UniKeg A is launched on the global market

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The new UniKeg A has been added to UniKeg’s range of products which are already available with Sankey-D and Sankey-S fittings. Like the rest of the range, the A-fitting, also known as German Slider, is compatible with existing MicroMatic universal coupling systems, so the kegs can be used anywhere in the world without additional cost. Following an extensive period that incorporated design, prototyping, trials and customer feedback, the UniKeg A-Type is now in full production. John Van Veen, head of R&D for UniKeg explains the key points of difference when comparing UniKeg A with other products currently available in market: “First and foremost, our double wall technology ensures that safety remains guaranteed, particularly in hot climates where a single wall keg may not deliver to the brand owner’s requirements. Secondly, the octagonal design of the handgrip and base cup made from 100% re-used material continues to deliver a robust performance in supply chain logistics. Finally, its circular credentials make it the more sustainable option as 63% of the keg is made from re-used, circular materials.” Annemieke Hartman – Jemmett, Chief Commercial Officer at UniKeg, said: “Now that we are able to offer the UniKeg A to the global market we are able to support producers of beer, wine, kombucha, coffee and other beverages with a product that already complies with the re-used materials content requirements; 30+% of the UniKeg is made out of re-used materials, ensuring that the brand owner is not presented with a tax levy on packaging following the introduction of new legislation in the coming years – offering the brand owner a suitable solution on price, quality and sustainability.”

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