Agr International feature hand-held measurement gauge at Pack Expo Las Vegas

Agr International will feature the TicknessPen, a portable thickness measurement device, at Pack Expo Las Vegas.  Developed to address the multiple and diverse thickness measurement applications of the production environment, the ThicknessPen can be used just about anywhere according to Agr, from the laboratory to the plant floor or even in a wet environment at a job site in the field.   The patent-pending dual-mode design affords operation with or without a target ball. This provides a unique versatility while still providing the precision necessary for the laboratory and the portability, ruggedness, and safety for use on the production floor, says Agr. 

Using the capacitance mode, single sided, “touch and go” measurements can be performed without a target ball on plastic, glass, and composite materials. This is claimed to be ideal for in-plant applications and measurements where a target ball is not practical, such as production line work and/or measurement of large containers, buckets, thermoformed products, panels, sheet materials and the like.  

With magnetic mode, a target ball is used during measurements.  This mode offers a level of precision equal to or exceeding traditional hall-effect devices with greater simplicity. With this device, only a single target ball is used without strong magnetic fields. The magnetic mode is suitable for measuring all types of non-ferrous materials and is ideal for intricate measurements and heavy walled containers.

The measurement gauge can be used in its docking station for bench-top measurements or on its own, as a portable device wherever critical measurements are required.

The ThicknessPen will be available for demonstration at Agr booth SU-7459 at Pack Expo Las Vegas. 

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