Filters for use in PET recycling

Maag Pump Systems AG – hall A6 booth 6202

Maag Group is a broadly diversified global solutions provider of pump & filtration systems, pelletising & pulverising systems, recycling systems and digital solutions. Maag experts will be on hand to discuss the company’s product portfolio for the polymer industry:

  • Maag Ettlinger has unveiled a new generation of tried-and-tested Eco high performance melt filters for use in PET recycling. Their new features take into account the need for systems with a higher product throughput and are initially available in sizes suitable for medium-sized recycling lines. The new performance enhanced Eco 350 replaces the former Eco 250, while the new Eco 500, capable of achieving capacities of up to 4,000 kg/h, replaces the former Eco 250 Twin. The Eco 200 completes this range.
  • New high-performance pelletising machines for the polymer industry including direct crystallisation. Efficient systems for the production of biopolymers. Technology-based, optimised pellet shape up to micro pellets. Recycling systems with added value. Tools with significantly longer service life until knife change and/or die plate grinding.
  • Innovation in strand pelletising: From lab size to compounding/masterbatch and large scale polymerisation.
  • All Maag Group extrex gear pumps in x6 class design are completely re-engineered and have redesigned components, from the shafts through to the bearings and seals, and optimised the interaction of the components. Specially developed gear teeth with low compression allow high pressures to be achieved with low shear rates. The result is a further increase in achievable product quality, volumetric efficiency, as well as production consistency and safety.