address Telephone number Web site address Contact name Function Direct telephone number Fax E-Mail Claybrook Drive, Redditch, B98 0DS, Great Britian +44 1527 838 600 www.gdhighpressure.com Mr Trevor Perry Director, High Pressure Sales +44 1527 838 601 +44 1527 838 630 Trevor.Perry@gardnerdenver.com Otto Boge Str. 1-7 33739 Bielefeld, Germany +49 5206 601 0 www.boge.com Mr Klaus Dieter Korzeng Business Unit Manager - PET +49 5206 601 200 k.korzeng@boge.de 1. Machine designation / model number VH7 VH9 VH12 VH15 VH18 VH21 VH25 WH28 WH29 WH35 WH40 WH45 WH50 Boge BFPO Booster Systems 2. Number of models in range 13 4 3. Output in m³/hour 420 580 729 916 1116 1402 1500 1680 1800 2100 2300 2700 3200 138 m3/min - 552 m3/min 4. Compressor type Low pressure air 8-10 bar screw compressor High pressure blowing air (up to 40 bar) High pressure blowing air (up to 45 bar) 40 bar booster Integrated system Oilfree booster system 5. Lubricated or oil-free Oil-free Low pressure compressor Oilfree SO Class 0 or oilfree converted Class 0 by BlueKat screw compressor Booster compressor Oilfree Class 0 Integrated system Oilfree Class 0 6. Machine layout Reciprocating V Reciprocating W Skid mounted fully wired, piped and factory tested 7. Number of compressor stages 3 3 8. Are special foundations required? No No 9. Cooling system Water cooled Air cooled and/or water cooled 10. Belt or direct drive Direct drive using high efficiency shaftless technology Low pressure compressor Belt or direct Booster compressor Direct Integrated system Belt and/or direct 11. Enhanced Products AirPET control systems, Variable speed drives, Air recovery, Water cooled motor, Belliss Xtra - unlimited warranty programme, Extended Life Parts","@ID":34},

"MARKET SURVEY 15 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15 the increase was moderate, but there was a distinct improvement in the labour market. With an average creation of 246,000 new jobs each month (in 2013 it had only been 194,000 new jobs) the workforce was able to grow, and the unemployment rate fell correspondingly. Nevertheless, the rate of employment remained low, and the proportion of compulsory part time workers and long term unemployed workers has continued to remain high despite a falling trend. The real estate market is no longer driving the recovery. In 2014 it only showed slight increases within the single digit range. In the years 2011-2013 the real estate market had spearheaded the US economy with double-digit growth rates. In the population centres, however, the prices for property have once again dropped back to the levels last seen in 2008. It is primarily the improvements to the labour market situation and the fact that energy prices are low worldwide that contribute to a distinct improvement in consumer sentiment. This is also evident in the encouraging growth of 4.3% in private consumer spending in 2014, which is traditionally the most important pillar of the US economy. However, despite the improvement in the labour market situation, wages have hardly risen at all (2.2% in 2014). Inflation also continues to remain low at around 1%. External Trade The USA is the largest outlet in the world for imported goods and, in its capacity as an exporter, was second only to China in 2014 (goods only). In 2014, the USA’s trade balance closed with a deficit of US$505bn. This is about US$28.7bn higher than the deficit for 2013 (US$476.3bn). The greater part of this is accounted for by China, with a bilateral trade deficit of US$342.6bn in 2014. 2012 2013 2014 GDP nominal (billions of USD) 16,160 16,770 17,420 GDP growth real  (%) 2.2 2.2 2.4 Unemployment rate (%) 7.8 7.4 6.2 (Sources: Dept. of Foreign Affairs and Trade March 15, 2015, US economic statistics, Wikipedia)","@ID":17},

"TRADE SHOW PREVIEW 46 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Sacmi: fillers, labellers and the latest in crown cap-making technology At this year’s BrauBeviale, Sacmi will be presenting a new range of ELT fillers, ECF fillers, ERF labellers and the latest developments in crown cap-making technology. Sacmi will be showcasing its new isobaric electronic fillers with dual evacuation valves, designed to fill beer cans/ CSDs in general (ECF range) and PET bottles (ELT range) that are becoming evermore popular within the global beer bottling market. According to the company, the new fillers offer significant advantages for the brewing and bottling industry. These range from minimisation of filling waste (tests show one bottle reject in 10,000) to a TPO (total package oxygen) of just 30 parts per million, less than one third of the strict specifications demanded by the user. The company will also be showing the latest developments in crown cap-making technology, especially the new PTC 600, a system developed in 2014. With 20% higher output, this machine reaches speeds of up to 231 pressing cycles per minute, equal to 6,000 caps/minute. Moreover, it does this while significantly reducing vibration (less stress on materials and vital machine parts), consumption and over all size while halving noise levels. Further advantages include a fully automated metal sheet loading system, controlled by dedicated servomotors. The press that can be completed with the CVS 3000 vision system, equipped with HD video cameras that ensure correct in-machine repositioning of the sheet picked from the magazine and, therefore, proper alignment of the decoration. Downstream from the press, gasketmaking (PCM) and closure embossing (CCD) systems are also available. And Sacmi’s labeller range has evolved even further: the new ERF modular labellers represent the latest evolution in roll-fed technology. With over one thousand roll-fed wraparound labelling machines installed worldwide, Sacmi is one of the world’s leading suppliers in this segment. www.sacmi.it HSM presents machines for drinks processing HSM, the German baling press manufacturer will introduce new machines for drinks processing at BrauBeviale. The latest development is the HSM PET FluidEx 600. The