Ferry tales Pt. 1

In the normal course of events there would be a lot to do. No chance of that on the ferry. On board there is no internet connection and telephone communication is in the hands of a single provider and the charges are horrendous. It is a times like this that you realise just how digitally dependent we are.

The Baltic is as calm as a millpond. In the early afternoon the cloud cover which had blanketed everything in a hazy blur, finally begins to break up, to be replaced by bright sunshine and a brilliant blue sky. I take the opportunity of studying some market data for Russia, very old school, offline and in print form. Towards evening with thoughts of the rigours that lie ahead in the Editourmobil very much on our minds, we decide to take advantage of the ferry’s wellness area. During the course of the night the ferry will be putting into port again, which gives us a short window of opportunity to get logged on using the local landline. Ergo, an early night is de rigueur.