Technologies for PET treatment

Moretto  Hall C5 – Booth 234

Moretto is presenting three major systems at the fair: for the crystallisation of post-consumer materials, dosing systems and a drying system for high capacity production with self-adaptive technology. All of these products with a high technological content are intended to raise the quality standard, as well as increase production efficiency and deliver energy savings.

A crucial process in PET recycling is crystallisation. MPK Moretto Krystallizer is a system designed to crystallise post-consumer materials – regrind and washed ready to be transformed. Treated in the right way, they can be used with virgin plastic polymers for new production processes. MPK boasts a number of important features such as the drop-down cone with assisted device that allows the operator to quickly proceed with cleaning and maintenance activities thanks to the easy opening which takes only two minutes. This is an exceptional usability factor in a machine that processes critical materials such as regrind and/or flakes, states Moretto. The internal mixer shaft with removable blades can be easily adapted to the various types of treated material. The blades have a wing profile that moves the material in a homogeneous way avoiding the formation of lumps during the crystallisation phase. The hopper – with the patented stainless steel shockproof coating Spyro – insulates the mixer body and limits heat dispersion, thereby increasing its energy efficiency. The control of the system processes is managed by a touch screen with a simple and intuitive interface.

DGM Gravix

MPK is a latest generation product designed for the smart factory; it can be connected to other automatic equipment via web and remotely controlled through the supervision and management software Mowis which achieves total connectivity via Modbus, Ethernet, OPC UA. MPK is equipped with the Vortex filtration device, which eliminates the dust of the process circuit, thus increasing its autonomy. The Purex condensate separator filters the material flow back eliminating the volatile oily and/or resinous substances contained in the vapours, impurities typically present in post-consumer materials. Purex is intended to protect the environment and people.

Dosing is another fundamental process in the plastic transformation to obtain a quality product that respects the design specifications. Having effective equipment is therefore essential. Moretto has a wide and complete range of dosers consisting of over 1,180 models. One of them is the DGM Gravix, a batch gravimetric dosing unit that ensures production flexibility and precision even in the presence of vibration thanks to the VIS (Vibration Immunity System). Modbus RS485, USB and Ethernet connections allow production to be monitored in real time and the composition of the recipes to be certified.  At the fair a series 900 DGM specific for the treatment of flakes will be exhibited.

XD 800 X dryer touch controller

Among other equipment to be exhibited, there will be a XD 800 X series dryer, a drying system for high-capacity products and specifically adapted for technical polymers such as PET. This dryer, with self-adaptive technology optimises process conditions and reduces energy consumption by up to 42%. Thanks to the variable airflow, the dryer automatically adapts to production needs ensuring the correct supply of technological air to the material to be treated, preserving the polymer from thermal stress and viscosity variations. The turbo-compressor system combined with the energy recovery system from the regeneration process is claimed to offer extraordinary energy efficiency. It is a one power system that does not require compressed air or cooling water for its operation. The system configuration and operator control activities are facilitated thanks to the built-in touch screen with a simple and intuitive interface. Programming requires only two parameters to be set: material type and throughput. Once set, the machine handles all the process variables automatically.

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