system quickly and reliably empties full PET bottles, cans and Tetra Paks which have been, for example, incorrectly filled or labelled or that have exceeded the expiry date. The liquid is purified of small plastic fragments by a filter system  and labels are cleaned and removed. Up to 10,000 one-litre bottles can be processed per hour. This high level of productivity, as well as its low space requirement and the option of integrating it into existing recycling processes, are the key advantages of the HSM PET FluidEx 600. HSM will also showcase the “Plus Pro”, a variant of the vertical baling press V-Press 818 (sliding doors and hand wheel door lock) with a pressing force of 185 kN. It economically reduces the volume of cardboard and foil. Due to its very low transport height, the HSM V Press 818 Plus Pro can be easily transported to any place of operation. A 4-fold polyester strapping keeps bales weighing up to 200 kg in shape, whereby the maximum bale size is 120 x 780 x 700 mm (L x W x H). Also on display will be a SEP screw label press in stainless steel execution. It is specially suited for bottle-washing machines with several label discharges. www.hsm.eu Tools for the craft brewer Krones Steinecker has developed the MicroCube brewhouse concept for brew sizes of five or ten hectolitres: the MicroCube is a complete brewing system, with brewhouse and fermentation cellar, designed for installation on a minimised footprint. With the MicroCube, CombiCube and One2Brew system concepts, Steinecker offers the right technology for each application category, whether it’s pilot plants, craft brewing, or large breweries. Krones has also thought about the filling process, and by developing the Craftmate is premiering a can filler for the lower output range, while the space-saving Kosme Barifill can be relied on to fill the bottles. In addition, with the Proportional Flow Regulator filling valve component, which enables the flow velocity to be steplessly regulated, Krones has put all the preconditions in place for a more flexibilised filling operation. Together with its subsidiaries Kosme, Syskron (intralogistics), Evoguard (for valves and pumps), and KIC Krones (for expendables), Krones will also be showcasing at this year’s BrauBeviale its comprehensive corporate capabilities as a complete-system vendor for filling and packaging technologies in all output categories. www.krones.com HSM Hall 7 | Booth 7-640 Krones Hall 7A | Booth 7A-520 Sacmi Hall 7A | Booth 7A-323","@ID":48},

"MOULD MAKING 22 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Step by step by Waldemar Schmitke March 19, 2015 - We met: Christian Wagner, Managing Director In Atlanta, GA, we met the new Managing Director and member of the Managing Board of MHT Mold & Hotrunner Technology AG (MHT from Germany) Christian Wagner. Since 1996, the date of its foundation, MHT AG Germany provides customers worldwide PET moulds, hotrunner parts and onsite service (export rate 80%). The company employs 150 people and has 4 subsidiaries in: Luxembourg, China, Brazil and the USA. The American subsidiary, MHT USA, LLC, located in Peachtree City, focusses on the market in North and Central America including Mexico. Established in 2006, this subsidiary employs 5 people responsible for Sales, Service, Assembly and Accounting, with annual sales of US$ 5 to 6m. In 2012 the company recorded sales of US$10m, following a major order made up of a number of cold mould halves for 192-cavity preform moulds. A new sales manager, Rick Voges, joined the team recently. Here in the USA, the firm is structured to incorporate Assembly, Refurbishments, Sales and After Sales and Start-up of 2-stage PET preform moulds. In addition, on-site there are 6 assembly bays with an assembly capacity of 12 complete moulds per year. 50% of the orders are made up of refurbishments and the other 50% of new cold mould halves and complete moulds, including hotrunners. The product-specific mould cavities and the ejector mechanism together with the slide bars are accommodated in the cold half of the mould. The hot side of the mould is where the hot runner with the nozzle tips and shutoff needle are to be found. “Our philosophy in doing things this way,” said Christian Wagner, “is to manufacture all the so-called “knowhow” parts in Germany at MHT and ship them to the USA.” Know-how parts are, e.g., all mould cavity inserts as well as guide bars with glide parts. Bought-in parts such as mould plates, suspensions, shut-off needles and nozzle tips, as well as the hot runner (engineering by MHT) are also manufactured in the USA on a case by case basis. In addition, we have devised a supplier structure for ourselves here. But as the US dollar is currently very strong against the Euro, the majority of parts come, for reasons of cost actually, from MHT Germany or are ordered directly from one of our European suppliers.” The hot runner overhaul work consists, as a rule of an overhaul of the hot runner, hot cleaning of the mould, replacement of parts subject to wear and tear (O-rings, shut-off needles, nozzle tips and nozzle tip F.l.t.r.: Christian Wagner, CEO MHT USA, Waldemar Schmitke, PETplanet, in the assembly hall in front of a cold half of a 144-cavity preform mould product development caps & closures design high cavitation moulds multi-component moulds closure production systems after sales service competent – professional – inspiring Hoechster Strasse 8 | 6850 Dornbirn | Austria | www.z-moulds.com FAKUMA 2015 October 13th-17th meet us at booth A7-7502","@ID":24},

