Indian PET converter expands capacities for preform production

Back in January 2023, India-based converter and packaging manufacturer Chemco Group received the Modern Plastics Award (India Edition) as the largest manufacturer of PET preforms in India. The award is seen as a prestigious platform that honours organisations for their significant contributions to the plastics industry. According to the statement, the award aims to underpin Chemco Group’s position in innovation, quality and sustainability.

Chemco Group remains committed to driving progress in the PET preform industry. As part of its mission, the company will continue to invest in advanced technologies. After receiving this award, the company has already added five high-performance Husky HyPET5e+ machines and various Husky moulds going as high as 144 cavities to its already existing machinery and increased production capacity by more than 25,000 tonnes this year. It is also in advanced discussions with leading multinational brands to use rPET content from 30% to 100% – in preform production in the future. The production systems have already been integrated and aligned to implement this, according to Chemco.

In addition, it plans to expand production capacity even further and is targeting a capacity increase of at least 15% by 2024.

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