Skin-care comes in molecularly recycled content packaging

Beauty brand Lumene is launching its latest skin care product ‘Nordic Hydra Birch Dew Jelly’ in innovative sustainable packaging. The company chose Eastman Cristal One E Renew, a recyclable resin with molecularly recycled content that is specifically designed for extrusion blow molding (EBM). Cristal One E is Eastman’s latest addition to its Cristal One portfolio, claiming to give brands brilliance and luster of glass with rigid, thick-wall construction for EBM that is not typically achievable with conventional recycled resins.

“Lumene’s ambition is to have 80% of its packaging made of recycled or recyclable materials by the end of 2025. When developing this two-in-one hydrating skin care product, we were looking for a sustainable packaging option that would not compromise on the product presentation. Cristal One E allows visibility of the beautiful formula and elevates the overall consumer experience,” said Julia Vlasova, global senior brand manager at Lumene.

Lumene worked with Rebhan to bring the first Cristal One E Renew packaging to market. A leading moulder of luxury packaging and expert in EBM, Rebhan is a long-standing partner with Eastman. Lumene and Rebhan selected Cristal One E Renew to increase the sustainability profile of the bottles, which feature a vibrant blue gradient decoration. It was important that the packaging enhance the formulation of the serum-in-moisturiser, which is based on a combination of organic Nordic birch sap, triple hyaluronic acid and new moisture spheres. The result is a luxurious, thick-walled EBM bottle with both 50% certified recycled content and easy recyclability. With the new resin, Rebhan can include recyclable materials as part of the Glass Polymer line of EBM packaging while maintaining its performance.

Both Cristal One E and Cristal One E Renew are compatible with the PET recycling stream and are endorsed by the Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) and the European PET Bottle Platform as Resin Identification Code 1 (RIC1).

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