"PETbottles 54 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Beverage + Liquid Food Bio-Limo from ViO Under its brand “ViO”, and the name “Bio-Limo”, Coca-Cola Germany is selling two bio-certified lemonades in attractively designed PET litre bottles. The orange variant contains 20% juice whereas lemon and lime contains 10% fruit juice. Both types are packaged in bottles featuring a long waisted area and surface grooves in this section to ensure stability and to secure the sleeve label with the non-label look. The bottles are of so-called “plantbottle” construction and consist of 14% sustainable raw materials, 35% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable. The bottles are sealed with lightweight, colour matched screw closures printed with the brand name and incorporating a tamper-proof strip. www.biolimo.vio.de Cachaça in PET 500ml Cachaça Caninha do Barril is being marketed by the Brazilian manufacturer Pirassununga in a barrelshaped PET bottle. The product, which is pitched in the lower price segment, is, like the higher quality variations, manufactured from sugar cane, has a 39% alcohol content and is artificially sweetened. Cachaça is used chiefly as an ingredient of Caipirinha. The transparent bottle incorporates vertical notches and features an all-round indent with reinforcing grooves in the body area. The indented section is used to fix the plastic label in position. Acting as a seal for the easy-to-handle bottle is a screw closure complete with tamper-proof strip. www.ibpira.com.br/dobarril.php Edible oils in PET The German discount store Lidl makes use of recurrent promotions to sell unusual products in distinctive packages. As part of its Vitasia promotion weeks, a number of edible oils have featured in the range. Sometimes aromatised, the oils are packed in square, slim and transparent, slightly waisted 250ml PET bottles with bevelled side edges. Two self-adhesive labels carry the retail and product data, and colour matched screw closures with detachable tamper-proof guarantee complete the packaging. www.lidl.de","@ID":56},

"TRADE SHOW PREVIEW 41 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Saving costs in recycling Herbold Meckesheim GmbH will be exhibiting a range of new developments that focus particularly on saving energy and operation costs. Herbold plastcompactors are able to agglomerate a wide variety of materials, including thermoplastic fibres, small tapes, foams, films, stretch or thin films, fine particles, powder or shavings. Herbold says that its processes produce agglomerated materials with very good flow properties and a high bulk densit, along with efficient separation of residual humidity. Herbold plastcompactors are available for throughputs of up to 1500 kg/h. The newly developed SB series granulators are suitable size reduction applications ranging from PET bottles to preshredded materials. As a secondary granulator in continuous operation for barrels and hollow bodies, an SML 60/100 SB (600 x 1000mm rotor, 75kW drive), can obtain a throughput of 3,400kg/hr (screen size 8mm). Herbold Meckesheim has overhauled the construction design of its SMS series machines in order to enable them to cope with even very demanding heavy-duty applications in a single step. www.herbold.com Total system supplier Arburg will be demonstrating how it has realigned itself as a complete production system supplier, embracing “Industry 4.0”. Its stand will feature its ALS host computer system, along with demonstrations and presentations of integrated automation and of the customisation of mass-production parts through the combination of injection moulding, additive manufacturing (“3D printing”) and fully networked and integrated production technologies (“Industry 4.0”). The stand will also feature three freeformers, which produce complex components from common plastic granules by additive manufacturing. The concept of “customised mass production” will be demonstrated by the production of individualised office scissors using a workstation comprised of an electrical Allrounder 370 E, Freeformer and Multilift V robotic system. All exhibits on the stand will be linked via ALS, the Arburg host computer system. It will document all relevant process parameters, forward them to a web server and make all relevant process data available to mobile devices. Arburg will also be showing Profoam, a lightweight construction process for thermoplastic foaming. An electrical twocomponent Allrounder 470 A with a clamping force of 1,000kN, which has been used to manufacture buttons for car interiors from liquid silicone rubber; and other moulding machines and systems of various sizes and suitable for a range of applications, will also be on display. www.arburg.com Cold Jet shows enhanced Aero Series and new Plastic Edition Cold Jet, developing dry ice cleaning solutions and production equipment, will launch at the tradeshow Fakuma the new Aero Series and Plastics Edition. It is a comprehensive line of accessories that will come packaged with Cold Jet’s enhanced Aero Series dry ice cleaning systems to provide best cleaning solutions. Cold Jet’s Plastics Edition including e.g.: blow mould, composite mould, extrusion line, PET preform mould and medical device mould cleaning, as well as deflashing, deburring and surface preparation solutions. The Aero Series at its core is a line of Performance Class dry ice blast cleaning machines that guarantees pellet integrity, maximum cleaning aggression and most reliable blast stream. The rugged Aero Series delivering a high performance and versatility with low cost of ownership. Further enhanced to meet the customer’s need and budget, Cold Jet has streamlined the Aero Series to three levels of functionality: the Aero, Aero 40FP and Aero 80FP (FP = full range of pressure). www.coldjet.com Hall A6 | Booth 6502 Herbold Hall A3 | Booth 3101 Arburg MHT MOLD & HOTRUNNER TECHNOLOGY AG Your Machine - Our Solution German Technology Hall A1 | Booth 1220 Cold Jet","@ID":43},

