Oil-free compressor range

Indo-Air Compressors, Hall A6 – Booth 106

Indo-Air’s oil-free high pressure air compressor IAH series is a 100% oil-free compressor specially designed for the PET bottling industry. Its range is from 30 – 160 kW, CFM from 110 – 545, pressure 32 – 40 bar. The compressor features a silent canopy to reduce noise level. The IAH series air compressor comes with a specially designed controller with features such as pressure, temperature, alarms, history of alarms, service contact details etc. The company says that the compressor does not require any special foundations as it is mounted on anti-vibrating pads.

The IAH series compressor is a water cooled air compressor which provides better cooling and an extended service life. At Drinktec, the compressor can be experienced in action at the Indoair booth.

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