Preform range

SGT, Hall C5 – Booth 240

SGT will highlight recent preform developments. Among those are a 3- and 5-gallon refill preform for water bottles which have been recently improved in terms of design and geometry. 33% shorter than most 5-gallon preforms on the market, it is claimed to optimise bi-orientation, to obtain a better stretching and blowing ratio and to prevent the bottle from crystallising. Its weight has been reduced from 730 g to 650 g for the 5-gallon version, and 450 g for the 3-gallon one. The 55 mm preform neck has been specially designed to guarantee a perfect seal. The ovoid preform base enables the bottoms of the bottles to be lightened after blowing. The integration of rPET content and of a handle is possible.

Other developments which will be showcased are a recyclable alternative to polystyrene (PS) yoghurt and dessert cups that may integrate up to 100% rPET and multi-layer preforms with a low opacifier rate (< 1%) dedicated to UHT milk packaging. The insertion of a layer of black PET close to the internal wall of the preform enables 99.95% of light transmission to be blocked out, says SGT. This technology enables the nutritional qualities of UHT milk to be preserved for longer and reduces the use of opacifiers which disrupt recycling flows. SGT also offers a new 24/410 neck preform dedicated to cosmetic and personal care applications (200 ml). Body lotions, face creams, shampoo, conditioner and hand sanitiser are all claimed to be suited to this new cosmetic preform. The company has also increased its 38 mm neck range with new preform weights, from 62 g to 75 g, for 3 – 5 l still water or detergent containers. SGT has also developed a new CSD preform, the 26/22 neck finish, distinguished by low height and weight. All SGT preform ranges are suitable with tethered caps.

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