Compact vertical preform moulding

Launch of the PM-100/111N series

Nissei ASB perhaps better known for its 1-step injection blow moulding machines (ISBM), is launching its new compact preform machine. The new PM-100/111N series is suitable for in-line, small-scale production of preforms for almost any type of container, including returnable and refillable bottles.

Leveraging ASB’s long-term expertise with their 4-station, vertical clamping ISBM machines, the PM-100/111N model follows a similar rotary table structure but drops the blow station resulting in a 3-station layout made up of injection, cooling and eject functions. As with its 4-station ISBM models, preforms are held by the neck throughout the entire moulding process up to ejection with an integrated preform cooling. By application of ASB’s propriety Zero Cooling technology in the injection and cooling stations, preform designs can be optimised for thickness and stretch ratio achieving better or equivalent cycle times.

Ejected preforms may be dropped onto a standard conveyor, or an optional 6-axis industrial robot can be installed to directly feed downstream moulding systems – or, in the case of heavier, special application preforms such as hot-fill or returnable and refillable, they can be fed to additional post mould cooling systems.

Machine movements are hybrid with the hydraulic systems utilising servo driven pumps resulting in low energy consumption, together with smooth and quiet operation. ASB’s Vision1 PC based control system, quickly becoming standard across its complete line-up, is flexible in use and compatible with industry 4.0 for enhanced factory networking (IIoT).

Key facts:

  • 18 to 36 cavities;
  • Up to 40 mm thread diameter;
  • Preform weight from 6.5 g up to 80 g;
  • Up to 16,000 pph (500 ml water);
  • Compact, with less than 13 m2 floor space