Miguel Torres Chile switch to Packamama’s rPET wine bottles

Miguel Torres Chile, a wine company at the forefront of taking climate action to help reduce wine’s carbon footprint and member of International Wineries for Climate Action, has become the latest brand owner to adopt Packamama’s eco-flat wine bottles.

Newly launched in Sweden’s alcohol monopoly, Systembolaget, the introduction of eco-flat wine bottles for Río Claro Organic Carmenère is part of a collaboration with Miguel Torres Chiles’ Swedish importers, The Wine & Spirits Collective. The goal is to further forward the sustainability credentials of the brand and appeal to a younger generation of climate-conscious consumers, unlocked through switching the packaging to Packamama’s lower carbon bottles.

Systembolaget, like other Nordic monopolies, has long encouraged wine in PET as it is a lightweight, lower carbon footprint packaging material. Packamama’s bottles go further, being made from 100% recycled PET to put pre-existing material back to good use while reducing carbon emissions even more than PET alone.

Amelia Dales, Commercial Director at Packamama: “We believe that the Nordics is an ideal region for our eco-flat wine bottle as consumers and retailers are so far advanced when it comes to sustainability prioritisation and recycling capabilities. This has been supported by the very positive response to our climate-friendly format we’ve seen from Swedish wine drinkers on social media. Torres are well known and respected for raising awareness and taking action on climate crisis matters. As such, it’s truly an honour to be collaborating with the innovative team in Chile and The Wine & Spirits Collective on this packaging swap.”

Linda Skalberg, Senior Brand Manager at The Wine & Spirits Collective: “Packamama’s eco-flat bottle is made from 100% recycled and recyclable PET plastic, which was a very important factor for us when choosing a new bottle. Miguel Torres Chile has always been innovative and daring in trying new ways to lower their wines’ carbon footprint, so this change for Río Claro felt like an obvious choice. I am very proud to launch a wine in Packamama’s packaging.”

Río Claro is the third wine brand to launch in Systembolaget in eco-flat bottles, following their first introduction in May 2020. The 2021 Carmenère is an organic and vegan wine with a full-bodied and fruity taste.

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