Preform moulds, sampling and more

Over the last 16 years, Petka has specialised in the production of PET preform moulds and PET blowing moulds for all kind of machines. As a mould manufacturer, the company supports its customers in all phases. Before it comes to the production of the bottle, Petka designs suitable preforms based on the customers’ requests and needs.

With its qualified and regularly trained design team, the company draws and creates the design of the preform according to the final bottle design. With its know-how, it knows how the preform behaves during the blowing process in the mould.

The company is able to support its customers with preform samples at its facility. Due to the fast-changing times and trends, preform sampling has become a crucial and essential advantage for the market leading companies. Petka provides samples in its high-tech equipped laboratory with detailed quality reports that enable customers to make decisions on their future investments.

In order to meet the expectations of its customers, Petka offers a customer service aimed at receiving and dealing with enquiries and comments, ensuring the repair of moulds, solving installation problems and helping with technical issues. By implementing the lean production and Industry 4.0 systems in its factory, the company has managed to take advantages of all its resources. Since its implementation, these systems have helped the company’s processes to increase efficiency and also to become more effective, flexible and competitive in the market.