A drop that matters

Interview with Dr. ing. Dirk Wouters, CEO and Co-Owner of CHP CHP is an engineering company designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing state-of-the-art lubrication solutions, ranging from small-scale installations up to large turnkey projects. 1,500 production lines are currently operating in 720 factories in 78 countries, running worldwide without jams, while saving

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Washing lines for Japan

Interview with Boretech Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. The Chinese recycling system supplier Boretech has massively expanded its influence in the Japanese market and plans to have installed a total of nine complete systems and various individual components by the end of 2022. The focus here lies on PET bottle washing systems

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A journey into the unknown

Agr helps beverage brand owners manufacturing PET containers In many beverage plants, the decision to self-manufacture PET bottles is a journey not just into the unknown, but the unknown unknown. Agr’s Process Performance Optimization Group (PPOG) consultants help processors navigate this unfamiliar terrain. The new millennium has seen tremendous advances in

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