Labels for megatrends

CCL Label, Hall C6 – Booth 344

CCL Label will be showcasing its latest innovations with a focus on labels and sleeve solutions that support recycling and reuse of packaging to support a circular economy, intelligent label solutions and premium labels that stand out on the sales shelves.

With the ‘Sustainable Label Family’ CCL has created a specifically engineered product range that is intendeed to cover all needs of brands that want to boost their recycling rates. For PET recycling, CCL offers EcoFloat shrink sleeves, EcoStream pressure-sensitive labels and Stretch Sleeve solutions that are floatable and detach automatically from the PET bottle in the sorting and recycling facility. The company’s ‘Sustainable Product Family’ portfolio include bio-based or floatable materials, wash-off solutions or ultra-thin sleeves that have a low carbon footprint. CCL also will have solutions for HDPE and PP containers on display as well as labels with special functionalities which support refPET bottle schemes as well as deposit schemes.

In addition, the exhibits include label solutions for the beverage market that can transform packaging into a virtual communication channel. Other solutions are labels that include RFID and NFC technology which is the basis of intelligent labelling of the future to for example prevent food waste. Smart labelling technology can also be used to tackle the sorting and recycling challenges – by using digital watermarks on the packaging that are invisible to the eye but give the packaging a digital passport. This digital passport can be detected in the sorting facilities and so the package is sorted into the right recycling stream.

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