Label Lab

Multi-Color Corporation, Hall C6 – Booth 326

Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) returns to Munich with the introduction of The Label Lab where their experts will inform about the latest developments and innovations in beverage labelling. A strong focus will be placed on sustainable label solutions including everything from recyclable PSL to floatable shrink sleeves and wash-off labels for returnable bottles. MCC‘s Sustainability Director, Stijn Billiet will be hosting focussed seminars and interactive discussions on sustainability. The company will also emphasise on how next-gen labels help products win the battle for the shelf. MCC will display a variety of interactive options for packaging that includes functional inks that react to UV/sunlight, black lights, heat/cold, etc. Inspiring examples of how labels can appeal to all of the senses using unique inks and materials will be highlighted.

Smart packaging: the connected consumer

Augmented reality, QR codes, and scannable labels are a great way to engage consumers and provide an interactive experience, as well as more efficiently and effectively manage a company‘s inventory.  MCC will provide an industry update on the use of RFID and EAS tag use in packaging, including retailers demand and how MCC is positioning for the future.

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