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Dasani is rolling out bottles made from 100% rPET

Two of The Coca-Cola Company’s biggest brands in North America are taking further steps to support a circular economy for plastic packaging. Dasani is rolling out bottles made from 100% recycled PET plastic (excluding caps and labels), and Sprite is transitioning from green to clear plastic to increase the material’s likelihood

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Tobu Railway and Kirin Beverage cooperate to start ‘bottle-to-bottle’ horizontal recycling

Kirin Beverage Company, in cooperation with Tobu Railway Company, will start horizontal ‘bottle-to-bottle’ recycling, in which used PET bottles are collected and recycled into PET bottles, at 33 Tobu Tojo Line stations from 3 August. In Japan, used PET bottles are often recycled for a wide range of uses after they

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Tessemae’s relies on bottle-to-bottle recycling process for its bottle range

Tessemae’s, a premier organic condiment and salad dressing US-company, announces bold new packaging for its array of products. The refreshed product line featuring an updated design and eye-catching artwork is available nationwide. The design is a recyclable plastic bottle made from PET. Each product is involved in a bottle-to-bottle recycling process

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RecyClass publishes Certification Scheme for Plastics Recyclers

RecyClass extends its scope with the first European-wide audit scheme for plastic recyclers based on EN 15343 and fullfilling the requirements for conformity assessment described in ISO 17065. This certification will support the industry in complying with upcoming market and legal requirements in a harmonised, transparent and reliable manner. “The new

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