Inline quality control of cap and fill volume

Hall 7 stand 546/647 To avoid regular customer reclamation because of over- or under-torqued screw caps, or such that are tilted or even leaking, BBULL Technology developed IMAGE APA FQM. What happened previously with random samples in the laboratory can be done now inline or in a bypass by a special optics which detects the cap application angle (APA) of every sample. This gives feedback to the torque of the closure and allows the detection of tilted caps or leaking closures.

Additionally, a calibrated checkweigher can be installed in the bypass to determine the filling volume to a legally confirmed precision. In combination with BBull IMAGE FQM software the faults are immediately visualised, in relation to the filling or closing head. A permanent real-time quality control happens now directly at the “point-of interest”, with documented results – and not hours late in the laboratory.

Other new inspection systems exhibited include PULSE for missing pressure on flexible containers like PET and cans. Additionally, the latest generation of empties inspection as well as sorting and distribution system will be on the display.

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