"MATERIAL / RECYCLING 11 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net F.l.t.r.: Lori Carson, Director Commercial Operations and L. Robert Deardurff, President Premium Sponsor Sponsors NLP resin: Used in the manufacture of bottles for non-food liquids, shampoos, hand soaps, etc. Also used in applications such as appliance compounding, fibre etc. Optimum colour and economical in use. Typical usage levels 35-50%. LNO resins: P resin - Direct food contact FDA conditions of use B-H and Health Canada up to 100%, high IV based on process but impact on colour, finest level of melt filtering. Typical usage levels 10-25% because of colour. C resin: Direct food contact FDA conditions of use A-J, Health Canada, and EFSA all up to 100%.  Pellet is formed by compaction in order to achieve excellent colour and low Acetaldehyde levels (1ppm). Typical usage levels 25-50%, but has been used at 100%. Powder resin: Direct food contact FDA conditions of use A-J, Health Canada and EFSA approvals up to 100%. Typical use levels 50% in applications that include colourants, coatings, films. Excellent colour, economical in use. W resin - Direct food contact FDA conditions of use E-G up to 100%. Designed with IV to match water bottle resins. Good colour and economical in use, typical usage levels 35-100%. traditional process (batch operation), and the other one continuous. The continuous operation is a patented development in collaboration with Plastic Technologies Inc. (PTI), which holds shares in Phoenix Technologies. According to L. Robert Deardurff, the process is unique and reduces process stages, energy usage and space requirements considerably by comparison to batch operation. Both processes begin with transparent post-consumer flakes with a flake size of 10mm (purchased in the USA). In the continuous process the flakes are ground to powder and heat treated in an air stream at a temperature of approx. 200°C with a dwell time of 30 minutes. The powder format means that the most contaminants are burnt up, leaving behind PET powder in FDA specification. In this connection is only a small melt stage. As L. Robert Deardurff goes on to explain, this process is so gentle that the output level IV is maintained and no further AA content is generated, so no increase in IV is necessary. At the end of the line the powder is mechanically transferred into pellets that have a crispy structure, more precise details about this level remain confidential. This line has a capacity of 10,000 t/a. In the second hall the 10mm post-consumer flakes are ground to a size of 4mm. An increase in IV then takes place in high vacuum decontamination batch operations. Finally, the PET flakes go through a crystallisator stage which takes them into an extrusion line with a melt filter for decontamination and with the addition of additives to improve transparency. At the end rPET pellets exit the plant, likewise to FDA specification. For the non-food applications the stage IV increase at high vacuum is skipped. A total of four extrusion lines are available. Market situation “The American market has a few problems when it comes to recycling PET material,” says Lori Carson. As a result of the sustained low price of virgin raw materials, the price for recycled PET in bottle to bottle quality is slightly above that for virgin PET. She went on: “The reasons for this lie in how the Americans go about handling their domestic waste. Only 10 federal states in the United States have introduced a deposit system for PET drinks bottles and approaches to the way it is handled still vary.” PET bottles in the rest of the USA are consigned to domestic waste and need to be sorted, an operation which is expensive and time consuming. This means that the post-consumer PET material that is compressed to form bales in collecting stations is expensive. The quality requirements applicable to the baling of material are also constantly rising and contribute nothing towards reducing costs, even where relatively high volumes are involved. In California packaging manufacturers have to prove that their packaging is sustainable, i.e. among other things it needs to be weight optimised and capable of being recycled. But at the moment this mostly applies to non-food applications. “As far as we are concerned, it is important that we supply an application-based product design that precisely meets the requirements of our customers,” summarised Lori Carson. As Lori Carson puts it, “we have already been living with the market fluctuations for 23 years. Our strategy has always been to maintain a high level of quality and consistency through on-going process optimisation, this is something our customers appreciate. We see a growth in bottle-to-bottle applications in the American market; the use by packaging manufacturers of recycled PET sends out a message of environmental awareness.” www.phoenixtechnologies.net","@ID":13},

"PACKING / PALLETISING 36 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net At Tech-Long’s Chinaplas booth: (f.r.t.l.) Johann Lange-Brock, PETplanet Insider, Sushi Lee, Techlong, Hui Yi,Techlong, Liu Yang, Techlong and Kay Barton, PETplanet Insider Tech-Long Packaging Machinery Co, Ltd., or “Tech-Long” for short, a company based in Guangzhou which has been listed on the stock exchange since 2008, has been making equipment for the PET beverages industry since 1998. The turnkey solutions (the company sees its products as such) are designed to service all sectors of the beverages and liquid food industry both in the form of stand-alone machines as well as entire production lines. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Procter & Gamble, Danone and InBev have been engaged in collaboration with Tech-Long over a number of years, which means that they are thus in a position to influence the development of the equipment they require. More than 1,200 employees work at TechLong in premises occupying around 170,000m2. At Chinaplas, the company showcased its fifth generation of the “G5” PET Stretch Blow Moulding Machine, which has been rolled out for the first time at the NPE Orlando. The Rotary Blower is fitted with 6 to 24 cavities for a range comprising 0.25 litre to 2.5 litre bottles with a diameter of 50mm-116mm and a height of 100320mm. Tech-Long state the percavity output of the G5 as 2,400bph for water/CSD and 1,800bph for hotfill bottles with a volume of 500ml. Innovative features of the 5th Generation include an increase in speed due to servo-driven stretch rods and mechanical seal, energy savings of 40-55% with high pressure air, as well as energy savings of 10-15% inside the heating unit. As far as noise reduction is concerned, the level in the new series has fallen to less than 83dB. The system is of modular structure and thus offers the possibility of more rapid mould changing as well as faster service and maintenance work. www.tech-long.com This means that Tech-Long is one of the few manufacturers worldwide that are able to supply machines for the whole of the process chain, from bottle manufacture all the way along the line to the filled, shelf-ready product. To date, the very respectable total of 500 turnkey lines have been installed in more than 40 countries and has filed more than 270 different patent applications. In 2014 turnover amounted to US$153.76m. Numerous well-known companies such as 5th Generation PET blow moulding machine","@ID":38},

