Switch from PP to recycled CPET

Th restaurant chain Wagamama partnered with the design consultancy Morrama to substitute its PP takeaway bowls with CPET.

The original goal – cut the amount of plastic in the takeout packaging – was far from easy, Morrama states. Despite exploring bio-based and biodegradable materials, it was clear that plastic was going to be required. At least for some dishes.

As a design team heavily focused on sustainable design, Morrama drew from circular design strategies and a wealth of knowledge from materials, recycling and packaging experts to define the driving principles of the Wagamama packaging redesign: reduce, recycle, improve.

After months of research and testing, Morrama found a way to switch the PP for the crystallised version of PET – CPET – to bring additional heat resistance. Wagamama’s new packaging range is an industry first. Made from 70% recycled PET – the remaining 30% virgin plastic required for structural integrity – the packaging also remains 100% recyclable.

The new packaging will be live across all restaurants and delivery kitchens by October 2022 once the old stocks are used up.

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