Circularity through plastics additives

Milliken Hall 6 – Booth A27

Milliken & Company showcases new measures to advance the circular economy through chemistry – part of the company’s 2025 sustainability goals. Additionally, Milliken is partnering with more than 30 partners in purposeful collaborations that will be on display throughout the K’ show, including its ongoing partnership with PureCycle Technologies, whose patented technology turns recycled PP into virgin-like material. Many of Milliken’s products are designed specifically to yield sustainability benefits. These qualities include: reduced energy consumption and lightweighting, better reuse potential, increased net use of recycled content, improved recycling and recyclability, and the replacement of less-sustainable resins.

Milliken is actively engaging in several industry-spanning initiatives, including the Alliance to End Plastic Waste, The Recycling Partnership, the Association of Plastic Recyclers, the HolyGrail project to improve the sorting of waste plastics via digital watermarks, and the RecyClass recycled-content certification program for packaging, to name a few.

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