"PRODUCTS 49 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Silver A’ Design Award for 500ml bottle goes to Amcor Amcor’s new 500ml bottle enables manufacturers to achieve aseptic filling packaging weights without prohibitive levels of capital investment, while offering a more eco-friendly option claims the company. Amcor’s Latin America design team, based in Miramar, Fla., worked in partnership with the beverage maker to develop the container, which gives regional consumers a lighter, more functional sports bottle. The new product was initially launched in Central America, with plans already in place for distribution throughout the entire Latin America region in the future. Amcor maintains that the new 500ml container is an ecofriendly PET bottle. At 22g the bottle is approximately 30% lighter than currently-available 500ml heat-set PET containers, which weigh in at about 34g. Greenhouse gas emissions are asserted to be cut by 26%, energy use reduced by 23%, and water consumption decreased by 24%. The new container also leads to a 26% reduction in the amount of waste that could potentially end up in a landfill. The company says that applying its Vab technology to the base and Ergo technology to the body enabled it to achieve the light weight. The Vab base is a light-weighted diaphragm-like structure that aids in the cooling process by helping to absorb vacuum. The Amcor design is described as offering a sleek ergonomic form with oppositional hand grips that flex under pressure. This feature, in combination with finger-holds and a sports cap closure, is intended to create a squeeze bottle that utilises the flexibility made available by lightweighting for rapid rehydration. Amcor and Bericap worked together to develop the 3.7g 33mm tamperevident finish/closure for hot fill. This new closure, which is made of HDPE, rather than PP, features a built-in seal that eliminates the need for rubber liners or induction seal foils, thus reducing overall material use. Amcor believes the finish could become a new standard for hot-fill bottles due to the 7.9 gram weight reduction, compared to the standard 38mm Alcoa. The new hot-fill bottle is designed to run on existing filling lines with minimal changeover. In addition to 500ml bottles, the design will be adapted to other package sizes including 350ml, 600ml, and 1l containers. www.amcor.com Bottle made with 100% recycled plastic Resource Natural Spring Water announced the debut of its remodeled bottle made with 100% recycled plastic (rPET)*. This remodeled resource bottle, available in 700ml and 1l sizes , is produced entirely of recycled plastic*, unlike traditional packaging options used across the beverage industry. With its move to a 100% rPET bottle*, Resource hopes to focus attention on the uses of rPET, while reinforcing the importance of bottle-to-bottle recycling and increasing awareness and demand for recycled plastic. “At Resource, we believe  that using  recycled PET  can help increase recycling rates by  focusing attention on the value of recycling ,” said Debora Fillis Ryba, senior manager of sustainability at Nestlé Waters North America. “Nestlé Waters has a strong history of sustainable innovation and product stewardship advocacy, and the 100% rPET bottle aims to continue that legacy by increasing awareness of closedloop recycling.” Part of the Nestle Waters North America (NWNA) portfolio of bottled waters, the Resource 100% rPET bottle* launch is representative of the company’s long-standing mission to focus attention on the importance of recycling across its entire family of beverage brands. NWNA is consistently exploring new environmentally friendly packaging options and ways to increase awareness of the benefits of recycling. The company is committed to increasing plastic (PET) beverage bottle recycling rates to 60% by 2018. NWNA has been working closely with policy stakeholders nationally and locally to help reach this goal. *excluding cap and label www.resourcewater.com  www.nestle-watersna.com/en info@hasplastik.com Tel: +90 212 695 50 00 Fax: +90 212 694 97 24 100815dmyR .com","@ID":51},

"BOTTLES 53 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net BERICAP Technology The plastic closure company committed to your success www.bericap.com Research and Development Mould Technology | Global Presence Capping Technology and Know-How Innovation and Flexibility Nurturing body oil from belly button “belly button”, specialists in maternity and children’s fashion wear, have given their mother and child skincare range a face lift and brought it right up to date. One product, specially designed for sensitive baby skin, named “So soft”, is a nurturing body oil which has been developed in collaboration with midwives. The oil’s ingredients are similar to a newborn baby’s natural skin protective film, and includes vitamin E and lipids found in the human body. Ingredients such as mineral oils, silicones, parabens, PEGs, colorants and raw materials derived from animals have been omitted. The yellow tinged product is packaged in a transparent 200ml PET bottle. Under the opaque slip lid there is a transparent hinged lid with a