Coldjet, Hall 11 Booth K21

Environmentally responsible dry ice cleaning solution

For injection or blow moulders, moulds are a mission-critical asset and require timely, proper, fast, and efficient cleaning to ensure uptime and part quality. When the moulds are not cleaned properly and on a regular basis it may cause blemish and unwanted flash on the final product, filling problems which lead to quality problems and longer production cycle times. In addition, solvents and other waste-generating cleaning processes are bad for the environment and are not acceptable for the health of PET moulders.

During Chinaplas, Cold Jet will present dry ice cleaning solutions. The company’s dry ice cleaning technology allows moulds, lock rings, cores, and gate inserts to be cleaned without the disassembly of the stripper plate and while the mould is still in the press. The system also cleans blow moulding machines, palletising equipment, conveyor belts, and glue machines.

Cold Jet’s dry ice cleaning technology is claimed to provide an easy solution that saves time and improves processes. Resulting in a 3-5% increase in productivity and investment returned in just a couple of months, states the company. Additionally, with dry ice blasting equipment, PET moulders avoid the usage of chemicals. During the trade show, Cold Jet will present dry ice blasting machines life and explain the importance of daily using dry ice technology in the PET moulders production facilities.

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