Mould supplier for the PET industry

Petka Mould Hall C5 – Booth 443

As a mould manufacturer, the Petka assists its customers – whether it’s preform producers or bottle producers-, in all phases, starting from the design of the preform until the production of the bottle. Petka designs suitable preform or even bottle drawings based on the customers’ inquiries and needs. With its experienced, qualified, and regularly trained design team, the company draw and create the preform design according to the final bottle design. It is aware of how the preform will act perfectly in the mould during the blowing process. Petka has set a goal to offer to its clients’ efficient solutions and to support them with its market experiences before and after sales and furthermore. To do this, the company has been developing its mastery in the field of PET and also broadening its services and activities to additionaly satisfy its customers.

Petka presents a multiplicity when it comes to the advantages it is offering to its customers. By implementing the lean production and Industry 4.0 systems in its factory, the company has managed to take advantages of all its resources, thereupon removing waste in manufacturing system, which has indeed improved quality, speed of the innovation and production time, while reduced costs. The implementation of Industry 4.0 has been optimising the company’s industrial processes by making them more interactive and more autonomous, which enabled Petka to expand its business and widen its customer portfolio, as it reached 60 different countries.

The company has the ability to support its customers with preform and bottle sampling in its facility. Petka provides samples with detailed quality reports in its high technology equipped laboratory, which enable the clients’ to make decisions about their future investments.

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