dispenser. www.bellybutton.de Glitter effect from Fa Under the brand Fa, Schwarzkopf & Henkel are packaging their shower gel “Blue Lotus Magic Oil” in a glitter effect bottle. According to the manufacturer, the product, which features micro-oils, will protect the skin from drying out without leaving any oily residue on the skin. One promotion features two 250ml bottles packaged in a shrink sleeve to form a single sales unit. The bluish-tinted product, the combination of colours used for the multiple-section closure and the hologram-effect inside rear label are especially striking in the right light. www.de.fa.com Water-free dishwashing In the USA under the brand name “Dawn”, Procter & Gamble are selling a refillable dispenser for a dish-washing foam that is capable of almost completely disposing of the use of water. According to the manufacturer, it only takes one single pump applied to a sponge and the washing up can begin. Then residue foam and dirt can be rinsed off using a small amount of water. 300ml of the product is packaged in a blue-tinted, structurally stable and easy-to-hold bottle. As the product is dispensed and mixes with the air, it becomes a fine dish-washing foam. The lockable dispenser sits comfortably in the hand and can be easily unscrewed for refilling. www.dawn-dish.com","@ID":55},

"TRADE SHOW PREVIEW 40 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Fakuma 13-17 October, 2015: Fakuma – the entire world of plastics technology The Fakuma international trade fair for plastics processing has become an important meeting place for the industry, with international charisma. This year Fakuma runs from October 13 – 17, 2015 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Fakuma offers a comprehensive overview of all plastics technologies, whether injection moulding or extrusion technology or thermoforming. The focus is on practice, as around 1,700 exhibitors present the entire process chain for the economic production of plastic components. For the first time PETplanet have put together a first selection from many exhibits of interest for you! Regrind recycling Erema’s booth at Fakuma will feature RegrindPro, its latest technology for the recycling of regrind material. It will also see the announcement of a new upcycling service for recycling & compounding with its Corema product line. Erema maintains that demand for the processing of regrind to take high-quality recycled pellets is growing, especially in the thick-walled packaging, electronics (WEEE) and automotive sectors. The thick-walled input material (HDPE, PP, ABS, PS, etc.) requires a specific treatment process, which has to be able to handle mixed fractions with varying compositions, high bulk density and moisture, plus strong and varying contaminants and a very wide variety of impurities. Recycled pellets also have to meet exacting quality standards to be able to make acceptable end products. Erema says that Intarema RegrindPro offers a plant system which is designed precisely for the thick-walled materials, which features very gentle processing and highly efficient filtration, enabling the recycling of regrind into applicationoriented secondary raw materials. www.erema.at New machine for high-efficiency drying Piovan will use Fakuma to publicly debut the latest versions of its Modula range. The latest auto-adaptive multiple hopper drying system have been designed to deliver optimal and consistent operating conditions and lower energy consumption. The latest Modula models can adapt and automatically control operating parameters based on ambient temperature, initial moisture level, type and quantity of polymer, the final moisture content of the polymer, and granule size. In the case of applications that involve a number of materials of different kinds, a central unit is commonly used to generate dry air, which is then distributed to a series of hoppers, one for each material. Each hopper requires specific conditions for optimum operation (air flow, temperature and pressure) depending on the different process variables. The new configuration features an air generation unit that connects to up to 16 hoppers. The unit can be set up to operate in parallel and each hopper has an independent heating chamber to control the polymer temperature. The operator’s interface is an 8-inch, colour touch screen and external surface temperature never exceeds 40°C. www.piovan.com Filtration systems and MRS extruders Gneuss is marking its 24th appearance at Fakuma with the presentation of a range of rotary filtration systems, including its new RSFgenius M. The RSFgenius series of self-cleaning filtration systems operate fully-automatically, continuously, and process- and pressure constant. The new RSFgenius M has been designed for highly contaminated materials, such as in recycling processes, and to cope with higher contamination rates. Synchronisation of the drive and back-flushing concept of the self-cleaning RSFgenius Rotary Filter leads to a significant increase of its screen capacity and is claimed to achieve  a reduction in material lost through backflushing. Gneuss will be showing a Multi Rotation Section (MRS) extruder model. The MRS itself is a drum containing eight satellite single screws, driven by a ring gear and pinion transmission. The company says that its devolatilising performance is approximately 50 times greater than that of a conventional single screw extruder, at a vacuum of 25 to 40mbar. www.gneuss.com Hall A6 | Booth 6314 Erema Hall A7 | Booth 7201 Piovan Hall A6 | Booth 6501 Gneuss","@ID":42},

