Resource- and media-efficiency

Krones Hall B6 – Booth 100

How can mankind hold back climate change? How can the world’s population be fed? And how do we handle packaging materials responsibly? These issues have a direct impact on all social classes. Krones has taken all these aspects fully on board and claimes that it has adjusted all its operations accordingly, over recent years. The overriding goal driving innovation in all new developments and design enhancements is the requirement for sustainability, states the company. Krones has systematically integrated sustainability into its entire portfolio – including the fields of process technology, filling and packaging technology and intralogistics – in order to offer customers highly resource and media-efficient solutions. This development work is supported by digitalisation, which likewise makes its contribution towards boosting performance in the customers’ production plants while also increasing profitability and flexibility levels.

Therefore, everything on the Krones stand is focussed on resource- and media-efficiency in production, on sustainable packaging solutions and on digital transformation. On display will not only be new developments which already meet these requirements but also some approaches that, while seeming visionary today, will evolve into innovations set to have an impact which extends far beyond tomorrow, says Krones.

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