Fully recyclable & NIR-detectable black bottle

Ho.Bag Corporate, an established Italian Company specialised in the production and distribution of packaging for the cosmetic, herbal and pharmaceutic sector, introduces a new black PET bottle that can be fully recycled thanks to the carbon free pigments.

The packaging has been designed as a real communication tool: graphics and colours are to attract consumers’ eyes and capture their attention through targeted messages. However, today, the needs of brands in terms of design and image have to satisfy also some sustainability requirements. In the case of cosmetics packaging, which lifecycle is typically short, is important to consider how the product will be dismissed after the use and give consumers all the tools to save the environment.

An example are black bottles. Eyecatching but difficult to recycle. Why? The carbon black pigments used to give the bottle the dark and full colour, absorb ultraviolet and infrared spectrum used by near-infrared optical sensors installed in the plastic wastes sorting plants. As a result, the bottle cannot be dismissed in the correct stream. Ho.Bag Corporate met this challenge in introducing a new black bottle with all the characteristics to be green thanks to state-of-the-art NIR detectable pigments.

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