"MATERIAL / RECYCLING 13 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net MATERIAL / RECYCLING 13 Every day, people come into contact with Bühler technologies to cover their basic needs for foods, mobility, or communication. With industrial process technologies and solutions, Bühler contributes feeding the world’s population, setting the focus on food security and safety. Bühler flour mills process around 65% of the wheat harvested worldwide into flour. Its contribution to processing rice and producing pasta, chocolate, or breakfast cereals is similarly important. Moreover, Bühler is a leading solution provider of die casting, wet grinding, and surface coating technologies, with an emphasis on automotive, optics, electronics, printing & packaging inks, and glass applications. The solutions provided to these industries are known for high energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. Bühler invests up to 5% of its sales in research and development. In 2014, around 10,600 employees at some 140 sites generated a turnover of CHF 2.3 billion. The family-owned company is proud of its Swiss roots and feels particularly committed to sustainability. Save RAW MATERIALS reduced plastic volumes Save ENERGY less energy consumption Save TROUBLE more quality and higher performance, guaranteed by a sole supplier Full INSPECTED online quality control / stand alone With Sacmi, the beverage specialists are always at your side. With our unbeatable technological know-how and continuous research we are creating new containers and closures designed to ensure outstanding performance. The new IPS injection system for preforms, the CCM compression press for caps and the quality control systems fully designed and built by Sacmi, allows for large-scale production with considerable advantages in terms of efficiency and flexibility. The outcome? Reduced plastic volumes, less energy consumption and lower running costs.All in a bottle: the one you’ll soon be making. Preform & Closure technologically together Save RAW MATERIALS VITEFF, 13/16.10.15 - Epernay FRANCE SCANPACK, 20/23.10.15 - B02:09 - Goteborg SWEDEN GULFOOD, 27/29.10.15 - Z-B82 - Dubai UAE SIMEI, 3/6.11.15- Hall 15 E11/13 - Milan ITALY CBST, 4/6.11.15 - 1D02 - Shanghai CHINA BRAU BEVIALE, 10/12.11.15 - 7A-7A523 - Nürnberg GERMANY PLASTIC & RUBBER, 18/21.11.15 - B451 - Jakarta INDONESIA MAFEX, 9/11.12.15 - Casablanca MAROC Dungen, Managing Director of Poly Recycling GmbH and Vice President of Plastics Recyclers Europe (PRE), said: “Since the installation, there have been no issues with our Bühler optical sorting line. The equipment has been running 24 hours a day and seven days a week with no breakdowns. We’ve not only been able to improve the quality of our plastic flakes but have reduced the wastage of good product during processing, resulting in a return on our investment in just six months.” Bernhard Gabauer, Segment Development Manager for Plastics at Bühler, said: “The partnership with Poly Recycling demonstrates Bühler’s commitment to develop state of the art, innovative optical sorting solutions for the plastics industry and is an acknowledgement of our global capabilities to supply complete process engineering solutions, driven by industry research and technical excellence. By choosing Bühler for its fully integrated optical sorting solution, Poly Recycling is well positioned to further expand its industrial processing of rPET beverage containers to high-quality Poly rPET flakes. Since the installation, we’ve been working closely with a number of leading plastic processors across Europe to install our optical sorting station and look forward to extending our solutions further to the wider plastics recycling sector.” The creation of the fully integrated optical sorting station marks an important step for the Bühler team, as it extends its reach to plastics processors, looking to achieve greater recycling rates. www.buhlergroup.com","@ID":15},

"PETproducts 48 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Wild herbs and Lemon+X Wild Flavors and Specialty Ingredients (Wild) is set to breathe new life into the challenging European beer market. Their most recent developments include both beer-mix drinks with wild herbs for men and lemon+X for women as well as non-alcoholic options. On today’s stagnating beer market, there is a demand for trend-setting alternatives to breathe new life into sales. “Classic” beer is still on decline in Europe. According to projections by Canadean, in 2015 some 49,000 million liters will be sold, a 2.7% lower volume than in the previous year. By contrast, beer-mix drinks and flavored beers are showing major growth figures: since 2007 they have grown by 4-16% per year. The best sellers are the non-alcoholic options. In Germany, there was a 13% increase from January to June 2015 compared with the previous year’s data, confirming the sector’s popularity. These beverages are currently the main engine of growth and make up a market share of 12% of the total beer market. Wild’s new beer-mix concepts were inspired by popular long drinks and cocktails. There is especially high demand right now for beer-mix drinks in innovative flavors, and cocktails have an influence that has made its way to the beer market as well. The new Wild beer-mix concepts with wild herbs are designed to appeal to a male target group in particular. The wheat-beer basis is enhanced with a variety of herbal notes that are well-known from herbal liquors, creating surprising flavor experiences. Those who prefer a milder flavor can turn to Wild’s “Lemon+X,” which features 3% juice. The natural citrus note is blended with juniper here, giving the beer notes that resemble a gin and tonic. The company integrated this popular combination known from beer-mix drinks and added citrus to it, which offers customers additional options from within the sector. The new concept is targeted at people who are not classic beer drinkers, especially women. “Non-alcoholic beer-mix drinks are literally getting things moving on the market. Their potential is considerable for two reasons: they can cover a wide range of flavor preferences for the young and old alike. And these soft drinks are also ideal for many different everyday consumption situations, from enjoying a beverage at lunch or at parties all the way to isotonic thirst-quenching after exercise,” says Tanja Krüger, Senior Product Manager at Wild. The company’s portfolio of non-alcoholic beer-mix drinks ranges from popular classics such as shandies with lemon all the way to cross-category beer blends with flavors reminiscent of popular cocktails such as margaritas and caipirinhas. Another form of product differentiation is also occurring in this segment: in addition to classic nonalcoholic drinks, which are allowed to have an alcohol content of up to 0.5%, there are more and more options which contain no alcohol whatsoever. These beverages can be actively labeled and advertised as having “0.0% alcohol content,” which is the perfect description in demang among health-conscious consumers. www.wildflavors.com","@ID":50},

"MOULD MAKING 25 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net PETnology/tecPET GmbH | Regensburg, Germany Phone: +49 941 870 23 74 | Fax: +49 941 870 23 73 info@petnology.com PET Passion Week2015 NUREMBERG, GERMANY 09-12 NOVEMBER 2015 CONFERENCE 09-10 NOVEMBER www.petnology.com Free entry or VIP tickets End-User Special: PET AT BRAUBEVIALE 10-12 NOVEMBER www.petpassionweek.com INFORMATION PARTNER SUPPORTED BY ® S e n s o r s y s t e m e G m b H Hot fill The American market is growing in the mineral waters sector and in the sectors of juices, sports drinks and teas. These are primarily hot fill applications here in North America. Instances of aseptic fillings are thin on the ground. The backdrop is a broad existing fleet of stretch blow moulding machines. Instead of investing in expensive aseptic lines, existing stretch blow moulding machines undergo retrofits. “We profit from this by virtue of our blow mould construction programme. Out of 75% stretch blow moulds, 45% are already hot fill applications, and the trend is rising,” says Walter Kuskowski. “We are anticipating a further increase of 15% over the next year in the blow mould sector.” Tar Tsau takes up the story: “We have developed and patented a stretch blow mould carrier system. Interchangeable insulating pats are incorporated in the mould carrier that go a long way towards preventing the mould carrier system from heating up and thus save energy. In addition, it is easy to adapt hot fill stretch blow moulding to different blow mould diameters. The insulating pats are designed correspondingly. The carrier system can be adapted to all traditional stretch blow moulding machines.” After a tour of the plant, we express our thanks for the candid discussions and resume our journey in the direction of Bolton, Ontario. www.wtbvc.com F.l.t.r.: Sergo Arango, B.Eng. Key Accounts-North America and Tar Tsau, V.P. Sales & Engineering General Manager. On the workbench is a patented stretch blow moulding machine mould carrier with insulating pats. Premium Sponsor Sponsors","@ID":27},

"BOTTLE MAKING 29 PETplanet insider    Vol. 16    No. 10/15    petpla.net Engineering Excellence Efficiency at the highest level PET-LINE machines www.netstal.com The best values for cycle times and output, combined with energy savings of up to 10%: the PET-LINE sets standards in efficiency. The state-of-the-art production system for PET preforms proves its value with: – Hydromechanically driven axes – State-of-the-art valve and control engineering – A consistently increased injection unit throughput –  Innovative drive technology with energy recovery in the intermediate circuit PET-LINE – continuously further developed for maximum efficiency! Fakuma, hall A7, booth 7303/7304 various industrial products. Each container it designs is customised according to the specific features of the content. IPC has particular expertise in converting existing containers from other materials to PET; it selects the most appropriate PET resin to meet the product’s requirements. IPC’s primary service offer is helping customers to concentrate on their needs, and to identify what is essential to satisfy them. It pays attention to the aesthetic appearance of the container because it has to be physically appealing, as well as technically functional. IPC’s services cover:  Initial design to final production of PET / Plastic containers  Innovative engineering with advanced technologies  Advanced solutions for rigid and barrier containers  Container sampling and testing workshop The knowledge base of IPC is founded on extensive experience in PET preform and container development, especially of late in advanced applications such as large size containers, up to 40l. Several products require barrier features and IPC has a specific knowledge and testing capabilities for selecting the most adequate plastic solution to match these requirements. Applications in the beverages, dairy products, food, edible oil, detergents, cosmetic and various industrial products form its main workload. The project begins with analysis of the customer’s needs, based on the initial drawings and ideas. It continues with preliminary sketches, which outline and enable discussions of particular advantages and possible drawbacks. After the most appropriate solution has been identified and selected, the next step is sizing of the container and simulation of material distribution under different conditions. The ergonomic aspects and appeal of the bottle are also key elements, along with the economics of the PET solution versus other materials. The third phase is prototyping and the analysis of the product’s mechanical and functional characteristics. Lanfranchi has available a fully equipped laboratory for container sampling and testing, which is organised for quality, flexibility and quick response time. The fourth phase is the engineering of the blowing moulds, which are designed in accordance with the linear blow moulding machines’ specifications. Supply, installation and process start-up then take place at the customer’s facility. All these activities are supported by Lanfranchi and its feedback from the field is considered highly valuable for building and improving both companies’ knowledge and services. The joint objective of IPC and Lanfranchi is to cooperate to provide the market with new and highly demanding container solutions. www.lanfranchigroup.com","@ID":31}]}}